Pot-pourri (when I’m) 64

Confessions 47

“I was a rich man’s plaything.” Mid 40’s maybe? A Coke was worth 3 cents…


The blue man. Polanco, Mexico city. February 2020.


The gate to Angkor Thom, Cambodia. 2018. The light was divine.


Denmark street, Mexico city. 2020.

IMG_0618 Cluny

The prayer, Cluny museum, Paris. I would say the statue dates back to the 13th-14th century, based on the clothing and hair.


Emmylou Harris, on the back cover of “Desire”. by Bob D. Just played the LP and found her photo – and credits – on the sleeve. Lord, Lord, wadn’t she “purty”? c.1976.


Bob D. 1976.


“Mignonne, allons voir si la rose/ Qui ce matin avait déclose…” Ronsard. (Pretty one, let us see whether the rose/ That this morrow had bloomed…) Loose Blues, Mexico city. 2020.


Smile. At a vaccination campaign in Tchad, led by Doctors without borders. 2010. (c) Cécile Heurtebise. The women, young, old, wore their best clothes, finest jewelry… and brightest smiles.


Asian elephant. Vincennes zoo, Paris. 1970.


African cousin. Amboseli National Park, 1988.


Connected. Mexico city. 2020.


Happy Valentine’s day. Ex-Hacienda de Tlalpan, Mexico city. 2019.


Me? Just going to a simple party. Nothing fancy.


Just a wall. Toronto or Montréal, not sure. Resa? Help me out, please… 🙂 (c)ourtesy Alex. 2019.


Flakes. Tlalpan. Mexico city. 2019.


Little G. with spectacles. Yucatán, December 2019.


Loos of the world series. Men’s room. Tlalpan. 2019.


The day of the Iguana. The House of bells, Tlalpan. 2020.

Mur 2

“Just another brick in the wall.” (c)ourtesy Gini. Couldn’t get a decent shot from the car. She walks by often… Thank you.


Anybody need a title?

108 thoughts on “Pot-pourri (when I’m) 64

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  2. I love posts like this because they remind me of my life:
    The earliest I remember a coke was 5¢.
    I met EmilyLou in the 70’s when she appeared with Elvin Bishop at an openair concert we produced in the gold country south of Sacramento.
    I saw Bob Dillon in 1964 when he appeared in Sacramento, alone on the stage with his guitar, I had never heard of him but my girlfriend wanted to see him, and I wanted my girlfriend, there may have been 600 people in the audience, I thought he was weird but bought his album the next day.
    Seeing ‘Shakespear’ reminded me of when I played Guildenstern in Hamlet in college, dreadful actor in a dreadful gold lame costume, I looked like a butterfly, that’s what everyone said.

    It would have been fun to see some of those things, like the Prayer statue, which looks like it could have been made yesterday… Lovely. And, the last photo… Beautiful.

    • Grazie mille amico mio. The vaccination campaign was run by MSF, where my daughter (on the last pic) was working then. The virus was meningitis. So MSF organized massive vaccination campaigns and everybody, women, men, kids, put on their best clothes. The picture is by one of my daughter’s colleagues. 🙂

  3. Nice collection. I’m partial to little G of course. The pillow is fun and the red building with the window painted on it. And the amazing light on the temple are perfect moments aren’t they? Frustrating for me sometimes because it’s impossible to capture it perfectly.

  4. How old is Little G? Cute pic, as is the last one. Is he in the last pic too? 😊 The Dior eye makeup pic is quite something! I wonder what people at the office would say if I went to work like that, one fine day! 😆

    • According to your depiction of Finns, most would probably not notice… 😉
      Little G. will be 4 in May. Now he speaks a complete mixture of French and Spanish, since he started the French school in September. Voilà. Ça s’arrangera. A + “Lumi”.

      • 😂 Maybe I’ll try that look!
        How fast he learned French! He’s only a year older than my boys. I wanted them to go to an English/bilingual daycare, but they are all way too expensive for us. None on the public side. So basically learning languages at a formative age over here is only for the elite. Surprise.

      • Surprise indeed. Thing with little G. is I spoke to him in French all the time when he was little. That helps. And now I speak half French half Spanish with him.
        A bilingual daycare would have been nice. I have a feeling that cost of living in Finland is very high, isn’t it?
        (Try that look and let us know) 😉

      • Yeah, public daycare is subsidised by the state so it’s affordable. Even our Prime Minister’s toddler goes to a public one. But private places are private. And prices here are generally high.
        I sing nursery rhymes in English but other than that speaking English to them has proved hard since Finnish is everywhere

      • Public daycare is the number one “tool” to facilitate women’s entry into the market place. To me it should almost be a constitutional right. 😉
        Keep singing to them in English. Something will stick. Children are extremely… open to languages until 10 or 12… You will find a way. Oh. One thought: do you have an Australian accent in English? “G’dayy”? 😉

      • I used to have an Aussie accent but it faded away. I think it only reappears when I say ”Australia” 😁 At some point, I had an American accent due to influence from school and that’s why I started using American spelling. But that accent has gone too. I have an international no-mans-land accent! And you?

      • More or less the same. I used to have a British accent. Then I went to the US. Now I stick a middle of the road Posh British… 😉 (NOT ze Frrrench accint, non madame!) That would be terrible. It also depends who I’m speaking to. If I’m with Brits, I slide to British Posh. If I’m with Americans, I slide towards (I say towards not toward) Standard American. And I tend to keep a British spelling)
        Bonne semain Lumi.

  5. The picture of Little G is sooo adorable! Really interesting pot-pourri of images you have here, I enjoyed looking through it very much 🙂

  6. Another wonderfully eclectic selection of photos. The one of the temple is particularly striking. I looked at it three times before seeing the faces carved into the rock. The other two that really struck me are of the elephants, such a difference between the one in the zoo and the one roaming free.

  7. I thoroughly enjoyed every image, Brian. A thoughtful potpourri of your wanderings. Your portrait of the woman at the vaccination site is beautiful. I’ve seen Emmylou in concert a couple of times – what a treat.

    • Thank you Jane. An honour coming from you. I wish I had taken the “shots” at the vaccination campaign. 🙂 That young woman is an MD, a colleague of my daughter, and an excellent photographer. Now Emmylou in concert? I am green with envy… 🙂

    • Lucky is the word. 🙂 And the fact that I carry my phone everywhere. So, if I see anything worthwhile, it only takes a few seconds to take the phone out of my back pocket and snap. The rest is a bit of editing. Framing, cropping, Light balance. Easy, really.

      • These pix are taken in phone-camera? Then you are one mind-blowing photographer! You are just being humble but that is good for creativity, so stay humble! 🙂

      • Haven’t used a camera in over ten years. Very happy with Iphone. Easy to carry. Reasonably good optics. Plus Photoshop? Humble work. 😉🙏🏻

    • Vous êtes un connaisseur cher ami. La photo était prise par ma fille lors d’un voyage au Canada à Toronto et MOntréal, et je ne me rappelais plus lequel… (Oublié de lui demander aussi)
      Donc, tu connais Toronto?

      • Presque.
        Google images affiche toutes les photos ressemblant à celle dont on a rentré l’URL et il suffit de lire les légendes des photos affichées pour savoir où elles ont été prises.
        Dans le cas de cet immeuble, 2 photos remontées par Google indiquent que la ville est Toronto.
        Ça marche aussi avec les autres moteurs de recherche (Yandex, Bing, TinEye…) 😉

      • Intéressant. De fait, la capacité de bcp de programmes à “reconnaitre” est impressionnante. “Photos” sur Apple reconnait que des photos de mes filles quand elles avaient 3 et 5 ans sont les mêmes personnes 30 ans plus tard! Quand on pense que le FBI a une copie de tout…

  8. Lots of fun in this post! Most enjoyable, especially the vaccination campaign wardrobe.
    The tangle of wires makes me laugh. I see that in the alley behind my home!
    So, that image I can help you out with IS in Toronto. The name is “Trompe l’Oeil.” It was painted in 1980 by Derek Besant. I made a post of it in 2015. https://graffitiluxandmurals.com/2015/01/09/trompe-loeil/ The opening magazine shot is definitely mid 40’s.

    • Glad you liked it Resa. I have fun composing those posts, so it’s nice when readers appreciate.
      Surprised you should have such tangles of wires. I thought it was only in Latin America.
      Thanks for the Toronto tip. Pic was taken by my daughter on a trip to Toronto and Montréal, wasn’t sure which. 1980? And it’s still that good? Checking your post now.
      Mid 40’s right? Style is typical.

    • Thank you. I like eclectic. 😉
      And I agree, that last photo is precious. Right light, natural “composition”. All I had to do was click. And turn to B&W. Thanks for visiting and have a nice week-end.

    • Playfulness and imagination? Hmmm. You are quite good at synthesis. If I still had my market research company I’d hire you… 🙂
      Have a nice week-end, Libre.

      • Today was a protest march against violence towards women, today being int’l women’s day. My wife and daughters went. All safely home now… (There were “hoods” breaking up shop windows as usual) And tomorrow will be “A day without women”. All women who can will not go to work or stage a protest. Since daughter#1 is an MD, she will go to the hospital, my wife won’t go to the U, and we’redoing kids sitting, since the schools will be closed. It will be interesting.

  9. You’ve got yourself a great collection! I do wish you’ll turn your photos into a coffee book. Little G is adorable and you definitely stirred up some good old memories for me, Peng Yu.

    • LOL. A coffee table book. Not a bad idea. It would look nice to see the photos printed on good paper. But I doubt I’ll ever find a publisher…
      Glad for the memories, “mon amie”.

  10. Wow, there’s a lot here to digest in one post! I will have to come back several times to fully absorb and appreciate it all. The last photo is my sentimental favorite, being a mom with a son, and no, it doesn’t need a title. There aren’t really words. Gorgeous pics, redolent with meaning, all of them.

    • Haha. Where am I going? Nowhere in particular really. 🙂 My “Pot-pourris” are a good example of a journey being more important than the destination? I like to move form one topic, place, time to the other…
      Thanks for your visit and comment. have a great week.

  11. This is such a great selection of photographs – loved every one of them and their mix. “Happy Valentine’s Day. The Ex-Hacienda de Tlalpan, Mexico city. 2019” in particular caught my attention – there is something elegant about the whole scene and I love something macabre like that too.

    • Thank you. Glad you liked it. I always enjoy putting together my “Pot-pourris” and the reactions. There is something macabre about many aspects of the local culture. Their cult of the dead and Death is quite unique.
      Take care.

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