Shadows and colours for the winter

Mary’s shadow. Tlalpan, Mexico city. 2021.

Green. Sans ombre. (‘Sans’ shadow.) All photos were taken in the neighbourhood in January.

Shadow of a walled window.

Bleu sans ombre. Blau ohne schatten. 😉

Cables with bars. And white. And…

Yellow, blue and red with shadows. (Beginning to sound like Mondrian)

Terracotta with window. ‘Calvary’ street for the colour-blind.

Jacaranda’ with cable shadows. (Jacaranda should bloom soon here.)

Green ‘chilapan’. River of chiles.

Orange is the new…

A shadow of lavender.

Pure shadows. I understand in Hinduism, shadows can be impure…

Shadows in blue. Ombres en bleu. Sombras en azul.

Shadows of the volcano. Why volcano? Whoever finds out first gets a virtual 🍺 .

Guadalupe’s shadow.

Sky and sand. With bars. Here. Have a bar. Mars ok?

Shadows hatching. Baby shadows like blue. And cream.

Terracotta. “We ran out of oxygen.” (A major worldwide phenomenon, Alas.)

Hiding place for shadows. Behind the door.

Red. “Mexico city is on alert for Covid. The mask is our only (line of) defense”. A word about masks, if I may. The mask forces us to focus. On the eyes. Enjoy the colours. Winter will be over some day in your neck of the woods. Stay safe. 🙏🏻😷

107 thoughts on “Shadows and colours for the winter

  1. Love the provincial look, and quietness of Tlalpan, and other neighborhoods of Mexico city, you may believe you are not in the big Metropolis.
    Nice pictures! 🙂

      • I’m good Brian. We had a week of real winter here, including lots of snow and even ice skating on the lakes! Yay! And now, just a few days later, we got spring, 16 to 17 degrees, sun out, everybody happy. We still have C., like the rest of the world, we still are in a lockdown and even have a curfew. So that sucks. We can’t do much more then vaccinate, wait for even warmer days en bide our time. But it’s starting to get on our nerves.

  2. joyful colour palette…here we have a lot of beige…dull…always a wonder….the post has a New Topographics feel to it…I like that….nice shadows as well Brian…have a cheerful and joy day ~ tot ziens hedy ☺️🤗💫

  3. Looking at these blocks of gorgeous colour, saturated then fading, is like looking upon a palette of Newton and Winsor oil paints – they makes me wish that I could paint.

  4. I enjoyed your studies in light, color, and shadow with commentary. My favorite is “Shadow of a walled window.” The composition is perfect. In another two weeks or so, maybe three, it should be sugaring weather here in the Granite State.

  5. I think we just might have spring this year. Too early to tell but the colors of those houses are truly wonderful. It seems as if people would always be smiling and while I know that’s silly, because you can used to anything, they still sing.

    • True. They sing. Often. I have seldom met a culture that enjoys partying and singing and dancing as much as Mexicans and latin Americans. Sounds like a cliché, but it’s not. Maybe a way to get over all the daily problems. 💃

  6. I love colourful buildings, my student digs were across the road from a row of houses that were all painted pastels it was so beautiful each day to look at them as I walked past. I should take a photograph of the houses next time I’m in the area to share as whilst there I never took one. Where I grew up most of the houses are brick cubes really with red tile roofs and I do enjoy the variety in London.

    • Brick cubes are the image that comes to mind with London. Though not exclusively. Do take a photograph.
      “Whilst”? Long time I hadn’t read that. Americans tend to shorten everything. (I still say “towards” though.)
      A bientôt Charlotte.

  7. Great photography. Beautiful coloured facades there in Mexico. Amazing array of colour and looks like every shade of colour out there you can imagine. It does bring some cheer to winter in your part of the world. Here in Australia while the Victorian architecture is amazing, many buildings here are devoid of such shades of colour. I like your interpretation about masks. They do indeed encourage us to focus…focus on if we’re being too close to each other, focus on the important things happening in the world and affecting our lives.

    • Hi Mabel. Glad you liked the colours. There are many colours in Asia too, but Oz must be a tad “Anglo”. Brick red and grey?
      Let’s focus indeed. I keep saying this pandemic should push us to revisit all our old habits, and change a lot of stuff.
      Hope all is well with you?

      • You are spot on. It’s very Anglo here in Australia. Definitely a fair bit of brick red and grey. Beige walls are also common. I remember when I was in Singapore, their public housing blocks were very colourful and attractive. Even the most nice-looking apartments here in Oz are…dull.

        Hopefully this pandemic helps us to reevaluate our lives. All is good here…I thought with the pandemic and work-from-home life, things would be more relaxed. Actually became more busy lol.

      • Anglos can be a bit “grey”. One needs to learn to know them. Half my family are English. My grandmother was English. Born in India.
        I heard that about home office. People actually work harder.

      • I am guessing your family are more than ‘grey’ in colour and personality, and great conversationalists given their background.

        Some say with a home office, people are more productive. Others lament the fact that there are more (virtual) meetings to attend which means more time at work. It’s different for everyone.

      • Wonderful to hear that you are taking precaution. All is well here too, Peng Yu. We just had news that schools and offices are reopened. Not sure if it is a good thing. But the vaccination is rolling out slowly but surely. As foreigners, we probably are last in the batch to be vaccinated.

      • Depends on the local legislation. Here, there are no differences between locals and foreigners. Besides we are already “Immigrants” with permanent residency. Like I said: fingers crossed. Cheers Peng Yu

  8. This was a brilliant series of shots Brieuc. I love the color. My world outside is grey and I’m so so sick of it. I could use a little green sans ombre these days. I love the shadows of utility lines and other urban features projected on the vibrant paint. The intensity of the sunlight comes through as well. Bravo!

  9. Nice photos, Brian. I love the big, bright blocks of colour on Mexican walls. It seems very fitting for the climate and culture. As for winter being over, I’m not sure it’ll ever end. Need to consult a Groundhog.

  10. What beautiful colours you are surrounded by! Lovely images (yeah, yeah, I know, I am way late to the game. Am cleaning out my inbox 😉 )

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