Travellers 3. Reset.


“Missed my bus.” Traveller 42. Boulevard Raspail, Paris, 2019.


“I don’t care.” Traveller 43.


Skull and tats. Jardin des Tuileries. Travellers 36 & 36A.


Les Dimanches à Bamako. Traveller 44. See Amadou & Mariam below.


Setting the micro wave oven remotely on defrost. ETA 20 minutes. Traveller 45.


The mad hatter. Arc de triomphe du Carrousel. Traveller 46.


The yoga sketch. Travellers 47 et al. Jardin des Tuileries.


Traveller 48. Louvre. “Mr Spock? Please zoom in.”


“Thank you Mr. Spock.”


Traveller 49. Tuileries. “Scotty? Can you fix the colours?”

“On it, Sir. Sorry.”



Travellers 51 and 52. Pont Marie. Dresses will be short this summer. Cotton will be the favoured fabric. With Roman sandals of course.


Traveller 53, right: “Damn! Forgot to pay the rent!”

“Scotty? Colours?”


Traveller 54. “La cour carrée, in English, the “Cour carrée”. (This article has been translated from the French Kikipedia and requires proofreading.) …” Proofreading indeed…


Traveller 55. Fag break. Le Marais.


Traveller 56. John Hamon street, le Marais. This lady walked around the block. Over and over again. That was her third lap. She may have been a homeless. Too many plastic bags… I hope she has found a shelter space this winter. Though if truth be told, a) there ain’t enough space. b) many homeless are so psychotic, it is actually difficult to make them stay indoors in a shelter. I’ve seen health patrols trying to convince homeless to go with them to a shelter. Back on the street the next day.


Not a homeless! Just a coincidence of the crypto-random way pix organize themselves on this post. #BACKTOTHESTREET is a series of street portraits by Jean-Baptiste Pellerin, stuck on the walls of Paris. A magnificent photographer. See the link below.


Travellers 57 & 58. Rue d’Assas, near the Jardin du Luxembourg.


“Don’t forget to smile.” Thank you, Traveller 59.

Thanks to all of you travellers for flying Equinoxio. Always a privilege to have you on board.

“I am Traveler 31416. Welcome to the 21st.”



For Traveller 44, “Les Dimanches à Bamako”, by Amadou & Mariam:

50 thoughts on “Travellers 3. Reset.

  1. A wonderful slice of l ife. But I admit my heart goes out to the sleeping traveller on line 12. If someone caught me jowls down snoozing on my commute, I would not wish to be faced with it!

    • I’d actually thought twice before posting her… Now thinking “thrice2, I took her down… 🙂 There’s always a fine line about people photography. And that line had been crossed. Thanks for reminding me, Libre. Be good.

  2. Wonderful shots, Brian. I love people watching and what better way than this, apparently I’m not the only one! I love the “fag break”….but there are so many I love, the lady at Louvre and you getting closer, she deserves a closer look. Thank you dear Brian, Bon Journee!

  3. I love your photos and I love to see what captures your eye, not to mention all those funny descriptions, they always make me laugh! Fantastic selection of photos, thanks for sharing and have a good day 😀 Aiva

    • Oh yes. Summer clothes… 🙂 I can’t imagine the number of layers you have to put on to go buy bread… Well, I’m glad this post brought a little sunshine to you…
      (There is more material on Travellers, so no worry)
      Take care Gigi.

  4. Ahhh! Brilliant tune and the work of this photographer you give us, as for your travellers, one of these days you’ll be fought back, you know that, right? 😉 If it were me and I spotted you doing it, I’d have SUCH fun with you. I’d take my camera and take many photos of you right back, haha. And then we’d make friends.

    • LOL! You are right. That would be fun. And I confess I may end up doing what “backinthestreet” does. Just walk up to people and ask for their picture. I actually do sometimes. Thanks for the visit and comment.

    • There are supposedly 3600 in Paris. And the winter is milder. San Francisco: 6000… Shelters in Paris are ridiculously few. Plus many of the homeless have serious mental issues, can’t or won’t stay indoors… They sleep on the platforms of the Metro. Very sad.

      • I agree with you!
        We had a woman sleeping on our steps for a few months, last winter. She was very nasty. She would bring men to sleep with her, and they were dangerous.
        It is in front of a streetcar exchange, lots of people.
        She would sleep at one end of the steps, and urinate on the other, in broad daylight.
        There are a lot of restaurants here, and the diners would be disgusted, business fell off.
        The police did nothing.
        One night, middle of last winter, someone from one of the restaurants dumped a bucket of old cooking grease on her. We could smell it for days, and a year later, there is still a stain on the cement.
        She has never come back.
        I’m sad that happened, but I am so very glad she is gone.

      • Understandably. We have a studio in Paris, a homeless managed to sneak inside and sleep in the porch. Terrible. And the “powers that be” do nothing. Those people are in tremendous distress and need medical and psychological attention. But there is no money, right?
        The case of San Francisco impressed me when we went there in 2016. Such a beautiful city, in a progressive state, and dozens or more homeless gather in some spots… Just because there is no funding…
        But I understand why you’re glad she’s gone.

      • Thank you!
        I would have tried to help her, but as you know, if they hiss and scream at you with claws out, best to stand back.
        I will be doing a post soon on GLAM. I shot a mural in an underpass in the heart of the city.
        There are about 40 homeless living in there.
        Of course we have the money to pay an artist for paint and time, then have an unveiling ceremony. All the people looking so proud, like they did something to beautify the city.
        It feels crooked.

      • Crooked is the right word. It gets worse when you live in the South… South of the (US) border. The streets are full of holes, public services don’t work that well, but the mayor puts free WiFI in the parks… 80 million pesos (4 Million US$) are spent to put vertical gardens along the inner city highway. (I know the guy who got the commission). 2-3 years after the gardens have dried. I guess maintenance was not included in the budget. And the holes in the streets are still there… Sigh.
        (And yes, best to stand back. You’re not a mental health pro)

      • Why is it that no matter how much we reveal, accuse, protest and refuse the crookedness, we just get more of it?
        We are the peasants that fled from Europe to a better life in the new world. After we destroyed the indigenous inhabitants, we had a better life. AH… Karma kicked in?
        The crookedness found us.
        Now it’s the same old shit show it always was.

      • It is isn’t it? As I was digitalizing my parents’ photos from India in 1947, I remembered theur friends, some of whom I’d known. All had gone through the war, fighting it, surviving it (many jewish). And striving to lead an honest life afterwards… It seems to me the war had made them who they were. Honourable people.
        Now? I sometimes wonder whether War isn’t the ultimate destiny of mankind… After a big war, those who made it, wow that it will not happen again. That things should be done “right”. Then they grow old, disappear and are slowly replaced by crooks. (Who don’t remember anything) And another war is on the way. (It may be on the way as we speak…) Millions are killed, and those who make it through swear it won’t happen again…
        Then the crookedness finds us again…

      • Exactly!
        History repeats itself.
        Lots to say here.
        Look at the American Civil War! It was against slavery.
        Today, we have new slavery.
        Meanwhile, in Canada, some indigenous have not clean water.
        Man’s inhumanity to man is at the base of the issues.

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