Pot-pourri six-and-fifty


Scotty is still on holiday, fishing in Scotland around 1896, with Dr Watson, not quite sure whether with John or Joan. In Scotty’s stead, Mr Spock is at the helm. “Spock, ready for some fun?”

“Define ‘fun’, Sir?”

“Never mind, Spock. Above: procession last Sunday in Tlalpan, a street away from the house. (C)ourtesy AMO. Jump Spock, please.”


Palais de Tokyo, Paris. 1937.


Amsterdam, 1965. Little sister, in a Breton outfit. Breizh bepred. (Vive la Bretagne!)


Chinatown. Somewhere. “Spock? Have you any idea?”

“Yes, Sir. Last year. Mexico city. All passengers and crew: ready to jump!”


Table set, origin unknown. Initial design circa 1956. Text in Aulde Frenche reads: “Fanny’s Bistrot, Provence herbs cooking since 1906”.


Gare du Nord, Northern Station. Paris, 2016. Architect: Lewis Carroll.


Atitlán lake, Guatemala, c. 2000 AD. There are close to a dozen different Maya-Quiché communities around the lake. Each with a distinctive costume, headwear and dialect. And most dialects cannot understand the others…


Rue Jacob, Paris, 1918.


Irish cemetery, near Dublin, 1983. Jump!


1956, Phnomh-Penh, Cambodia. Yours truly.


Street art hunting, metro Nationale, 13th arrondissement, Paris, July 2018.


La casa del gnomo, the Gnome’s house, Tlalpan, 2017. The top of the door is no more than 1.30 meter. 4 ft 6 for the non-metric enlightened?


The last night in Paris, August 2018. I always go to the Seine and Notre-Dame. 🙂


“Sublimez l’instant.” Sublimate the moment. A new series: “The adventures of Panama Joe.” (It really is a 10 bucks paper hat made in China bought in Saint-Michel. But, hush. Don’t tell him). Glass of wine is Brouilly. July 23d, Paris.


“And I held my breath.” Et j’ai retenu mon souffle…

Thank you for hopping along on Equinoxio’s Time-Space shuttle. Thank you Mr Spock, that went smoothly. Please message Scotty he can stay fishing in 1895 as long as he wishes. No hurry. A breathless weekend to all.





39 thoughts on “Pot-pourri six-and-fifty

  1. Gorgeous photo of your sister. That strange crooked building by Lewis Carroll is nuts. I’ve been there and do not remember seeing it.

    Have you been to Ireland? I don’t remember you telling me that you had. (Cemetery photo made me think of the question.)

    I’ve always wanted a good Panama hat. Never found one I liked that was even close to reasonable. Love the idea of seeing yours travel the world.

    • The sculpture at gare du Nord was there a couple ago but a bit on the side.
      We have been to Ireland once, only too briefly. Loved it except for the bl..dy cold. We were visiting an Irish friend at Easter. She used turf in the chimney and turned off the central heating at night. Too hot she said. 🙂
      The problem with Panama hats is that the straw makes them fragile. They wear out easily. (So I tend to keep one in every port. Colombia, Mexico, Paris) 😉

  2. Once again, so interesting with wonderful photo’s! The best ones are the ones of your sister and little you…so cute! Is that building in Paris really so crooked, or was it the angle at which you took the photo?

  3. Dear Brian, Spock and fun, haha! 🙂 A lovely assortment of photos and destinations this trip, thank you! I do hope you’ve been enjoying your summer and had a wonderful time in Paris. Please enjoy the rest of your Friday and have a terrific weekend. ~ Mia

    • Thank you. I must admit, I enjoy putting together a pot-pourri. “This one! No, not that one. hmm. I need something different. An elephant maybe? etc.”
      And it is nice that others enjoy the result.
      Take care.

    • Don’t bother about the collections inside the Palais de Tokyo. Better walk outside the museum. I’ve seen ten times better art on the streets this time than in the museum. Tschüss.

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