Parallel universes. Paris. New York

World Trade center, New York. November 21.

“Scotty? Ready to jump?”

“Aye Sir.”

“Jump then. Full warp.”

“Hyperspace jump at full warp, Sir.”

Left Bank, Paris, July 21.

Fée aux griffons. (Fairy with griffins) Gustave Moreau, Paris. Moreau (1826-1898) was a “symbolist”) or deemed so painter of the 19th century. I would say a painter of mythology. His former house turned museum is a must-see in Paris. “Jump, Scotty.”

Ice-cream Liberty (Number 4). Chinatown, NY. The outside temperature was 1ºC. 32F plus change… (I have evidence) Who wants an ice-cream then?

Traveller 896. MOMA. Instant art.

“Scotty? Jump.”

The panda Lady. Rue de l’Ourcq, Paris.


Batman shopping on South Broadway.

Hope II, 1908, by Klimt, at the Met. Though I did see a splendid Klimt “show” at the Atelier des lumières in Paris, a while back, I realize I have seen only a few Klimt “in the flesh.” Marvelous.

New York Public library. 5th and 42nd. Fortitude the lion has been given a warm Christmas collar. The South lion is called Patience. The lions were named after the patience and and fortitude New-Yorkers would need to survive the great Depression. (According to then Mayor La Guardia.) Well, folks, what can we say about current times?

Resilience, Fortitude’s cousin in Paris, on Alexandre III bridge. (Resilience? Just made that up. Ain’t that what we need right now, folks?)


The Hudson river. Barnes & Noble, Tribeca. Read somewhere their space was open for rent… sigh.

New Jersey across the Hudson river. Around Rockefeller Park. Those Rockfella guys owned the city didn’t they?

The Louvre across the Seine.

“Scotty? Some of the passengers look a bit green around the gills. Those jumps into hyperspace can do that. Could you adjust the warp factor a bit? Thank you.”

Hélène glorifiée. Helen (of Troy) glorified. Gustave Moreau, late 19th century, Paris.

The twitter machine, Paul Klee, 1922. (Die Zwitscher-Maschine). Apparently Klee invented Twitter. (MOMA.) Is Dorsey paying royalties to Paul Klee’s estate?

Tigers frozen in hyperspace with a bee in their bonnet or something. Salvador Dali, 1944, a reinterpretation by Atelier des lumières Paris.

“Jum… Yes Scotty?

Sir, even at Warrp 5, the engines are overrheating. Can we stop for a few wee ‘haours’ to rrepair?

Scotty, we’re in the middle of hyperspace. Ships have been lost this way.

Aye Sir, but we need only a wee bit’a time.

Spock? Any thoughts?

Well, Sir, we have been jumping to and fro between two parallel universes. We’re currently stopped in hyperspace. As you know, parallel lines meet at the infinite, so could parallel universes. Possibly. Meet and collapse at the infinite… There is a risk…

No objection then Spock? All right Scotty. Crew stand-by. Passengers, open bar. On the house. Shouldn’t take too long.” (Though with Scotty…)

To be continued… Maybe next year?

56 thoughts on “Parallel universes. Paris. New York

  1. Paris and New York. Great comparison.

    Well, true. It’s a tad cold for ice-cream, though I want to know if Lady Liberty is made of ice-cream. How fascinating. I have walked past that lion and never knew what it was called Patience or that it had a significance. It’s counterpart in Paris should be named Resilience, yes. We do need that now, don’t we? Hello, Omicron.

    The Hudson flows past a little outside my deck.

  2. Super excellentissime ! Beau cadeau de fin d’année ! Klee, la liberté, 896 … et les moteurs aux minimum. J’ai connu cela en remontant le soi-disant boueux Mahury jusqu’à Degrad des Cannes, le port de Cayenne, avec deux moteurs au minimum parce que refroidis sur les ballasts, ce qui n’est bon ni pour les moteurs, ni pour le pilotage ni même pour les températures.
    Merci à toi, Brieuc, et de super belles fêtes de fin d’année à toi et aux tiens !
    PS. À oui, la résilience pour de vrai …

  3. Mine’s a double single malt whiskey no ice, ready for the jump. I love Klee’s work and to think of the era in which he painted and the political instability between the wars etc. etc. to see his work is to see Hope indeed.

    • Double single malt no ice on the way.
      Yes, it might mean Hope. My main concern is the extent of possible destruction in case the sh.. hits the fan. And the time it might last.

  4. I enjoyed the tour with you and Scotty! Wow to that picture of the tigers… it just bursts with energy. I love the way you make a whole space trip with all your interesting photo’s. Stay well dear Brian.

    • Imagine being in a very large dark room and the tigers grow on the wall. Atelier des lumières really do a great job.
      Goede Kerst en Nieuw jaar to you and all your family. Tot ziens.

  5. The tigers reappear here or in your previous post…some say the tiger teaches us how to embrace our wild curiosity, all while connecting with our inner warrior…lovely post…came back to revisit Brian 🤓👌smiles and joy your way hedy💫

    • It does reappear. It was the last image of part 1 and the first of part 2. Scotty had left us all frozen in midst of hyperspace… 🐯 Tigers are very powerful animals. Very strong symbolism in Asia, though sadly they are almost extinct now, Hopefully, humans will come to their senses and save them. Smiles and joy back. Brian.

  6. Love the Klee. Didn’t know about Moreau’s house in Paris. Have added it to a to-be-visited list. Maybe some day. Thanks for the year-end space travel.

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