A morning walk, New York

New York by night. The Odeon on Thomas Street. Our first dinner. (Whaddayamean “A morning walk”? That pic is at night.) (Yep. But it was mornin’ in Singapore)

Or by day. Though this is actually “Noy Joysey”, across the river. Last November we decided to get our 3rd shot in the US since it was not in the works here yet. “Houston?” “Come on! The big Apple. We haven’t been in a while.” So we flew up to New York last November. First thing we did was to buy a “mother” of a winter coat for me. My wife was already “equipped”. Temperature was in the very, very low 30’s. ❄️

Loos of the world series. The rat pack in the men’s room at the Broome street café. L. to r. Frankie, Dean, Pete (Lawford; a Kennedy brother-in-law) and Sammy. The latter chalking his cue to shoot a point. (Please don’t leave your glass on the billiard, Sammy)

Blue is the new black. Had to be an Arts student. Washington Square. Part of the “magic” was to walk the streets again. Though a lot of people were “sans” mask…

Fire escapes in Noir et Blanc. New York is good for B&W.

Well that would be a Matisse wouldn’t it? “Woman with anemones”, c.1919. A century ago. Is that still “Modern Art”? MOMA of course. I’d been dying to go back there for a while.

“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood…” Frost in Central Park. Redder than yellow.

Léger. 1914. MOMA. “Exit the Ballets Russes.” A timely reminder: “Russians go home”.

November on Fifth. Worth the cold.

“Fulang-Chang and I”, 1939, Frida Kahlo. MOMA. I suspect Fulang-Chang is the “chango”, Mexican slang for monkey. A private Frida joke.

On Fifth, by Rockfeller Center. Will there be a Bezos Center a century hence?

“The burglar who painted like Mondrian”, by Lawrence Block. (Or is it the other way round?) MOMA. Real title, most appropriate: “Broadway boogie-woogie.” 1942. 80 years ago. The US had already joined the war after Pearl Harbor. Nobody had any idea when or how the war would end… We never learn do we?

A Christmas Square Dance. “Meet your partner and promenade.”

Ktissis, an élégante from Byzantium, c. 500AD. The Met.

Fifth and 44. I used to have my “office” two blocks down at the NY Public Library.

An unusual Pollock. “Stenographic figure”, 1942, MOMA. After Pollock realized he couldn’t draw, he decided to throw buckets of paint on the canvass. 😬 (Joke of course. I love Pollock. Though the last step after Pollock was a white canvas. And Art died for a while.) (It’s back on the street now.)

Traveller 641 and the dancer. The latter by Degas. The Met.

The River at night… Stay tuned for another “morning” walk, New York. (Our heartfelt thanks to the City of New York for the third shot. Flawless organization. 🙏🏻)

Peace for Ukraine. 🇺🇦

121 thoughts on “A morning walk, New York

  1. It’s an amazing city Brian…only been twice and loved my experiences and the art, sigh…and the MOMA was amazing as well thanks for this memory walk…I remember a night bus ride with fondness…smiles from the west coast ~ hedy ☺️🤓☀️

    • It is amazing. Twice? There is a French proverb that says: “Jamais deux sans trois.” Never two without three. Make it three. 😉 New York never disappoints… Glad it brought back good memories.
      Smiles back form South of the border… 💕🤗

      • I’m old but not that old. It was finished in 1931–which when I was a kid seemed like a hundred years before I was born but from my current point of view not that much time had passed.

      • LOL. I know. (I don’t think you’re much older than I am) And I fully agree with your current perspective. I am now getting to the point where anyone under 50 is just a kid.
        Be good Ellen.

    • My point entirely. Lots of people here flew to Houston or Sand Diego to get early shots. We got the first two here without problem, but the third shot was not planned yet, so we did “have” to go to the US. Obviously New York… It was so nice. Despite the bl..dy cold…
      All well Peter?

  2. I love Pollock, his work (despite the nay-sayers who have no clue of art) is quite vibrant but also complex (as was he) I saw Blue Poles at the National gallery in Canberra it is astounding. Thank you for the travel feast.

  3. Great walk down memory lane – thank you!
    New York can get bitterly cold, especially when it’s snowing as the wind seems to be extra cold in that city – I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.
    Love visiting MOMA – so much to do in this vibrant city.

    • Pleasure Nilla. Cold was indeed biting. Not used to that anymore… 😉
      But who cares. New York Is DA city.
      When were you there?
      (Or rather where have you not been?)
      Buona giornatta

  4. I don’t believe I have ever said how much I like your captions before – but I do. Beginning and ending with night scenes was excellent licence. Nicely varied tour.

  5. Lovely images and delightful captions.
    I lived in New York city when I was a child. Moved away when I was only four. Or else I may have had that twangy accent. 🙂

      • Yes, quite a coincidence. We then lived in Ohio till I was 12 before relocating to India. Quite a cultural shock. Haha. And that accent is so hard to imitate. 🙂

      • in Ohio until you were 12? That explains your American accent. Going “back” at 12 must have been a shock. I went “back” to France at 16. I’m still not over the shock… LOL.
        Phir milenge.

      • Jald is jaldi? Probably the first word most Europeans ever learnt when arriving in India. 😉
        Apna Khyaal is take care of yourself?
        Learnt something new today. Dhanyavaad.

      • Some flashes here and there. Obviously photographs can convince one that they remember what they don’t But yes, some memories are there, but few. 🙂

      • My first visual memories are from Cambodia where we’d moved from Pakistan. I was about 3 or 4. Strong memories. There was a tiger.
        Photographs or films, shall we say, complement your parents’ strories. It’s a bit of an illusion but it’s all right,

      • Yes, it feels like an illusion, coaxing the mind to actually remember what it probably can’t. But certain memories remain strong. You’ve travelled the globe I suppose. Intriguing. 🙂

      • It is partly an illusion, but then we also have (some of) our parents’ and grandparents’ memories from the stories they told us. Plus old documents. I have a picture of my great-grandmother age 10 around 1860, in India. (My family spent nearly two centuries there. Servants of the Raj! 😉)
        (And I’ve been around the globe a bit.)

  6. Morning in Singapore, love it! Should be the name of a drink. Actually, it reminds me of my flight attendant years: during flight, my watch would tell me it was 4:30 but I had no idea if that was am or pm, or which time zone. Fond memories of that kind of confusion.
    Seems a lifetime away. Meanwhile, we’re sitting ducks waiting for
    Russia’s “military surprise”.

    • Morning in Singapore? Sounds like a good name for a drink.
      And I remember being an airline that sensation. Fond memories…
      I don’t think Russia is in any capacity to attack Finland. They’re losing in Ukraine…
      The rest is a load of threats… 🤞🏻

  7. A fabulous walk, thanks for taking us with you!! Lol, I might end up ‘doing a Pollock’ and just flinging paint at a canvas ha ha 😄 (we shall see how my painting efforts go!).

      • A very good thing. The way things were headed was shades of Trumpism with a religious leader whom unnamed female colleagues labelled a psychopath. He is not completely gone though as his own electorate retained him, in opposition. He may stage a comeback next election, as God’s will – a phrase he was apt to use.

      • Religion making a big comeback everywhere heh? Well, one step at a time. He’s in the shadow cabinet now. Can’t hurt anybody there.

      • As long as he stays in the shadows. We won’t be subjected to his endless set up photo ops where he would just pop into a suburban hairdressing salon and start washing someone’s hair, or an industrial site manning a welder! Yet if there was a natural disaster he was nowhere to be found. It went to a ridiculous level.

      • Washing someone’s hair? Jesus H. Christ. I wouldn’t want Macron to wash mine. How stupid can they get. (And I heard about the fires and Mr Invisible…) 🙄

  8. Looks like a nice trip even though cold. My favorite art pieces here are the Léger and Pollack.

    An office in the library? Sounds ideal!

    My kids always said the kids in choir were the ones with dyed hair. Could be a Midwest thing. 🙂

    • It was a very nice trip. Belgians say there is no bad weather just bad clothes. Once we bought a good coat (and gloves) I was fine…
      The “office” was a phone booth downstairs in the library. Wood partitions, a small comfortable wood shelf to take notes, and a leather-bound bench. I’d go to the bank on 42nd in the morning for dimes, and spend the whole morning in my “office” calling for job interviews… Nice and cosy.
      I’ve seen the dyed hair all the way to Mexico. Probably a new world trend.

  9. Damn… I was sure I commented on this one way back when – must have been one of those sneak peaks at work and then got disturbed by someone wanting me to actually work!

    I have yet to visit New York on MY terms. I am making this a mission in the near future…
    As always, wonderful photos and commentary.

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