The door


G. had finally found a door to his size. (Montreal, June 3019). And he opened it…


An old pick-up & radio was playing a Charleston.

IMG_7500 Ai Weiwei

Absolutely nothing happened. Ai Weiwei expo. Mexico, 2029.


“The wire” wrapped its final season.


Then came the eagle, looking for the rabbit.

IMG_7608 Chinelo

The Chinelo dancer froze.


The young girl finished her ice-cream. Since none of the guys did anything, after half an hour, she said ‘Hello’ to the one in the middle. They went to see a Gary Cooper movie. They got married. Now a widow, she is pushing 80, and has 16 grand-children.


The jaguar said to the rabbit: “Let’s sell stuff.” The rabbit said nothing and flew to the moon.


“Excuse me. I seem to be lost. Can you tell me the way to Macondo?”


G. opened the door again and went back outside. It was raining umbrellas.


My parent’s attic was up for sale.


María bonita and her friend Catrina stood at the balcony.


Les Demoiselles d’Avignon will be performed on 156 London street, Zona Rosa, by the Kitsch company on January 11, 1972.


The rabbit came back from the moon. Another Jaguar had taken over the trade on the block. The rabbit said: “Not good”.


There’s been a murder on Berlin St. The milkman did it.


Ronald the Tramp has been around for a long time. Washington, D.C. 2029.


You can keep your shoes on. Joe Cocker.


Dr Pierce’s favorite prescription…


“The only guaranteed cure for female weakness and kindred ailments.” The rabbit asked: “what do you mean by ‘kindred ailments’?” I said nothing. I was looking for the door.


“Operator, operator? Please connect me to Citizen Kane.”


Bulls and bears ended up eating the rabbit.


The editor of the New Yorker on “Eichmann in Jerusalem”: “Hannah, your article on the Eichmann trial is sensational. Now you have put a few ancient Greek quotes. You do realize, most of the New Yorker’s readers don’t read Greek?”.

“Then they must learn.” Hannah said.


Big brother is watching you. Montreal 2019. It is already in place.


Take your grandmother’s seat, my dear.


Toronto, 2069. Electricity was officially banned, world-wide, in 2049.




99 thoughts on “The door

  1. Thanks for the Canadian impressions where I still need to go. Nevertheless, my next post will deal by coincidence
    about Arctic Canada, just finalized this morning. But now is summer, we expect 40 degrees Celsius on Wednesday in Germany, the desert feeling of last year is back, so my blog on vacation. Bye, bye. A bientot 😎

    • Canadian impressions are courtesy my eldest daughters. I’ve only stopped at canadian airports. 🙂 Yet. Some day. I saw another note by you that you were taking your summer break, but I can’t find it. WP tends to hide some stuff… Bonnes vacances. A bientôt. (Going to Paris myself on Sunday.) 🙂

      • WP sometimes very tricky – last year got hacked by Russians via spam-comments. 🤬 Actually some idiots from India want to sell antibiotics to me 😱 via spams each and every day, but we have doctors ⛑

      • Russian spam comments? Wow. Touching wood, I didn’t get spammed, yet. I know a couple of bloggers (one German girl, actually) who had to close their blogs. Harassment. Tss. Some idiots have nothing to do right?
        Many medicines are actually manufactured in India. Low cost. But also lots of fakes…

      • Now, I got really hacked by these Russian spams in nearly 70 posts, in each of the posts photos were deleted, but more curious in the library they were also vanished. My WP-password was no longer working, the same with my email-account. A quite serious attack in late spring 2018. Fortunately, all is fine again but I am now much more sensitive for any kind of spam.

      • That was very bad. My wife and I are getting mail spams – supposedly – from American Express. With a few spelling mistakes. Delete those immediately. Banks don’t send messages. So that’s why you changed your site name?

      • I have regularly changed my email, username, password, site name and more recently also the domain here on WordPress in the past 13 months. My trust in WordPress not very high due to this experience.🤔

      • Yeah. I don’t think their level of security is very high. One more reason to have different passwords for everything. (I probably have 30!). I f you have the same password for your bank, FB, WP, etc. hackers will go to the site with lowest security and start looking around. Cheers.

      • I have very complicated and different passwords for WP and my normally very trustworthy Dutch email provider who takes great care of my data security (nearly no spams at all, phantastic). But with WP things are different, I once had a problem, so the WP-“helpdesk” told me they “only” need an authorized request by a German court otherwise they can not “help,” me, just ridiculous and destructive. In Europe this is much much better, regulated and easier.

      • Yes very true, unfortunately no bad joke, and all I asked for was a deletion of my comments in a blog from USA. Good travel to Paris, I hope you are heatresistent 😎

    • Ouiiii. Y’a un peu de ça. Je n’avais pas prévu de le faire comme ça. Je pensais faire un pot-pourri vintage. Mais quand j’ai sélectionné les photos, j’ai su que je devais commencer avec celle de mon petit-fils, et le reste est venu tout seul.
      Bonne canicule “Mélie”. “Marche à l’ombre… Lyon est généralement plus chaud que Paris. A +

    • Dankje wel. 😉 It is a bit long for my standards, (30 in lieu of 15) but I’ll be off the blogosphere for a few weeks. Travel and posting don’t work well for me. Thanks for visiting. Watch out for the heat.

    • Thank you Liz. I normally do what I call “pot-pourri” a selection of random shots in place and time. Normally shorter. 15. Which is 3 rows of 5 pix on my screen. So I can visualise. But I have been slow in posting. And I have only one post left before I leave for Paris. So I made it a little longer. (I like “eclectic”. Have a lovely week Liz.

      • A small class must be more rewarding. More direct contact with the students. Now, portfolio? I’ve heard that before. What do you mean? I don’t recall that in my graduate days…

      • The course I’m teaching is “The Writing Process” (basically, freshman composition). The writing portfolio asks students at the beginning of the course to discuss their prior experiences with writing and feedback. The portfolio also includes the first and last drafts of their two major papers. Students then reflect on what they learned about the writing process from taking the two papers from prewriting through editing a final version for submission.

      • Hmmm. The writing process. Fascinating. I “taught” writing to my (market) research executives the following way. Organize your data. One table a page. Then a graph with what you deem to be the most relevant data of the table. Go through all the data, page per page. Don’t write. Let sit overnight. Now on every page, extract the most relevant data in a single sentence. Do not interpret, that’s for recommendations. And when the presentation is ready, send it to me. 😉 (Went well overall, depending on each executive’s personality.)
        Tale care

      • Love this. Pray explain “visual literacy”? I think I know what you mean…
        And “metacommentary”?
        (I will google it but I’d like to read it in your own words… please? Please? Pretty please?) Writing has always interested me. (After, I think I may have mentioned that I made a living writing. market reports…) Cheers Liz.

      • I’ll spare you the six pages of visual literacy definitions and standards from the Association of College and Research Libraries. I define visual literacy quite simply as the ability to read and communicate using visual language following the foundational principles of purpose, audience, and context. Metacommentary is used when the reason you’re telling somebody something isn’t readily apparent.

      • looked up Metacommentary… Not sure I grasp all the subtleties. Is this an updated version of
        Tell them what you are going to tell them
        Tell them
        Tell them what you told them?

      • Not quite. That’s the five-paragraph essay. A good example of when it’s lacking is when students stick quotations in an essay but don’t explain what the quotations are supposed to be supporting.

  2. Combien de portes mystérieuses en littérature ? Celle du Mont Saint Michel invite à l’aventure. Elles obligent l’ouverture. Celle-ci ne fait pas exception. En ces temps où les portes se ferment à double tour et où le judas hurle des invectives, c’est un grand signe d’optimisme heureux.
    Je suis également heureux de revoir 2029 et 2049. Avec l’âge, j’oublie si vite ! Quant aux chaussures, je veux bien essayer. Elle me vont sûrement !
    Merci pour cet imagier qui me met matinalement de très bonne humeur, Brieuc, et de belles et heureuses vacances à toi.

    • Merci Gilles. Je ne savais où allait ce blog avant de “ranger” les photos. Et bang! L’histoire commence… Toute seule.
      Voyons si l’un de tes personnages met les chaussures en randonnée?
      Ravi de t’avoir mis de bonne humeur. La composition a fait de même pour moi.
      Et merci pour tes bons voeux. Je vois que nous échapperons à la canicule. Il devrait donc pleuvoir pour notre première semaine! haha!
      Bonne soirée.

  3. Whew, you’ve outdone yourself with this voyage, monsieur. Doorways and rabbits are always a good combination. Rabbits lead you to the most unexpected, phantasmagoric places and you dove right into the journey. Atta boy! 🙂 G. is adorable. What a spirit. Wishing you a fabulous summer. You must be getting excited for your trip to France. Bises, mon ami.

    • Merci Julie. I actually hadn’t really “seen” the rabbit until after the selection. Then I saw the door, and it clicked. Yes, G. is lotsa fun. Packing as we speak. Bises back.

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