¿Por qué marchamos?¿por qué hacemos paro?

About the march on women’s day in Mexico. Exclusive experience and photos. (Use “translate” if need be) 🙂

Beyond "he" and "she"

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Marchamos por nosotras, marchamos por las que ya no están y que no pueden marchar, marchamos por las que vienen.

Marchamos todas, marchamos juntas.

Marchamos porque de 3 mil 825 feminicidios denunciados en 2019 en México (sin contar los casos infinitos no son registrados por el mismo sistema), la mayoría permanece impune.

Marchamos porque en el mismo año se registró que desaparecieron 7 mil 654 mujeres y niñas, de las cuales 85 fueron localizadas sin vida y 2 mil 43 siguen pendientes de localizar (de nuevo, faltan todas las que no se registran).

Marchamos porque el 63% de mujeres de 15 años o más, hemos experimentado al menos un acto de violencia, ya sea emocional, física, sexual, económica o patrimonial en México. Y porque al menos una de cada tres mujeres en el mundo ha sido golpeada, violada o ha padecido algún tipo de abuso en su vida.

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35 thoughts on “¿Por qué marchamos?¿por qué hacemos paro?

    • Yes. And what our generation took as granted, i.e. an equal access to all for women is under fire again, so better be visible and vocal. Thanks for the visit and comment

      • Yes, we live in strange times. Some said to me recently that because there were only a few vocally advocating for change and they held influential positions, once they were gone it’s been winding back, I’m not sure, but as you say, under Fire.

    • Ah. Sorry about that. You most certainly would have liked the text. Right down your alley. 🙂 Let me tell the author (Daughter #2) about it. See if she can do something. Thanks for dropping by.

      • Glad to bring a small contribution…
        Already have a few drafts ready on African Childhood. Will post in due course. Just posted another one on art… Be safe Gigi.

    • It is a good question. Apparently many don’t. It’s a combination of many factors. Culture is one. Lawlessness is another. I believe less than 5% of crimes are actually ever taken to court. Sigh.

    • Insanity is the correct word. I must say I am still more concerned by it, than by the virus. Though I belong to population at risk. We will take precautions of course. All that are necessary. But still, the rampant stupidity pandemic is even more worrisome…
      Be good.

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