Pot-Pourri (6)66

Anthony Wallace AFP

“Stay safe”. (c) Anthony Wallace/AFP/Le Point. One of those pictures you wish you had taken yourself.

“Scotty? Spock? Uhura? Ready? Scotty: unlock engines, please. Full warp.”


“Finestra”. Tlalpan, Mexico. c. May 2020. The window, as much of the neigbourhood is 16-17th century. Sneaked out of lock-down. This one is for Flavia Vinci. She likes windows. Visit her at:



Google surprise. I found this First day envelope addressed to my father Cyril on the web. It had been auctioned for 500 Bucks. I thought I had similar envelopes of Royal Air Cambodge but not addressed to him…  500 $? Seriously? (Stay tuned)


Piacere di viaggiare. (Pleasure of travelling). (Hang in there, we will fly again). At an Italian restaurant nearby. Pre-lock-thing. Lambretta is (was?) a major cycle brand in Italy. Don’t know whether they’re still around.


Políptico, mutaciones, by Andrés Gamiochipi, Salón Acme Art fair, Mexico, March 2020. The last major event we managed before “Lock-ding”.


“Ding!” Here’s your check, Sir/Madam. Hacienda Tlalpan, 2020. Some of you may never have seen one in action.


In the kitchen. Hacienda Tlalpan. Some time ago. Please jump, Scotty.


“Me? I’m only in this for the money.” (Now). Mexico window shop. Pre-Lock. Jump Scotty.


Found it! Yeah! 500 Bucks! I did have an envelope addressed to my father. He was then General Manager of Royal Air Cambodge. It reads “First postal liaison Phnomh-Penh – the capital – to Siem Reap” (where the temples of Angkor are). It was the custom then to issue a limited number of stamped envelopes and mail them to commemorate the first delivery of air mail from one place to the other. 1956? We lived in Cambodia then. Some items fetch a good price on the market. 500 $? With my father’s name? I’ll keep it. 😉 Jump!

IMG_0887 Sta Ursula Xitla-A

Santa Ursula Xitla church, nearby in Tlalpan. 16th-century at the latest. Locked.


“You cannot ignore so many people who ask for a change.” Mexico, March 9, on National women strike day. Posted on the walls of a College nearby. Rings a bell? Anybody? Anywhere?


Root series, Tlalpan. A word to Time-Space travellers: those roots are extremely dangerous. If you station your ship too long, the roots will tie you down. Forever.


“Team-work prohibited.” Mexico city. 2020. What can I say?

“Jump Scotty. Time and Space.”

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 12.55.55

Shanghaï style. Thank you to Tiffany Choong, a talented artist who let me know of this particular style both art- and lifestyle-wise that flourished in Shanghaï in the 30’s. Visit Tiffany’s blog here:


IMG_1378 copy

“The triumphant woman”, Mexico, mid 70’s. We used this magazine, a psychologist friend and I, for projective techniques in a focus group a while back. Late 90’s. Worked wonders.


Hacienda de las campanas. The bell farm. Tlalpan. Mexico city. As you can see the tree is not on the sidewalk. Not so long ago, you just tied your horse to the tree. (Anybody asks, before my time)


Powder room, Hacienda de Tlalpan, Mexico. Loos of the world series.


Pancho Villa. A hero of the Mexican revolution was not that highly regarded north of the border. 5,000 $ was a lot of money then.


Locked door. Tlalpan. For Manja:



“No doubt Saint-Emilion is a fool, but what a sublime fool!” Art by Mazel, a great Belgian comic strip artist.

“Full warp, Scotty, please.”


Coast of Zanzibar, 21st century. (c)ourtesy Gini.


Sunday March 14. Out of lockdown. On our way to our first family Sunday lunch in 3  months. This mural is – a beauty – only 2-3 years old. Not overtagged, but passersby put their hands on or just scratch it.


Brand new. This mural just replaced a fabulous piece that had been on that house for years. Shot it from the car on Sunday. Need to go back at various times of the day. This wall faces west and is very time-sensitive. Light and shadows change dramatically across the day. So do the pix.

“Mr. Spock? do you have the coordinates for our last stop?”

“Yes, Sir. The space coordinates seem to be correct, but the time slot doesn’t seem right. It says “1958”, but it looks like it’s today.”

“Only one way to find out. Jump, Scotty.”

Martin Luther King copy

Martin Luther King Jr. “Arrested outside a courtroom. 1958”. (Author unknown). He was barely 29. He is  not “resisting arrest”. See his left hand? Looks like he’s saying. “It’s all right, folks. Take it easy.” Maybe to his supporters? Spock is correct. Something is wrong with the Time channels.

Captain and crew thank you for flying Equinoxio Time-Space Airways. Stay safe. In more ways than one. 😷






82 thoughts on “Pot-Pourri (6)66

  1. Yes, the symmetry of the first image is wonderful. As a ‘fragrant mix’, loved these. Personal favourite, the 1970s magazine – how is it a cover from the ’70s send to be celebrating strong femalehood more convincingly than one from 2020?

    • Yes, great composition, the first one…
      Now, about the cover, very true. Looking back, the rise of “female power” was very clear then. How and when did it suffer such reversal? One of the many mysteries of this time…
      Hope all is well with you?

      • I guess one thing that is better than the 1970s is ethnic representation, but that has been a tiny increase or improvement. Otherwise, women (and probably people across the board) seem more judged by appearance than ever.

      • Absolutely. One of the disastrous effects of marketing. (To which I contributed). I once wrote a paper for a market research Congress: Narcissus and the brand. In recent years, Brands have turned around the identification process in a such a way that by buying a brand, the consumer now “becomes” the Brand. In other words Brands feed the consumer’s Narcissism… A rather mental pathology…

  2. Another wonderfully engaging and eclectic post! I was astonished to see how much those posted envelopes are – assuming they sell at that price 😉 I am sure SiemRep has changed beyond all measure since you lived there – it had changed a great deal between my visits in ’98 and 2012! Stay Well!

  3. Some nice history there, seems the numbers next to the trees indicate root removal, I do remember that type of machine, the first building – the paint is sublime.

  4. So many striking images in this Pot-Pouri! That first one, of course, is the winner. I actually operated one of those vintage cash registers back in the 1980s when I worked as a counter girl at Woolworth’s in Berlin, New Hamphire. (Not a happy time in my life.) The photo of Dr. King does look as though he is reassuring someone who is out of the frame. For sheet beauty and atmosphere, I’ll take the Zanzibar photo.

    • Yeah, some of us remember those cash registers. Sorry it brought back bad memories, Liz. 🙏🏻
      The Zanzibar photo is great indeed. A scene that hasn’t changed in centuries. Haven’t been. My daughters have.
      Glad you picked up the Dr King picture. It does look that way…
      Stay safe.

    • Haha. No historical figure, he was just the director of the airline that flew the mail.
      Yes, it was a surprise. I have Googled his name a few times, one never knows what new reference might be posted on the Internet. And double surprise when I found the envelope in the box with his name on it. I sort of remembered only the airline name… Tout va bien chez toi?

      • All good here, so far… My summer vacation ended and the boys went back to daycare, I’m still working from home. They are talking about recommending masks in public transport but so far no such thing, no one wears masks but, then again, the situation has always been pretty well under control over here and there are only a few new cases a day – all of them from travelers/people arriving from abroad (Finns who went on holiday). I don’t know why people have to travel right now, this will never end if symptomless carriers spread it from airport to airport… 🤯🙄 Everyone suffers just because a few planeloads of people get to relax in the sun somewhere. I mean, travel is how this whole thing started. Anyway, rant over…. 😊 Luckily there is blogging!!! How are you guys? Take care!

      • Merci. We just drove to a park nearby today, thinking, it’s Friday morning. Shouldn’t be too many people. It was crowded with runners. Even wearing masks we felt uncomfortable… 🥵

  5. You bought the envelope? Well done! I love those old ‘by air mail’ types… still have a few from my grand-dad. From Madrid, nothing fancy.

    Lambretta went in the 1970s. My mom’s family used to live not far from the factory, which was on the Lambro river (Lambretta, Lambro.. get that?). Never been an auspicious name for us, as the Milanese would say something that wasn’t worth much, or should be trashed, was “Butà nel Lamber”, thrown in the Lambro river…

    Keep safe


    • I think I wasn’t clear. I didn’t buy the envelope because I did find the exact same one in the envelopes box.
      A Madrid envelope form your grand-dad is worth a lot of memories…
      That far back for Lambretta? Wow. They were an icon. Thanks for the story. Adds content.
      Is your job safe in the UK? That and health right now is a major concern.
      Buona sera Fabrizio. (O notte!)

  6. It’s good to travel with Equinoxio. Such energizing in-flight entertainment. I’m trusting that you and yours are well, Brian. Here in Shropshire things go quietly apart from convoys of speeding clay and aggregates supply trucks passing by the front of the house (all part of the Boris edict to ‘build, build’? we don’t know, but they don’t even try to honour the speed limit). All is bonkers here, even though the Office of National Statistics shows us that deaths from all causes have been under the 5 year average for at least 2 months.

    • Jambo, jambo Memsahib! Bonkers is now the leading world trend is it not? And when I look at one or the other “leader”, my heart sinks. Only Merkel seems to float above… Our relations who may have fought in both wars must be turning in their graves.
      Stay safe… Kwaheri sassa.

  7. The envelope – great find! I recently returned to my collection after letting it sit for the better part of a decade. Lockdown proved to be an especially good time for that.

  8. Awesome; as always! Funny thing with letters … My husbands grandma just recieved an Christmas card this week we posted 10 years ago! Go figure??! I hope you stay safe & healthy

  9. Cette première photo est effectivement extraordinaire. Tout comme cette enveloppe retrouvée via Google.
    Merci pour ce voyage et ces couleurs Capitaine…
    Ici nouvelle quarantaine trans-manche. Les Anglais vont à nouveau fuir le pays. Et je me demande si la Brittany Ferries va se remettre de ce dernier coup de pelle dans la face…

  10. Excellent collection!
    And I was going to say how fortuitous you were to capture that first image … and then I read your ‘blurb’!
    Maybe you’ll get one similar next time?

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