Beyond the single story

A very good post. Sheds light on a “simple” question: who are you?
(And who am I?)

Beyond "he" and "she"

I recently finished the novel, Americanah, byChimamanda Adichie. I didn’t know much about her except that she was Nigerian, an excellent writer and that she had a bestseller called “We should all be feminists” which sounded at first, as a catchy cheesy title but, one that could be helpful to invite more people to the movement towards equity.

Her novel includes a fresh analysis of race and identity along with different stories regarding the so-called America (but actually referring to the United States) and its contrasts and similarities with Nigeria. She explains many of the difficulties she faced in the United States as an African from Nigeria.

There is one particular story I like about a (white) woman who was so uncomfortable about race that she would simply never say the word “black”. So if she wanted to talk about black people, she would just say “beautiful people” – “I’m…

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