A morning walk. Mexico


Life is but a walking shadow. Dancers ready to strut and fret their hour upon the stage. Day of the Dead. Mexico. November 2018.


Colonial church. Tlalpan. A 20 minutes walk away.


Vintage. Japanese restaurant, London street, Mexico city.


Engraving and printing workshop near the house. Every Saturday, they hold a class, carve out drawings on linoleum and print. The old way. Love the way the art dries out. (A sucker for Art? Me? Guilty as charged.)


Sake Ad. Same restaurant.


Blue wall. A prototype submitted to the Tramp.


“Bare feet”. Salón Acme no 7 Expo. A fab contemporary art we went to last Saturday. Led by friend Noemi. The expo was set in a vast, dilapidated late 19th century “house”. Half a block is closer to reality. The place was as much art as the content.


“Respect to the original people.” Mexico city.


“… Data”? Seriously? Ad in a sports shoe store. Has Google bought New Balance?


Japanese masked wrestler? Same place.


“Obscure blood”. Why the title of Macbeth has to be translated, beats me. “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow…”


Mind the tree.


Iemanjà, the Mother-Goddess?



About that wall… (Salón Acme no7)

Have a great week-end.

90 thoughts on “A morning walk. Mexico

  1. So much to enjoy here- some tops takeaways are the hats, the 7Up sign (really brings me back) the brick walls in the old house with the art, and that tree to mind .

      • I like all too – and I am glad we do not have to pick a few – but sometimes I like to share the ones I kept going back to.
        And you know, posts like this are what keep me blogging – there are bloggers (like you) who share such culture-rich material and it really is an enriching part of my month to visit blogs and get all sculpted and seasoned

      • Thank you. Much obliged. I have been fortunate enough to travel a lot. So it’s natural – and nice – to share what I have seen. Or what I can see daily. The light today is fantastic. Brings the colours out in everything. Have a lovely sunday.

      • Glad you had time with grandson / and my night ended with a visit to see father n law in a retirement center – not too bad but opposite of your time with a youngen

      • He is in his seventies (and need to be careful what I write for privacy) but he has a case of “white-collar old age” (not the healthiest) and could have used more exercise in his life –
        Another reason to keep taking those walks doing your photography – lees the body moving and mind a thinkin’

      • Very considerate of you. About privacy. Don’t worry I won’t invade. I just see people aging, and it can be a burden. On themselves and those who surround them. Seventies is not that old. (Criteria change with age!) 😉 Hadn’t heard about the “white-collar thing” but I can well imagine. yes, walking is good. 🙂 and I hope your stepfather is as well can be.
        Take care.

      • Thanks (a lot) and look forward to
        Connecting more in the coming year- I am looking forward to 2019 being a good year and so far it is off to a nice start – ttys

  2. Once again, a fabulous post, Brian.
    I so wish I felt confident enough to wander around my own city.

    ”Mind the Tree” is quite remarkable. The idea of letting the tree live and build around it – or not chop it down if the street was there first – makes me smile like you don’t know.
    And the Stetsons! Wonderful.

    Every post an artistic feast.

    • Hi Dina. Good to see you. An apology for not visiting. I’ve been mostly out of the Blogosphere for nearly two months, between travel and attending pressing matters. The latter are half way through which gives me a respite. Will visit soon.
      Tot ziens.

  3. Great to see you back Brian!
    Love the tree sticking out of the street. Don’t know why, but in this gloomy morning (they forecasted sun, yesterday there wasn’t a cloud in sky, goddammit) it’s filling me with optimism.

    • Ciao ciao amico mio! That was the purpose of those first two blogs of the year. To send to light (and optimisim!) to my friends under gloomy skies. As for the tree, I’ve counted three similar ones in that neighbourhood. Urban planning the Mexican way.
      Spring is coming your way. Some day.

  4. The vibrancy is wonderful, I feel like being rushed into the sun, and the influence of different cultures. But that wall, that specific indigo blue… There’s a similar shade I can never get out my mind, on Lindisfarne off the Northumberland coast in England, in cupboard in the priory, so specific that sounds ridiculous.

    • No visitors keep their shoes. Had we been in South-East Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, we would all have taken our shoes off. 🙂
      It is nice how different people have different preferences…
      Ciao ciao.

    • I did too. This whole expo was quite an experience. The building would be closed down for tumbling hazard in many countries. But it provided a great setting for the art. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and have a lovely week.

    • This little print shop is full of magic. They’re using century-old techniques. Teaching people how to do it. And every week-end there is new art. I always sneak in when I pas by on Saturday.
      Yes we are back. And OK.
      Sending sunlight your way Hedy.

    • Ciao, ciao! Good to see you! I hope your end of year and new year were nice and pleasant. (Did Santa bring a renewed residency yet?)
      Yes, “bare feet” were great. Those two young women were so focused in their conversation in the middle of sheets and sheets of art, that they became Art. 🙂

      • No. Don’t. I think it is just a case of a cultural situation where all you have to do is be more stubborn. Go back and back and back and back, always with a smile… Your insistence can win.

      • Ha, ha, I am stubborn – half Calabrese remember. 😉 But, this cr*p is really wearing me down.

        At the end of the day I think, if Italy doesn’t want me here, then I’ll find another country that does – then, Salvini hasn’t helped either.

        Every day I live here costs me money and I don’t get a single cent from Italy, not that I expect anything either. What I do expect is for a simple visa renewal to take less than 7 months, so that I can move forward with my life. I was told they’re taking between 9 to 10 months now, I hope this isn’t true. If so, lucky I applied for a 2-year visa otherwise I’d have to start the process all over again by 10 months as for a 1-year visa you need to apply 2 months before current visa expiry. For a 2-year visa, it’s 3 months before expiry. Come an save me please!!

      • I understand completely. This is abuse. A growing trend the world over. (Of which Salvini et al. are only the precursors…) It’s not that Italy doesn’t want you. It’s the bureaucracy. Now, alternatives? I liked Malaysia…

      • Yes, I suspect the bureaucracy in Thailand to be in the same league as Mexico and Italy…
        I think we’ve mentioned the island thing before…
        Buon finale di settimana Nilla. (One L or two?)

  5. I want to live in your neighborhood! Before I read the description of the masked wrestler I thought it was Ultraman..a kids TV show from the 70’s that I loved to watch after school.

    • I didn’t see Ultraman. Wasn’t in the US or near much TV in the 70’s. I’ve looked it up, you may be right though. That “Ad” was quite vintage.
      Neighbourhood is great. though that particular Japanese restaurant is near Daughter #2’s place, about an hour north. (Still Mexico city!)

  6. Loving the No. 7 Expo, Brian, a nice feeling of artistic chaos. Nice to have that in the back yard! The tree in the street reminded me of a hotel I stayed in once where a tree grew in the centre of the restaurant and through a hole in the ceiling into the floors above.

    • The latter is not uncommon. Several cases here. I even remember the New Stanley Hotel in Nairobi with its thorn tree inside the hotel. But I’d never seen that IN the street. 🙂 (And like I said, there are at least 3 such trees in that area.
      The expo was fab. Lots of modern Mexican artists. Well put together and curated. I will post more on that in time.

  7. So much art to love here, Brian. Those young dancers look very intense, but maybe it’s just the makeup. The Japanese lady is very beautiful and I love the shot of the print shop. It looks so interesting to walk around, barefoot of course. 😃

    • Barefoot of course. 🙂 Yes they looked intense. I think they were concentrating on their next performance. They knew they just had to dress up and climb on stage to dance. One has to focus for that. 🙂

    • It is. (Obviously not all locations depicted are accessible in a day’s walk, but I like the colours. To brighten up my “Northerner” friends’ winter. 🙂

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