Green river


“I can hear the bull frog callin’ me”


“Well, take me back down where cool water flow, y’all”

“Let me remember things I love”


“Stoppin’ at the log where catfish bite,


“Walkin’ along the river road at night,”


“Barefoot girls dancin’ in the moonlight-ee”.

Pencil, crayon and water colour. Portrait of a young woman dancing barefoot in the daylight for the Day of the Dead, last year.

Lyrics (c) by John Fogerty.

“Old Cody Junior took me over,
Said, you’re gonna find the world is smouldrin’
An’ if you get lost come on home to Green River
Well, come home.”




77 thoughts on “Green river

    • Ha! Possibly. She was a dancer in a young troop who performed on the plaza for the day of the Dead. All had gorgeous costumes. I asked for photos to several of her colleagues. Not her. Then they started to dance and I started to shoot. I took a group as they were dancing up the stairs and I only later realized she was looking intensely at the photographer. Felt she could be a nice portrait. I’ll ask her if she knew next year if they come back in November.

    • Thank you. I’m having fun with the intermediate pix. 😉
      The celebration was where we live, in Tlalpan, South of Mexico city. It’s a small area that ‘s remained very colonial, with old buildings and the PLaza mayor is close to our house. They always do a major celebration for the Day of the dead. (And I always take many pix, and now, I draw…)
      Gracias por la visita Rebecca.

      • That is part of why I like the celebration. The culture in which I live shies away from the subject and our celebration of Día de los Muertos can be a ritual of remembrance for those we’ve lost. -Rebecca

      • Believe me the American culture is nowhere near as bad as the French in that respect. I think your “wake” is a powerful tradition. The French hide death.
        No, my “issue” with the Day of the Dead here, is that, a) I have now had a bit too many deaths in the family. 🙂
        b) There is a certain fascination for the morbid in the Mexican culture. Plug in close to 40,000 drug-related homicides a year… Some aspects bother me.
        Having said that, I like their celebrations. Dance, music, colours. All that is good. And the way they somehow manage to turn a funeral into a party is downright impressive.
        Buen fin “Rebe”. 😉

  1. Don’t know whether to like it more for the mesmerising drawing skills or for the choice of my second most favourite CCR song (the first being Graveyard Train). Well, both.

    • Haha! I agree with you. Though I place Green river slightly above Graveyard train. 😉
      Now mesmerizing? Falttery will get you anywhere. Can I get you a beer?
      Ciao, ciao Fabrizio.

      • Thank you. I still believe I am an amateur… 🙂
        Graveyard train? Likewise. The bass. And the lyrics. And the melody. The Fogerty’s and their pals were great musicians. (Plus I lived in the South – Alabama – for 2 years, so it rings a special bell)
        Buon finale di settimana, Fabrizio

    • Haha! That is a true pro question. (BTW you are one of the 3 or 5 bloggers who have made me take drawing up again) 😉
      I think I will leave it as is. Keep it simple.
      I have another portrait of another dancer which I painted completely. Coming up soon.
      Thanks for your visit and comment Mel. Viel dank

      • I feel honoured! Sometimes you just need that little push and inspiration. I am eternally grateful to a friend who pushed me to do inktober 2 years ago. Otherwise I might still not have taken it up again. How about taking part in world watercolour month in July? Great practice and fun 😉 At least it was my plan to join in again!

      • 🙂
        Inktober? Hadn’t heard of it. Sounds interesting. Remind me in September please. I’m very bad for this kind of event…
        Now watercolour month in July? I have to pass, I will be in Paris for 6 weeks, and I just can’t post and travel. Never find the time. 🙂 I may buy some paper in Paris and pencils, maybe, maybe, do some ink. But no watercolours. I will try to follow your participation. Au revoir.

      • I will remind you about Inktober. 😉 It is fun. Bonne journée! Au revoir. Enjoy Paris. I’ll be back in Iceland next week 🙂

    • That song has to be one of the greatest. (I’ve actually put it in a story I’m writing. And I’m glad you agree with the red. Just a hint. You can compare with the original photo in the “home” page.
      Take care.

    • Thanks Robin. The idea came to me from a blogger friend who is a true artist. Draws a sketch a day (wow!) and in some cases she does a small video of how she draws. And you can see the sketch emerge.
      I saw a post of yours in my mail, I haven’t read yet. I take it the garden is doing good?

    • Dankje wel Hedy. Joy sent back. CCR? Well, they came here for a concert, and I didn’t hear about it until too late… Next time. All their songs are great I think. (Or maybe I’m getting old?) “Down on the corner…”
      Be good.

  2. CCR…fabulous accompaniment to a drawing bursting with life. I can feel your enthusiasm, mon ami, and it’s a beautiful thing indeed. Bises🙂

    • Thank you. Yes. I just recently took drawing back up, after not drawing in 40 years! 🙂 I was glad to see the hand remembered the basic moves. 😉
      (The piano will be next…)

      • This is so exciting 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be seeing more of your drawings soon. And maybe a little video of your piano lessons?

      • ¡Jaja! The video will have to wait until a) I start taking lessons again and b) my fingers get nimble again.
        Drawings, no prob. I’ve already done a few more to be posted, and some before. Coming soon.
        Bonito día. (Estamos en la misma hora, vdd? Estás en Chicago, creo?)

      • Sipi. (xq pensé “Chicago”? Hmmm) Estoy en México. 13:21, o sea q allá son las 19:21… Bueno. La noche es joven. Y hay q aprovechar el corto verano Inglés. Saludos Virginia.

    • You are referring to the op-art images on the video, right? 😉
      Have a great week, Thom
      (Green river imposed itself only at the end as I was putting the various phases of the sketch together…)
      (Ah can hear the bullfrog…)

  3. Siempre me ha parecido que la expresión de los ojos es lo más importante en el dibujo de un rostro. Todo puede estar muy bien pero si los ojos no transmiten nada, es nada el resto.
    Estos ojos tienen alma.

    • Gracias Scarlet. La “Niña” que inspiró el dibujo tenía alma en los ojos.
      Y tienes razón, cuando retoné le dibujo y la pintura después de… 40 años de no levantar un lápiz, los ojos eran lo más difícil de “hacer”. Siempre los dejaba para lo último. Aún me cuestan un poco de trabajo, pero… tu comentario me dice que ahí voy… merci…

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