#ADayWithoutWomen, March 9, Mexico


“You’re a good Doctor, for a woman!”

On March 9th, yesterday, women in Mexico went on “strike”, as a protest against the mounting violence against women in the country. Feminicides, rapes, home violence, abductions… The list is too long. And the numbers daunting. The date of March 9th, after International Women’s Day, was set about a month ago for a “Day without women”. At work, in the street, anywhere.

At three of the top public hospitals in Mexico city, women doctors, nurses, staff, got together to elaborate a way in which women in the health sector could participate in the movement, yet still attend patients at the hospitals. Can’t exactly leave the battle-front, right? They would still go to work, but put up “walls”, where women could post personal experiences. What do male Doctors, Directors, staff, say or do, about women in the Health sector? The results are shocking. Here’s an example of one of the walls. Don’t worry about the Spanish, I will translate a selection of testimonials to English.


One of many “walls” in 3 of the top public hospitals in Mexico city. Here’s what one testimony says:


“They’re not just pretty, they’re smart!” (Dear readers, take a deep breath, more to come)


“A doctor (male) went around saying I was a Lesbian because I refused to go out with him.”


“I’m supposed to solve my boss’s personal problems, payments, bank movements, answer messages, manage his personal agenda… I am a “Health Administration support clerk”.


“When I was pregnant, my Boss asked me not to attend a training course, because my ‘volume’ took two spots…”


“I let you go first and open the door for you, not because I’m well-mannered, just to look at you from behind…” Said by Dr…


“I‘m not a ‘girl’, Doctor, I’m an attached doctor.” (Refers to those physicians who have completed their full studies, many times have one or more specialties, and are employed full time by the hospital)


“You shouldn’t wear a dress in meetings. You distract everybody.” Said by Dr…


“I wasn’t allowed to take a training course, being pregnant. My Boss said: ‘I don’t think your husband will let you come back, so we would be wasting the opportunity'”



“There shouldn’t be female surgeons!”


“I’ve seen you pregnant more time than I’ve seen you working.” “A previous Director at the hospital on my second pregnancy.”


“Women should be in the kitchen instead of working in a hospital!”


“To General Management: don’t tell us how to conduct the protest. Don’t invite us to pose for a photo so you can pat yourself on the back. If you support us, let us decide.” (That hospital’s Management suggested to take a photo of all women on staff as a way to ‘support’ the movement.) Speaking of photograph, ‘the People’ would like to introduce the following “exhibit”:


“Look how the little sluts change when they take a bath…” On the photo of subspecialty graduation… (Hang on, still a few more to share.)


“Nurses study too, don’t think we’re the Doctor’s maids.” (The word ‘chacha’ is actually stronger than ‘maid’)


“The Boss refers to us (women) as ‘Girl’, ‘child’, ‘ma’am’, and to them (men) as ‘Doctor’) #AdayWithoutUs, #WomenInMedicine.


“Why don’t you accept you suck at Medicine and go home and clean?”


“Are you gonna stop, or how many more kids do you think you’re gonna have? (On my second pregnancy.)”


“Look, she’s fishing around. (Comments when I got divorced.)”


“Why do you stay in the residency, if you’re pregnant, better (go home and) focus on being a mother.”


“Women are made to stay home, what are they doing here, (attending patients) and trying to be researchers!!”


“Because I supported this movement, they called me ‘Feminazi'”

The People rest, your Honor. Tank you all for bearing with us so far, without punching your computer screen. This must have been one of the most difficult posts I’ve ever done. (Difficult for the accumulation of garbage.)

“Welcome to the 21st” as Traveller 3468 says. Are we really in the 21st century AD? Or in the 21st century BC? Those are three of the top Public Hospitals in Mexico, not “Redneck Clinic, Nowhere Gulch county.” Ask yourself: ‘Have I heard that before?’ Anywhere? Not just hospitals, not just Mexico? Or is it actually everywhere?

Again, thank you for reading this far. Feel free to comment and reblog at will. Share similar experiences if you so choose. This is just the tip of a very big iceberg.




110 thoughts on “#ADayWithoutWomen, March 9, Mexico

  1. as soon as humans use the word nazi…I’m out…but I’m happy you created this post Brian and I think you’re a fabulous Feminazi, all these little boxes…all these artificial divisions humans create 🤓😞 so exhausting…ahhhhhh going to sleep best meditation ~ smiles hedy ☺️

    • Sleep is the best meditation. Thanks for the visit and comment. I agree with you. “Feminazi” was the final straw. And hopefully, by what I heard of what happened yesterday at one of the hospitals, this is only the beginnning.
      Cheers and hugs Hedy.

  2. You are so right about ‘the tip of the ice berg’. The berg seems to be global. One does so wonder how very many men think they arrived in the world. Divine intervention perhaps!?

    • Yes, a global berg. Seems like the “Band” keeps on playing while the Titanic is sinking. The reactions to the walls (from the men in power) have been less than supportive… Let us see how it develops.
      Kwaheri sassa.

    • Exactamente. Perdón por el enojo. Yo ya sabía que la situación era mala. No me imaginaba hasta dónde. And like I said, it was difficult to write. Tanta m…ugre?! (Para no decir groserías). Pero lo bueno es q ya salió. And yesterday’s meetings at the hospitals were unbelievable. Let’s see what happens. Pero ya no puede parar.
      Gracias, thank you for your visit and comment.

    • It is unbelievable. And I’ve only put a “selection”. If I did a “content analysis” of those women hear and endure… I would probably fire most of the male staff… (The worst is, I suspect this may be worldwide, to varying degrees)
      Thanks Mélie for the visit and comment… A +

  3. It’s a small world after all… Same style in this part of the world! It’s so depressing after all these years but I appreciate the fact that people is acquiring more sensitivity with regards to this subject. Thank you for sharing it🤗

    • Yes, that’s what I felt: Depressed. I know there are some problems in those hospitals (and in this country, and on this continent, etc.) But such level of cynicism?
      Thanks for visiting and commenting.

      • I am afraid that it is a cultural problem, at least partially. That somehow is even worse. I personally will never stop to thank the 3 main monotheistic religions for their contribution to the women’s cause! They also have their part of responsibility in this disaster!

      • Absolutely. All three were born in the Mesopotomia. (As was wine and beer). I once read extracts of Hammurabi’s code, the first code of law ever written. in Babylon, around 1800BC. Fascinating. Women always got twice the penalty men did for the same offense. It goes a long way back, unfortunately.

      • And appearently it takes much more than a couple of generations to stop it! This is one of the reasons why I cannot believe in any religion. As a woman, as a person, how can one believe in something that says you are an inferior being? 🤦🏻‍♀️

  4. I don’t think progressive countries would dare to be so blatantly Misogynistic Though some people may be harboring these ideas. It’s interesting that some of these messages suggest the woman “go home” when the husband/father can barely support the family if at all. Woman will face discrimination as long as we live in a Patriarch. Rise up women!

    • Rise up indeed. Now, about progressive countries… I remember a candidate boasting he could grab any woman’s p..sy as he pleased. And he’s been elected. And may even (God forbid!) be reelected… So there are strong undercurrents to al l this.
      You read the messages well. If I were still in research I could do a very easy – and frightening – content analysis. The themes are clear.
      Viel dank, Coeur de Feu. (Now we have to see what will happen. The first responses from management have been… below par)

    • Speechless indeed. (And furious)
      I always paid my executives the same. Men or women. No difference at all. Why should there be? Actually I wanted to pay the women more, they were better at their jobs! 😉

  5. Thank you for the post. I imagine this hits home being the father to two successful daughters. I can assure you these thoughts are alive and well in today’s society. They are even alive and well by some of our current leadership. But, thank you for the support and encouragement.

    • You’re welcome. I felt I had to give diffusion to these despicable attitudes and behaviours. And as you say, well alive and supported by ‘current leadership’. I guess the fight is never over, right?

  6. I wish I could say I was surprised. It’s disgusting and pathetic. It’s patriarchy. I agree with Holly. It’s less likely to happen in hospitals in the U.Sl but I think that’s because the men can be reported and there are systems set up to take what women say more seriously. I can’t even imagine anyone saying those things to anyone here. Men are getting used to working with women in hospitals but your post was important and shows how brave and dedicated the women of Mexico are. They’re wonderful. Sad that women everywhere have to fight for EVERYTHING. Excellent post.

    • Exactly. There needs to be a reporting system. Objective. And consequences. Otherwise it’s what you said: disgusting and pathetic. Writing this post was like digging into the garbage cans.
      Glad you liked the post though. On a positive note, it seems management at one of the hospitals will implement measures. And take action. Let’s see how it goes.
      Take care Gigi

      • That’s really wonderful news. I’m so happy to hear that. We need more posts like this, to try and stop what’s happening to women the world over. Did you see that the Saudi Arabia Women’s Conference didn’t have a single woman present and the same for the Girls Conference. They have NO VOICE AT ALL. So at least you gave these women a place to be heard. Thank you.

      • I’ll try to update as more action comes through. Hadn’t heard of the Saudi women/girls conference. (I try to stay away from news as much as I can) but I’m not surprised…
        Besides the fact that I know many of those women at the hospital, I was glad to write the post. And that they seem to finally get their voice heard by management. 👍🏻

  7. Men here in Denmark would not dare to say anything like that seriously out in the open, but they would do in jesting, or saying it was just a joke.
    The fact is that even in so called progressive countries, women are considered less intelligent and capable. When we get workers in the house to do something they would be rather condescending towards me and treat my husband quite differently. Also so called service personnel in shops and banks etc. can treat a woman on her own quite insolently. So, if one scratches the surface … only here we are better protected by the law.

    • Those are the two key dimensions. 1) if you scratch under the surface…
      2) Laws that protect. Without those, women are “toast”. And humanity too, of course… Thanks, Danke, Tak, for your comment.

  8. This wall represents some of the million reasons we march and we fight everyday against gender-based violence and discrimination. Violence has many different shapes and the first step is to stop normalizing it, at all levels. We need to talk about it, write about it, make it visible so we can finally reach the goal of the feminist movement: equality for all. I read the day of the #8m march: “don’t let your privilege lessen your empathy”. If you are lucky enough to be in a situation (or life) that is (or has been) free of violence, it is in part because people fought for you to be in this situation and, it is our responsibility to fight for those who can’t.

  9. In Italy, the government proclaims equality every day but in reality, women are thought of as”casalinghe” (Housewives) even if they are doctors, teachers or whatever. It is like we are still living in Medieval times.

  10. I’m sure they were so happy that you wrote this. It won’t change the mentality of the men but maybe they’ll keep their mouths closed and their ugly comments to themselves. I’m looking forward to an eventual follow up. Thank you. ❤

    • Almost a year later, the Hospital management has taken advantage of the Covid crisis to stifle any type of rebellion. The young doctor who was leading the protest has been pushed to resign by way of constant pressure… Sad. But it will be retaken.

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  13. These comments are incredible – I can’t believe that women still need to tolerate them. It’s amazing how being educated still doesn’t make you intelligent. Thank you got your eye opening post. 🙂

    • You just put your finger on the root of the problem. Education and intelligence are independent. Clearly. And sadly. But, but. These walls of protest seem to have produced the desired result. There will be inquiries and sanctions. So that’s going in the right direction. Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

    • I tried to follow your blog. (Sounds interesting) but couldn’t… Would that be part of lockdown? 😉
      Let me know if there is an option I missed.
      And stay safe.

  14. With comments like those on the sign, I think a ‘month ithout women’ should be called in Mexico with the rest of the world following suit to support them. Glad to see that the ‘day’ produced good results and hope that change is forthcoming. Hugs from La Paz

  15. Really too bad that we still have to deal with this. Even here, in the US, I get comments from coworkers, and other people I have to deal with at work. Thanks for sharing this, Brian.

    • When I saw the pictures, I knew I had to post about it. This is still a global thing, though with variations… It will have to be attended after the virus. I finished high school 50 years ago, and those comments were already unthinkable. To our generation. But vermin has tough hides… 🙂
      B. good Julie

  16. Il est choquant et honteux d’entendre encore ces réflexions de nos jours.
    Visiblement, il va encore falloir du temps avant que les mentalités de certains évoluent…

  17. SICK!
    I know it’s not perfect in Canada, but we do have a Prime Minister who supports women, and claims he is a feminist.
    As my life in Canada has progressed, many improvements have been made for women. It’s unfortunate we have needed laws to force many men to give us equality. They should just give it!
    Even sicker is that many women still believe men are more important than women.
    Sex equality is still not here, all the way.
    I saw a statistic yesterday: In the USA; 3 women are murdered by their husbands or ex-lovers EVERY DAY!

    • Agreed. I couldn’t believe when I saw the photos, ad was told the behind the scenes stories… Still more shocking I think to people of my/our generation. I thought this sort of crap was behind us. Apparently not. The fight must go on…
      And yes, the partner is the usual suspect in most places… Grrrr.

      • Definitely. Though Asia… depends which parts. I was very favourably impressed by South-East Asia, from Singapore to Malaysia to Thailand… The role of women in Asia appears to be quite strong.

      • Oh… I saw a report … the government supports companies’ policies that make women wear hi-heels, make up, nice dresses/skirts etc. to work. It’s very 50’s, 60’s.
        Women are a huge unused, untapped workforce, in Japan. There’s more. I thought they would be more modern. It seems men don’t want to give up the Geisha, in a way.

      • Why am I not surprised. There is a book by Amélie Nothomb, a Belgian author who was born/raised in japan, and went back later for an internship. it’s called “stupeur et tremblements” in French… Lemme see if I can find the English title…
        Fear and trembling. I think it tells a lot about Japanese culture.

    • You have such a positive attitude. (I get angry many times). When my daughter told me what was happening, I couldn’t believe it. Then she sent me pictures and I knew I HAD to write about it. This goes beyond a few hospitals in a single country. I’m sure it wide-spread on the planet, even if more hidden. You know what the worst is? Those guys are young. 40’s, 50’s tops. They’re not old reactionaries. And they’re highly educated. 10-15 years of studies. They should set the example…
      I am very cross. Thanks for visiting, and I regret it made you angry… But it’s for a good cause, right?
      Bonne semaine Peng Yu.

    • It was. First time it happened here. There’s been too much violence against women. The day spurred a lot of communication. But the virus put a lid on all of it. Sigh. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

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