Street art somewhere


American History. Guarani art, Asunción, Paraguay.


Look at life through pink glasses. Mexico city.


Putin was here. Or was it Kilroy? Mexico.


Guarani eyes, Asunción.


Gimme your hand. Asunción.


Fly, little bird, fly. Asunción.


Imperialism shall prevail. Mexico.


“Alas, poor Yorrick. I knew him well, Horatio. A fellow of infinite jest, of excellent fancy.” (Hamlet). Bogotá, Colombia.

Douvres SOS

Beach art, Dover. (Source AFP?). This was meant against Brexit a few weeks ago. Serves as a reminder of the thousands of Allied soldiers who boarded in Dover, and other English ports 75 years ago. Americans, English, Canadians, Australians, New-Zealanders, French, and so on and so forth… In a few days, five million soldiers landed on Utah, Gold, Juno, Sword and Omaha Beach, to free Europe. Never forget them.


Speaking of sword. This is MY sword. Mexico.


Crocodile rock. Asunción.


Just a pig. Mexico.


Just a fish. Asunción.


“Los ejes de mi carreta necesitan engrasar…” The wheels of my cart need greasin’ up. A song by Atahualpa Yupanquí (1908-1992), Argentinian poet and singer. Asunción, Paraguay.


Just an armadillo. Mexico.


Guarani art, Asunción. The Guarani were an Indian tribe in Paraguay and Brazil. The language Tupi-Guarani has given the names of many a city or a place in the region. Iguaçu, the waterfall on the Río Paraná, between Brazil and Paraguay, means “big water”; i means water, uáçu, big. I thought the Guarani were extinct, but there appears to be – still – 80,000 Guarani living in Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay.


The rabbit, the fox and spaghetti. Mexico.

Street art in Paraguay, (c) Daughter #1 who went to a Congress there. I don’t know Paraguay. Closest I’ve been was on the other, Brazilian side of Iguaçu falls. The rabbit and the fox (c) Daughter #2. Bogotá art, (c) my brother-in-law, Oscar. Dover SOS pic (c) Agence France Presse. The rest, (c) yours truly. I think.

Yesterday, Tom Rice, a 97 year-old veteran, jumped over Normandy in parachute. Again. 75 years after the first time. Hats off, Ladies and Gentlemen. I was going to copy the link here but they put the Tramp after, so, No. No Tramp. Have a nice week-end.





82 thoughts on “Street art somewhere

    • Hi Gigi. Glad you liked it. Daughter #1 sent the pix last week, and I thought: Here’s my next post. Have a great week-end. (Summer must have come your way at last?)

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  3. Hello Equinoxio. Wow. I say again Wow. I so admire these paintings on buildings. I am a person who can not translate what I see to paper. My sense of perspective is wrong. Try as much as I can I simply can not draw anything that looks like what I want it to. These have so much depth, so much realism. To draw and paint on this scale is very impressive. Grand works. Hugs

    • Pleasure, Jill. The ones from Paraguay (courtesy my daughter) I find interesting because there are differences from what I see here in Mexico or in Colombia.
      B. good.

  4. Wonderful collection of street art!That pig reminds me of Piggy in Lord of the Flies! Have you ever read that book…quite scary how humans can get barbaric in a group.

  5. Beautiful street art – we hardly have any over here. Sometimes I feel I need to know what the paintings are about to form an opinion though. Are they opinionated, are they being critical, what is their message, what is their fight? And that elderly jumper, bravo!

  6. 97 years old and still parajumping. Balls of brass, mr Rice!

    Thanks for the trip, Latin America has a thing about beautifying ugly buildings (of which there’s a seemingly never ending supply) with murales.

    • Hear hear for Mr Rice.
      Now that’s a very good point about Lat Am… (You’ve been around I see) “ugly buildings”. Colonial architecture was very pretty. And still is for what’s left of it. Up to the late 19th. But from the 50’s to date… construction has really been a matter of quick money and ugliness. Thank God for “murales”. Ciao, ciao

    • “Muchas gracias” Susan. 🙂
      Actually I (almost) always do that. I tend to do a lot of lateral thinking. And I like “intertextuality”. Once the pix are selected, the words come out easily.
      Bonita semana.

  7. Another fabulous collection of street art. Paraguay…I’m intrigued by that place, mostly because it’s off the tourist radar. Did you make it outside of Asuncion at all?

    • I didn’t. The Asunción photos are from Daughter #1, who’s a Doc, and went to an HIV congress there. She managed to escape a few hours, and sent me the pix.
      Paraguay is so “off the radar”, that doctors from Uruguay, next door, had to fly via Brazil, as there are no frequent flights. Imagine flying from Paris to Brussels via Francfort.
      I think you would like it. They also share the Iguaçu falls with Brazil. A lovely place.

      • It’s a long flight. Bad connections. But I’m sure it’s worth it. I might set a “grand tour of the southern cone one day: Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay. But TBH, living in Mexico all year round, plus one or two trips a year to Colombia, I need the “dépaysement” of going back to France. D-20 days! Yeah!
        Bonne soirée ma grande. ❤

    • Haha. I’ve seen Paraguay from the Brazilian side of Iguaçu. Daughter#1 liked it, in the few moments she could escape from the Congress. And the street art is great. (She just sent me some great street art from Toronto… Yes! Next post ready.)

  8. Just a quick not to say, I have nominated you for a Liebster blogger award, you can see the details/what to do, on my latest post. I don’t think I’ve seen any award posts in your feed, but I hope you’ll accept it, and my questions are not too prying or personal ( I hope) – your blog is a feast of colours, places, stories, quirky anecdotes, interesting photography and more – a real treat and worthy of more than these blogger awards, but they’re a bit of interactive fun at least… 😊
    Very best wishes
    Cherrylynn 🤗🔆

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