Banksy revisited

Banksy Thomas Samson AFP

Today I felt like helping “meself” to a shot’a Bansky. On the rocks. Revisit last year’s extraordinary expo in Paris. Maybe re-read his work through the lens of the past few months. Let’s start with a good news: the door Bansky painted at the Bataclan in Paris, in homage to the victims, had been stolen. Sawed out. Here’s what it looked like, the exit door of the Bataclan. (Photo Thomas Samson, AFP). Seriously? Sawed it out? And nobody heard anything? Now, who would buy it? To keep in the cellar? Well, the door has been found. Thanks to the Italian police. Grazie mille Carabinieri.


There is now plenty of empirical evidence to support the null hypothesis that the monkeys are indeed in charge. Worldwide. I ain’t laughing.

IMG_6535-Love rat

Love rat.

Christ w shopping bags 2004

Christ with shopping bags. c. 2004.


“We, the people…”(are insignificant and unloved). Read the first part somewhere… it’s on the tip of my tongue… was it in D.C.?

Flying copper

“Flying copper”. In light of recurring events, no comment.


Shall we soon see armed helicopters in our skies?


Paris, 1968. Painted as a commemoration of May 68 in Paris. I was fortunate to see the original by pure chance in the Latin Quarter. A bit defaced, but it was indeed quite moving to see a Banksy original. Note: the entire “reconstruction” of Banksy’s work was done in an underground facility, which was perfect. A staff member led me to understand they had had access to the original stencils. 👍🏻


Wordless Tuesday. Or is it Wednesday? (I never participate in those fascinating challenges I often see on WP… wonder why?)


Underground rat passage to Pennsylvania Avenue.


I guess that would be redemption, which is in dire shortage lately. I do have my doubts about the redemption capacity of a few villains… (I have names…)


“Been busy lately, haven’t you?”


Just remembered when we moved to a new flat in Paris, mid 80’s. As we were visiting the building, we were shown a nice courtyard, and we said: “How nice, the girls can ride their bikes here.” The administrator pinched her lips and puffed: “Children are not allowed to play in the courtyard…”


Made me think of Citizen Kane. Rosebud.


WH Press Secretary attending critical questions at a press conference.


Been waiting for you Mate (the Peace dove). Isn’t it strange to see a crowd with no masks? No, they’re not Republicans.


Boris Judas Johnson working on Brexit.


A psychologist friend of mine once told me why he was dropping out of Qualitative market research. “You see,” he said, “clients used to be neurotics. Neurotics build castles in the sky and are frustrated because they know they can’t live there. I, or any  other psychologist, can handle neurotics.”

“And now?” I asked.

“Now, most clients are psychotics. They build their castle in the sky, and live there. No human power can bring them down.”

There was nothing more to say. We finished the bottle of wine. A fairly good Lalande de Pomerol.

I wonder how this conversation would play now if we replaced “clients” with “politicians”?

Thank you for joining us on this underground visit into Banksy’s art. I hope the tour did ring a few bells… Stay safe. 🙏🏻😷

103 thoughts on “Banksy revisited

  1. Incisive, satirical commentary on the global situation through the lens of the enigmatic Banksy. Loved reading it. Rats seem a recurring theme in Banksy’s work, no? And is there any truth to the suggestion Banksy is not just one person, but a team?
    Children not allowed to play in the courtyard? How very retrograde.

  2. Pingback: Banksy revisited — Equinoxio | Rethinking Life

    • Many thanks for the reblog. I was so happy to be able to visit that expo in Paris last year. Learnt many things. About his work, his thinking. Food for thought.

  3. Thanks for sharing these musings and thoughts along with the images…times like these we need to create…more art thank you Brian ~ hugs from summery sunny etown 😎☀️🤗 Hedy

      • Very disheartening. There was a video clip on the evening news tonight in which a certain politico who shall remain nameless was whining because people believe the country’s leading epidemiologist’s assessment of the pandemic and not his. He then went on to complain that people like the doctor, and they don’t like him. Talk about landing in Bizarro World . . .

      • The psychosis continued yesterday with a Senate Hearing on the virus, the purpose of which I was unable to ascertain. Certain members of that august body were asking the epidemiolists such stupid questions (repeatedly) that the doctors were visibly struggling to keep from laughing.

  4. I LOVE Banksy!!! I did a post about him and his art not too long ago! I love the caption you used for the “WH Press Secretary”! Thanks for the smiles tonight, my friend!

  5. “Children are not allowed to play in the courtyard…”, that should be the title of her memoir! Don’t know how I missed this retrospective, I love a bit of Banksy. I think my love of street art started the day I followed a dribble of white paint several hundred metres along the pavement in East London. It led down a small alleyway off Shoreditch High Street, where it ended at a policeman on his knees with a rolled up banknote in his hand about to snort the white line. Thanks for the memories, Brian.

    • That must have been quite a discovery…
      I don’t like “all” he does, but seeing quite a bit of his work together in that expo was mind-challenging.
      Shoreditch? I may have passed by last time I was in London. What line is it on?

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