A morning walk, Mexico


Previously on Equinoxio: The Time shuttle was attacked in Xochicalco by Jaguar and Eagle warriors. Scotty said: “I can handle it. I’ll beam you to San Angel, the Saturday’s bazar, South of Mexico city. You will just have to walk your way back.” We were greeted by the charming Catalina above. Unarmed.


“And the eye was in the grave and looked at Cain.” Victor Hugo. The legend of the centuries.


Galactic squirrel. San Angel. Harmless.


Loving passion. San Angel.


The King of Death. Santa Ursula.

“Scotty! Come on! Santa Ursula is ten miles away!”

“Just a glitch, Sir. Fixed.”


Non-Galactic birds, San Angel.


Galactic bird. Two streets away.


Santa Ursula. “Again?! Scotty!”

“On it, Sir. That should do it.”


“That’s Tlalpan, Scotty! Stop fiddling.”


Calle del arbol. Tree street, San Angel.


Two streets away. A veritable treasure of street art in just a few blocks. San Angel.


San Angel. 17th century house. (Private!)


Two streets down. Different mortgage.


Tlalpan again. Scotty promised this was the last glitch. From now on we will walk in San Angel only.


The sacred Deer. San Angel.


California dreamin’. (Let’s see who figures it out) πŸ™‚


Street lights.


The King of Birds.


Long live the Queen of Birds.


Life is but a soap bubble. San Angel, Mexico city. June 2018.

Thank you for joining us on yet another bubbly trip on Equinoxio’s Time-Space shuttle. This blog will likely be put on stasis for a few weeks, as we are flying to Paris this week-end. And I’ve never been able to travel and post at the same time. Hence the longer post. Scotty has stern instructions to fix all the bugs meanwhile. ‘Will try to stay in touch as much as I can. Have a delicious summer all of you.

75 thoughts on “A morning walk, Mexico

  1. It must be wonderful to live in neighborhoods with such color and individualism to them. While growing up in a small New England town I seen only one wall mural, and the people of the area were not happy someone painted a great picture on the wall. I love how different cultures are, and how expressive some seem to me. Hugs

  2. Enjoy Paris! I never blog when I travel, either.
    (The painting of the kid with the butterfly… is it about death? I can’t even go there… We saw a wall painting in Aruba with a little boy who had angel’s wings… very beautiful art but just so sad…)
    Bon voyage!

    • The little boy? I don’t think so. Rest assured. (One should not go there) πŸ™‚
      Merci. We’ll do our best. Sunday in Paris. Sounds nice. Have a great week-end “Neige”.

  3. The vibrant, saturated colours are amazing, but a favourite combination has to be the stark white with “anti-evil-eye” blue, reminds me of living in Greece some years ago

    • Hmmm. The white wall with blue door frame? πŸ™‚
      Yes, I can imagine it would call back memories. Is that blue an “anti-evil-eye” protection over there? (That would be fascinating)

    • Glad you liked it, my friend. Squirrels are hard to “shoot”. At least with my limited equipment. And at least in the city we don’t have snakes. Scorpions yes. πŸ™‚
      Be good.

  4. LOved this post so much – the colors and culture – and the first two photos flow so well – the eye and the downward color spread – but all flow and I need to have another look-see here for more art details.

    Have fun in Paris and I am same as you – cannot manage to post from the road – only once in a while but not my MO

  5. Now this read was a perfect way to open my Saturday morning ~ the prose and photos, bring a smile and a wish I could be walking down those very streets witnessing what you saw. Tremendous street art ~ the Sacred Deer in San Angel. Cheers and safe travels.

    • Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it. an apology for the late reply. I don’t mix travel and blogging much. Actually I wanted to catch up last week-end but had bad wifi. Take care

    • Merci Julie. πŸ™‚ Γ‡a me va droit au coeur. Jusqu’Γ  prΓ©sent tout va bien. I saw you posted something I will try to get to it one of those days. Bz

  6. Paris it’s almost here Brian… California Dreamin’ – The Mamas & The Papas…have fun day…sending bubbles of light and joy β˜ΊοΈπŸ’«πŸ˜€ smiles Hedy

  7. So much great wall art in this post. Love the angle from which you capture the eye. The King of Death mural is awesome and I adore your composition of the birds resident at #13. But is is that mural of the boy chasing the butterfly that really spoke to my soul. Lovely. And I squealed with glee at the squirrel picture. All my life they were everywhere, like Pigeons. But now it has been forever since I last saw one.

    I hope that you are enjoying a wonderful trip to Paris. Happy Bastille Day!

    • Thank you Lisa. Sorry for answering late. Paris does take a lot of time. Plus the celebrations of yesterday’s victory in Soccer. The entire city is covered with flags. I hope you guys are doing well. Cheers

      • It was a blast. Particularly because the game did not start well for France. Then everybody was out in the streets celebrating. (A few idiots broke a few windows as usual, but overall very nice). Enjoy Madagascar.

  8. Pingback: Today I Smiled | Reflections for my Soul

    • Mi querida Julia Luz. I am beyond flattered. I have a “work”? πŸ˜‰ IΒ‘d never pretend as much, but I like your summing up. I do aim for “diversity” (Keep the reader on his/her toes) and… clarity. For the latter, I had a good teacher: a client of mine had been a songwriter for Diana Ross and others. He would slash my reports down to the essential… I am forever grateful to him. His name was Alden Schuman.
      QuΓ© estΓ©s feliz, siempre.

      • Thank you. I hope you are too. I sense a happier tone in your voice than a few months ago. Alden was incredible, he was General Motors international consultant for Market research, I was their MR supplier for Europe. I’d give him the draft report, he’d slash out half the words in most of my comments, saying: “See? You can say the same thing with less words.” Maybe song-writing (where words need to be few) helped him concentrate meaning. He did change my way of writing. πŸ™‚
        RIP and thanks Alden.

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