Call me Kate


My name is Catrina. Catherine? Kathryn? You can call me Kate.


I dance with all.


I dance with the old.


I dance with the young, Alas.


With the rich and the poor


The mighty and the humble.


I dance with Death.


Dance with me. You can call me Kate.

Another dancer at the Day of the Dead last year. She was the lead role. Knew her trade. Took poses. Played her part well.

This is the last post of the season. Flying to Paris on Sunday. I will keep in touch, but probably won’t post. I have found travel and posting don’t combine. 🙂 Enjoy the summer.




69 thoughts on “Call me Kate

    • Well, enjoy the heat in the UK. We’ll only be arriving on Monday night, so knowing the Paris weather, it will probably be raining next week. 😉
      Thanks for the visit and comment. Bon dimanche Libre.

    • Yes I did. She had a wiry sense of humour. Then I sort of dropped out? Don’t tell me? Has she… left us? Very sorry for the reminder. She was a nice person.
      Unfortunately we grow fond of our distant “mates”. Did you know Joy loves travel? She’s gone. There is also another Kate Downunder she collects and posts strips from photobooths. Quite nice, both the blog and the person. Unfortunately she has been very ill and hasn’t posted in a while.
      Again, my apologies for the jolt. In that particular case, it was a mere translation of “Catrina” for my English readers.
      Take care Ark.

      • Sadly Kate passed away suddenly due to heart failure.
        It was a tremendous shock.
        But that was nothing compared to how it must have affected her husband.
        She was a spring chicken, which makes it all the more difficult.

        Didn’t know Joy. Neither the other Kate you mention.
        I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised when people die. It’s life after all and the chances of losing someone we ‘know” are likely increased as I imagine our circle of blog-pals is considerably wider than ”real live friends”!

        No need to apologise for the jolt.
        I remember her with fondness and a wry smile these days.

      • Very sorry to hear that about Kate. People like her are sorely missed, she had such a great sense of humour. And yes, I imagine the hardest blow was for her husband. I didn’t know her/them that well, but I was under the impression she pretty much “fixed” everything. Having said that, a heart attack is the best way to go. Better than to drag on and on, or having a stroke…
        Yes, people do die. (Don’t I know that…) and even more so as we grow older. E-friends or “real”, I see the border blur, “mate”. 🙂
        A smile, albeit wry, is a good sign.
        Take my friend. (I’m not sure I even remember your “real” name? Douglas? Duncan?) 😉

      • So I wasn’t that far… Hmmm. Who’s Gerry? Do you have a relation in Australia? (I will make proper notes, I promise. Must be Alzheimer creeping in)

      • Have they? I second the motion. Don’t let’s put a swimming pool or a glass arrow…
        Roda trip? Sounds good. With America’s roads, it (almost) always is a pleasure. Drive safely “ma’maji”. 😉

      • Used to. Drove a lot in Mexico to Yucatan, to Chiapas, in Guatemala too. But I’ve had a bad back for a few years which is controlled but the car “kills” me. So I now try to avoid it. Plus the violence in Mexico is getting too much… Sadly.

    • Thank you Sarah. Now don’t hold your breath for the posts. I’ve always found it very difficult to post while traveling. I know many who do. (You do, right?) But never say never…

    • Viel dank my dear. This young woman clearly loved her work. And she and her friends later danced well. With heart and passion.
      You too. I hope the heat wave was bearable.

      • And European cities are not built for those temperatures. Rarely is there AC. Many buildings are oriented South for the light. And the streets are paved and the pavement is dark which traps the heat. 😦 I know I will feel the same in Paris tomorrow. Stay in the shade as much as possible and drink fresh Rhine wine. 😉

  1. Enjoy your travels dear Brian you’ll have a beautiful time ☺️ enjoy every moment and bring your pencil and a little sketch notebook…big hugs from etown safe travels ~ Hedy 🤗😀

    • Thank you Jane. I took sketching back this year after 40 years of drawing zilch. Amazing how the hand remembers. And the photo series make it fun. It serves to me as a record of the evolution of the drawing. Take care.

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