Contemporary art, Mexico


“Vuelo”, The flight. By José Luis Barrera.

Study in scarlet. By Humberto Valdez.

“Hope arrives at the Ajusco mountain”. By Froylan Ruiz.

Above: The corn god, by Erick Pozos. Below: “My Valentine” by María Villar Bragdon.

“Huarhari.” Whatever that means. An interesting composition by Froylan Ruiz again. Versatile.

“Mexico”, by José María D M. A variation on the Mexican shield: the eagle on a cactus killing a snake.

“My beloved death”. Death is a frequent theme in Mexico.

“Holy Death.” I suspect the artist is Humberto Valdez. He runs a workshop of linocut nearby. I’d been thinking of joining before the pandemic…

The dragon’s lair. A former café converted into an art gallery. It’s all but closed now.

“Por sobre todo”. Not sure about the translation. Something like “Above anything else.” Current events in Ukraine are a cruel reminder.

“A la rueda rueda.” Around and around, by Froylan Ruiz.

Humberto Valdez again. Linocut. This workshop looks stuck in the 19th century. The lino press is very vintage. And Valdez has a nice, distinctive hand.

Two eggs over easy, Honey? At (another) local café.

The harvest, at the Dragon’s lair. A very well done painting, with a small air of Chagall.

“Hope” by Froylan Ruiz. (I don’t have a particular preference for him, but in my final selection for this post, I found his work different). The young woman in the photograph would be a typical Mexican family portrait of the fifties.

You looking at me? Humberto Valdez again. Good thing we don’t have room left on our walls. I might run off with one of his.

The Minotaur’s daughter. Artist unknown.

Thank you for visiting Equinoxio’s on-line museum. Except for maybe the last work, which has a vintage air, all works featured are from this century. Contemporary Mexican artists, seen at one or the other expo. Remember those? People paid a ticket to pack inside closed spaces and look at the works of people they didn’t know, while other unknown people spread germs all around. (Titles/captions in italics are made up by yours truly when I didn’t jot down or keep the correct reference…)

Free Ukraine. 🇺🇦

80 thoughts on “Contemporary art, Mexico

  1. J’aime beaucoup “Study in scarlet. By Humberto Valdez.”, Mais pas que… Et “Hope arrives at the Ajusco mountain”. By Froylan Ruiz m’a perturbé.
    Merci pour cette visite en ligne et bonne journée.
    Biz Brieuc

  2. Amazing art. Yes, death seems to be a favourite topic of Mexican artists …
    I very much like the Humberto Valdez ones and the harvest at the dragon’s lair, which is very different.

    • Death is a very strong theme here. Part of the pre-Colombian culture.
      And yes that painting is very nice. I didn’t see it well then. I should have asked the price… 🤣

  3. Wow, some of these are truly amazing! Art certainly reminds us that we are not alone and that we share a universal human experience. Thanks for sharing and have a good day 🙂 Aiva xx

  4. Interesting and mysterious. Art of any kind is subject to perspective and interpretation. I think death often figures as a theme though in reality we all shy away from it. Thank you for the online museum. 🙂

    • Swagat hai… 😉
      Death was a recurrent figure in European middle ages. In Mexico it is a direct influence of pre-Colombian myths. And yes, we do shy away from it… here they make songs and joke about it…
      Thanks for visiting.

  5. Interesting images. Art is full of thoughts of the artists behind it, and these pictures show it.
    Ça va? Our time seems to be up. Doomsday is coming 🥺 There is nowhere we can evacuate to because of our location, we are trapped mice, waiting for the godzilla.

    • Yes, Art gives us an idea of the artist’s mind.
      Ça va. Too far form the war in a strange way. (Wish I could do something)
      Now, for you guys? I understand the application to NATO will happen soon. Good. That will scare the sh.t out of Godzilla. He knows the Finns will fight. And he’s to busy losing the war down South… He doesn’t have the resources to extend more.

      • True. Just remember they’re cowards. Since WWII, they’ve only attacked Hungary, Czech, Georgia, and now Ukraine. And their army is wasting away. It may take time, but they will break down. 1989 happened because they were economically on their knees. Even their weapon systems were malfunctioning. (I was in the defence industry in the 80’s…)
        That doesn’t mean they can’t do harm in the meantime, but I believe Finland and Sweden are taking the right decision. Bon week-end “Lumi”.

      • Thank you. Don’t know where it comes from. Never studied art. But I’ve always liked it. I should have studied Art History… More fun than an MBA… 😉

      • Well studying it in school would only be a start anyhow – it would still take years to develop and appreciation and depth (like you have)
        And Peter Drucker noted that it is important for folks to have areas of expertise outside kg their field – and so your art and natural pursuit of it seems to complement the other areas (mba related and other areas)
        And seriously – getting a degree in the topic might have led to less natural pursuit —
        Oh and that reminds me of Captain Rochefort from WWII
        His side pursuits led him to study the Japanese culture – art, food, customs, language – and then during WWII – that all came in handy when he worked as a code breaker –

        Anyhow / cheers to art

      • Chers to Art indeed. I might add that I have read a bit about art, and have gone to many a museum…
        I agree with Drucker. Extreme specialization is not good. Leads to tunnel vision.
        Don’t know about Rochefort. Will look him up.
        Thanks for the tip.
        Take care…

      • yes – I know that you have studied art on your own – I can tell and that was part of my point – a degree in something sometimes means little – (sigh – yet I know we need degrees to demonstrate some credentials and training) but I tend to think the natural pursuit of something – over years and with passion – leads to far more expertise. So I guess I was saying you have far more than a MFA would likely deliver.

        This is a rabbit trail – but it totally frustrates me at times to see people rely too heavily on their college training – when the truth is we do not know how much they actually took away – one course in a subject and they get all puffed up – well some do –

      • College and grad school only teach you to learn by yourself. I remember the first class in ‘Bama. Teachers would introduce themselves, and the students when possible. What the structure of the course was, and a list of 5-6 chapters to read, in Stats, Marketing, Law, etc. “See you next Wednesday.” Where they would bang us with another half dozen chapters.
        Today it seems students take the class/books as a manual. Keeps them from thinking…

      • Just looked Rochefort up. Didn’t know about him. My eldest brother probably would, he LOVES WWII in the Pacific!
        Thanks for the tip. An interesting fellow.

      • Oh I am so happy to share about Rochefort – he was new to me and only learned about him in 2021 – that was my year to research and indulge in WWII stuff.
        I had. a few key takeaways – and he was one of them – the success of midway connects to his tenacity and codebreaking (they at first ignored him and e had to go back channels to fight for his idea that midway was going to be attacked) – anyhow, glad to share

      • One year research on WWII? Wow. Arent’ we organized? (Compliments. I am less organized as time goes by. Too many things to see and learn, so little time)
        Thanks for sharing.

      • oh no – not the whole year – and my “exploring” (not so much research – motor exploring and enjoying it – and I also watched the Columbo series – first seasons)
        and so my WWII exploring was done in between and here and there – some audio shows – lots of documentaries – some movies – some books – all spread out over about six months.
        Part of the reason I did it – and check this ut Mr Art Man! – well I was giving a field trip to college students (at our local art museum) and an older student challenged me on the dates of the war’s ending. I have it on video too – and I yielded but I knew it was 1945!
        And later – I realized I needed to brush up on the war and have more confidence if I am ever challenged about it.
        well! that led to my exploring and little did I know that you cannot study WWII without learning a whole lot about WWI – because they are so connected.

        I was used book shopping earlier this month and almost got a WWII collector’s book – the spine was a little loose but in great shape – and only one US dollar.
        I resisted for a few reasons – first – I am being careful as to what books I keep with only three bookshelves (by choice) and I also don’t want that exploring right now. I have a few other projects I am working on (sigh – I am organized but also only have so much time and so you know – we can only do so much – and I refuse to feel sick from writing too much over a certain period and so I take lots of breaks)

      • Well, well. Now I understand the “research”. It is much easier today, there are so many tools. Though one has to be picky, some sources are not too good.
        And yes, WWI and WWII are very connected. And now P*tin wants to connect his war to WWII.
        “Mr Art Man”? LOL. It’s a good thing to take students to museums. They probably hate it but one day it will click…
        3 shelves? OMG. I understand the choice but I have a room full of books. Now limited too. I donate books that don’t fit anymore to the French Lycée. (Even English books which are probably more than half…)
        Broken spine? I would buy it. I can bind and restore books. 😉
        “Sick from writing too much”? What do you mean?

      • Hi
        Well my three bookshelves are full book cases (not three single shelves – but three book cases – if that makes sense)
        And you know – I did not like the energy of the old WWII book. So it was not the damaged spine alone – holding it felt like it was not for me (hahaha – not to sound weird with that)

        There is a movie you might want to check out
        It is called “Grace”
        And it has a scene where a struggling writer mentions his books are for “research” and future writing projects! So the books are important to keep for some of us indeed!

        And not sure what I meant about writing too much – but if I sit at the computer for hours and hours and hours – I don’t feel well
        I am starting to use “audio to text” and it helps!

        Oh and lastly- I have not had very many students – adults or child – resist the field trip to an art museum !
        Most of them are elated – or curious and cautious but then elated!
        Seriously– had a huge success with the files trips
        The one exception was a small class with future RNs (the upper level nursing degree) and the handful of students in that class were ego laden, exhausted, and opted to have a work from home day rather than join the field trip.
        But they didn’t realize how wonderful it could have been –
        Okay 🎨🎭Mr ART Man
        Hope your day is going well

      • 3 shelves. Now I’ve got it. And I understand perfectly the “energy” of a book. (O might use another word but I understand. it’s a feeling.
        Grace movie? I’ll look it up? Netflix? Amazon?
        I spend a lot of time on the computer. I’m used to it, I guess. Audio text? That is?
        You may have mentioned it before, why do you take students to museums? As a teacher? (My memory seems to be slipping…)
        BTW, I sent you the interview. Forgot to send the pix. Will do.
        Nursing school I suspect must be as exhausting as Med school…
        Day went running. Thank you ma’am… Much oblahged…
        Have a great week.
        PS. The answers may be too long. Feel free to edit…

      • Thanks for sending the interview replies and thanks for permission to trim as needed – even tho I like a meaty post!
        And when you send the pics ( No hurry ) I forgot to mention to please label them with your name first rather than just a number or whatnot – if you add your name and a description I can find them easier and upload easier – but no worries if not

      • Hi- well
        I have taught at the college level
        On and off since 1994. I met my spouse because I was teaching his biology lab (he was a young divorcee and finished college by transferring to where I had a nice TA spot! Then more recently I taught psychology, intro to business, and humanities at a technical college and lots of freedom to add in field trips to classes!
        I think Grace is on Amazon –
        And a few scenes fell
        Flat for me but overall I liked the movie so much!
        And our book talk reminded me of that
        Also – I have used an analogy that came up in the movie – so if you see it will
        You please let me know

      • That is great. I never felt like going into teaching, except training my staff (and a few clients, LOL) Teachers do such a great job. Preparing the young to play their part in Society… Sounds cliché but that’s what it is. Your major was in Psych?
        Made a note about the movie. Truth is I seldom watch anything on TV now…
        Be good.

  6. Just what I needed at the end of a busy week, a Brieuc-curated trip to the museum. Perhaps the date of Friday the 13th is influencing my preference for the black and white prints containing skeletons and snakes. So much talent south of the U.S. border!!!

    • Glad I made your Friday 13th…
      There is a lot of talent everywhere… Just need a bit of air to breathe… (Just completing a post on New York…)
      Bonne semaine “Carole.”

  7. I like the black border on your blog, have you done a new theme, I love contemporary art, these are some great examples I like the Study in Scarlet that jumps out to me and la Rueda Rueda. Coincidentally I’ve been working on a blog post for this week on contemporary opera it splits opera fans some love it, some prefer the more established well known works.

    • No new theme. I chose this one precisely because of the white background (research has shown reading is easier on a white “page” with black text that white text with dark background, but the black frame gives the post a “je ne sais quoi”. 😉
      I’ve seen your post in my mail. Need to get to it, my inbox is a bit full…
      Bonne semaine Charlotte.

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