Yoga Barn, Lulu Lemon, Namaste

A hilarious account of a Yoga experience in Bali. Don’t miss it.


Sitting at the communal table of the Yoga Barn’s Garden Kafe, I order a ginger, lemon and honey hot pot as I take a look at my surroundings. The Yoga Barn is a beautiful space. Rustic but chic and as green as it gets. With high-end yoga facilities, perfect lighting, high ceilings and comfortable areas to chill and relax between classes, the barn offers a wide and open space set amidst terraced rice paddies and nestled in the bustling mountain village of lovely Ubud in Bali. As I keep looking around, I am stunned by the people – fucking beautiful people: perfect bodies everywhere wearing the most fashionable Lulu Lemon yogi outfits, perfectly tanned and simply gorgeous… Many tattoos all over the place: infinity signs, lotus flowers, Oms, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti… Lots of blondies with dreadlocks… and, the crystal healing necklace seems to be the barn’s uniform. I need to…

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26 thoughts on “Yoga Barn, Lulu Lemon, Namaste

  1. At first it sounded funny but then realized it feels at least uncomfortable for either party to deal with people with different habits and vision of life. Extremes are not very welcome at either end of the good-evil line. Lines like “was it vegan ink?”, “not hanging out with her, she eats caviar” and so on reveal a line of thinking taken to the extreme. I’d get the F outta there as soon as possible, never to go back.

    I do like how Gini tells her stories though. 🙂 Would’ve commented there but it’s a mess with e-mail addresses and notifications so I didn’t.

    • Yes. I think one reading is that even yoga can become an ideology. And – at least to me – ideologies are very dangerous. (And she did get out. Took what was best and moved on to another part of Asia and then we all got back together in Singapore et al.) (I will copy paste your comments on her original) And I sent you a mail. Did you get it? Ciao

      • Everything that can enroll people to a same line of thinking (and/or acting) is dangerous.

        Yes, I learned you all got back together and that’s wonderful, I wish I had such a great family (and such potential for traveling).

        There’s no recent mail here. I think I had one around the time you left for the holidays but can’t remember if I replied or not. The address bound to this account is unused, I only check it twice a year or so, it requires too many tricks to get to it (“for my own good”, of course…) so I don’t bother. Will try to check it out tomorrow. Actually it’s already tomorrow here (4 AM) but you get the picture. 🙂

    • Agree totally. Virginie had been “doing” yoga before. This was a particular experience in Ubud, I think. She found it hilarious. 🙂
      (And I like the brewery idea… I might retake Yoga in that situation) 🙂

  2. I don’t know how I missed this when it was posted. Bloody hilarious and so spot on!!! Virginie is a star. 😎

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