World street art tour. Cont’d.


Paris, métro Nationale. 13th arrondissement. 2019. Many buildings have been painted over. A unique display of immense street art. A great initiative from City Hall. Just noticed the artist’s name. Inti is a Chilean artist born in Valparaiso whose work can be seen from Chile to Colombia (I’ll pay more attention on my next trip) to the US, Lebanon, and Europe…


“Graveyard train”. Tlalpan, Mexico city. 2016. This painting was on a wall behind the graveyard. Sorry to report the wall crumbled during the last earthquake here…


Yoko Tsuno, Brussels. Yoko Tsuno, by Roger Leloup, is one of the very first female characters to appear in Franco-Belgian comics in the early 70’s. Photo not mine, I think it’s from Kikipedia. Need to go back to Brussels. To complete my comics collection and update my street art pix… 🙂


Goin’ fishin’. La Butte-aux-cailles, Paris, 2018. I’ve already mentioned that neighbourhood in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. A street art galore.


Electricity plant, Bogotá, Colombia. 2018. I believe it’s the same artist I featured in a previous post.


Paris. 2019. The artist seems to be “Andgus”, but I couldn’t find anything on him/her.


Love under the bridge. Tlalpan, Mexico city. 2017.

IMG_9204 Penang

Hopscotch. Penang, Malaysia, 2017. Georgetown, Penang is another place with great street art. And a lovely city too.


Shades of Frida Kahlo, Roma (as in Cuarón’s movie), Mexico city, 2018.


“The scream of the butterfly”. Singapore, 2017. (When the music’s over, the Doors)

2016-07-09 19.16.55

The Mandarin. San Francisco. 2016.

2016-08-06 13.08.15-LDN

Pre-Brexit store. London. 2015. Boris “Judas” Johnson has had the place torn down.


36th Avenue. Bogotá. 2017. One of many photographs taken from the car. Better safe than sorry.


“Voir”. See. Paris, Butte-aux-cailles. 2018.


The eagle warrior, Mexico city. 2017. Along with the Jaguar warriors, the Eagle warriors were the most feared of Aztec soldiers.


Water well, Tlalpan, Mexico city.

Captain and crew thank you for flying with Equinoxio Airways. Mind the gap between the shuttle and the platform. Written in March, when “fishes were jumping and the livin’ was easy”… What? March ain’t “Summer time”? So what? 😉 Stay safe.



112 thoughts on “World street art tour. Cont’d.

  1. Another opportunity to travel the world without leaving the house, thank you. The art is so eclectic yet works together, I guess because it is vibrant and unrestricted by conventions.

    • Why thank you. “Works together” made my day. It is the objective when I select one or the other picture. I don’t really know my selection mechanism. I guess I let the right part of the brain do the job. 😉
      How are you guys in the UK. I am alarmed at the figures. Looks like a never-ending nightmare…

    • Bitte Schön. The mother under the bridge is actually not in a very nice part of town. I’d seen it in the car. Walked there on another day. Took the shot and walked away.
      I understand lockdown is being opened up?

      • All the more they need street art like that …

        They have started to open up a week ago with the Kindergarten and school children up to 5th grade. Last Monday the hairstylists opened, and I know that my dermatologist’s clinic is open, I wonder when that happened. Clinics were only open for emergencies. My husband just says that they were open all the time except dentists, one was just not allowed to show up without a time.
        The hardware stores were open all the time in Denmark, so obviously they are as important as food shops …
        Now they plan to open all shops again and the restaurants … with restrictions though.

        How is it in Mexico?

      • Glad you’re coming out of it in order.
        Here most places are closed, and the number of cases and deaths are rising. We’re still far from “over the top.

      • I am sorry to hear that! I just looked at the latest figures from ECDC. It looks like USA is hardest hit in the Americas with over 75,000 deaths, but then, they are 360 million people, and the deaths don’t even reach 0.025%. Strangely enough, the U.K. has just overtaken Italy, followed by Spain, France and Belgium. And France has really strict measures in place … There does not seem to be any logic or predictability.

      • Yes, the US are badly hit. The UK too. It would seem that the longer any country took in implementing safety measures, the higher the casualties. Add to that, lack of masks, lack of ventilators (NHS in particular). There are a series of factors. Discipline in the culture seems to be factor too… In the end, south Korea really seems to have handled it best.

      • Yes Korea, and Japan as well. Even China …
        These cultures are not so inclined to embrace and kiss everybody. The Japanese claim that the Europeans don’t know anything about hygiene …

      • I find the metros anywhere quite disgusting at anytime. When I have to use public transport, I am wearing a coat, so that the clothes I am wearing at home don’t touch the seats.

      • LOL. I don’t go as far as that. But I increasingly remember my father always wearing his leather gloves (remember those days?) when in the métro… 😉😷

  2. I like the butterfly. And I love that you have a nice photo of that street art which was destroyed. I suppose we know all street art is temporary and could be painted over or defaced at any time. But, who would think an earthquake would take it out? Thanks for the walk around town.

    • Thank you Liz. Glad you liked the “tour”. That first one is just fab. In the South east of Paris. Several buildings have been painted by several artists. A good use of taxpayer’s money. That particular art is fantastic in the afternoon. Great light. (I do go back to some places I see in the morning to get another light in the afternoon…)
      Take care.

  3. flying with Equinoxio Airways…maybe a real idea Brian 🤔 and it lovely to see the street art…I appreciate street art…have a lovely day ~ smiles and joy your way hedy 💫🙃🙂

    • Dag Sis. Nice to see you around. I confess I haven’t visited lately. been busy on a number of things, and the chores do take some time. (We sent the maid away home in the countryside. Safer for all. A long vacation. For her!)
      How are you doing in SA?

      • Lots of people getting restless, companies going bankrupt, the poor people are hungry, fighting over food parcels,economy in tatters, has been downgraded to junk status, just before lockdown. Lots going on.. I don’t even want to go there.
        We are fine in our neighbourhood. We have four worlds here in SA…the very rich, rich, middle class and the poor.
        The clampdown by police and army is sometimes a bit over the top. In normal times they didn’t do much against gangsters and druggies etc. Now they have soft targets to nail. Sorry I sound so negative, but that is the situation.

      • “Negative” applies to a lot of whole people in denial, who refuse to see the reality. I know what you say is true. And preoccupying. Mexico is hit badly by the virus but the gvt is issuing false numbers every day… That’s the way it is.
        Stay safe. IN all dimensions.

  4. I love street art and you always pick the best of the lot! Thanks for the smiles! My favourite, I think, is “The Scream of the Butterfly” … don’t know why, but I just like it.

      • Yes, the smiles are much-needed these days, but no, I never heard the Scream of the Butterfly song! I listened just now, and realized why I never heard it … um … not exactly my cuppa tea 😉

      • LOL. I was, and still am a big Doors fan. That piece in particular is one of my favourites. Total delirium. How are you coping? Haven’t visited in a while, please accept my apologies, been busy on some other stuff.

      • No need to apologize, my friend! Coping? Who’s coping? I cry myself to sleep half the time, wake angry nearly every morning, but … I’m not giving up the fight. I’d rather be angry than like some of my friends who simply stopped watching the news or even caring what is going on outside their own 4 walls. But, otherwise I’m well and just as ornery as ever!

      • Attagirl. Though I must confess I do want to shut news away. I told you I had successfully done since last July. But with this virus thing…
        Stay safe.

      • I sometimes think I would like to shut if off, but as you and I have talked before, I simply cannot. It’s just who I am, I guess. Yeah, the virus thing has changed the rules of the game, and is likely to change our lives in one way or another for … well, forever. Keep safe, my friend, and I will do the same. Heck, a single once-a-week trip to the grocery is it for me, and likely to remain so throughout the summer, so I’m safe, unless the stress of Donald Trump & Co gives me apoplexy!

      • We’ll see how it goes. The Tram and his gang are dangerous people. But hopefully the American people will realize he’s a gangster. Fingers crossed and no apoplexy please… 🙏🏻
        Just took a short walk with my wife. 15-20 minutes in the ‘hood. With masks. Gel. Shoes that we disinfect coming in. I think we will try to do do it more often. Hardly a soul in the street…
        Be good Jill

      • I dunno, my friend … it seems that a large portion of the American people have taken an extra heaping dose of ignorance and they are still singing his praises! Much of it, I will always believe that much of it is their pushback against an African-American president for 8 years. Racism is alive and well in the U.S.

        Yes, walks are a fabulous way to restore peace of mind. I prefer a walk in nature to one here in da hood, but I take what I can get. Luckily, we have a decent little park just 1/4 mile behind our house, with a .8-mile walking track, so I aim for 4 miles most days, weather permitting. I listen to tunes and walk off the angst (helps keep a bit of muscle tone 😉 ). You mentioned disinfecting shoes … our neighbors have started leaving their shoes outside on their front stoop. Given that we actually do live in “da hood”, I’m amazed they haven’t been stolen yet!

        Hanging in, my friend … you do the same!

      • “Folly and ignorance the common lot of mankind.” The more I read Shakespeare the more… astonished I am of his clarity of view. (take into account he probably had to write plays by the dozen in order to survive) And… the fact that his analysis is still totally valid. Which means we haven’t progressed much if at all… (Sigh)
        Enjoy the park. Wish we had one around. Parks and gardens are closed in France. But here in Mexico city we’ve decided to take a daily walk with my walk. No matter how long.
        Tje reason for disinfecting the shoes is that the virus is quite heavy. Falls on the ground (from spittle) within 3 feet. So if you walk the streets, you may carry some virus. (Don’t remember how long it can survive on the ground. I know it can survive 4-5 days on a sheet of paper, MD daughter says)
        We’ll get through this. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      • You are not the first to mention Shakespeare and his prescience in light of current events. Yes, he obviously saw human nature in a clear light. And, that begs the question, have we learned nothing at all???

        Yes, I do enjoy my walks … few others will brave even stepping outside their doors, so I pretty much have the place all to myself these days. I do miss the doggies, though, and seeing the children playing at the playground.

        If the virus can live 4-5 days on a sheet of paper, then what’s really funny is that I am not allowed to take my re-usable shopping bags (which I have disinfected after every use) into the grocery store, but yet their groceries … that can of peas or pack of corn … could very well have hundreds of viruses crawling around on them. We are not using common sense these days. Sigh.

      • Two possible readings: 1) we haven’t learnt zip. Quite possible.
        2) We are back 5 centuries in mentality. Possible too… 😩
        3) Re-usable bags? Common sense has just been listed on the WWF list of endangered species…

      • I think a combination of both #1 and #2 is likely. And arrogance … people who think theirs is the only ‘right’ way … all who don’t look, act, and believe as they do are somehow sub-standard. And as to #3 — yep, I didn’t see it go, but it’s definitely gone with the wind! Sigh.

      • And about the kids, we too miss them. Haven’t seen our daughters or grandkids for over 2 months! 😩😩😩
        (You have a daughter, don’t you?)

      • That’s what breaks my heart … grandparents not able to see their grandchildren. My best friend hasn’t seen his for two months now and it’s breaking his heart. Yes, but I am much luckier than most … my daughter and granddaughter both live with me, so I see them just as much as ever! I wish it could be so for everyone. 😥

      • Count your blessings. ☺️ Yesterday was our grandson’s 4th birthday. Our other daughter set up a Zoom conference with all the family, but it’s not the same thing. And the gift we had bought on Amazon got delayed. Arrrrggghhh! Only arrived today!😩😩😩
        But it’s all right. he was very happy with his gift today ✌️
        Be good.

  5. Hey, I have a small question.
    I’ve seen your post about the liberation of Paris ( and I noticed that in the comments you mentioned that most photos used in it are in public domain. I wanted to ask, is this one also in public domain? I need confirmation from you if I wanted to upload it to the website Wikimedia Commons and maybe use it in a Wikipedia article about Choltitz.

      • Not sure what you mean, I don’t have a site here at wordpress, this is just for comments.

      • I really wanted to confirm your comment was not spam. One does get some. Most pictures were bought by my father in Paris in 1944, in a store. I still have the prints. I assume they’re public domain. Now the one with Von Choltitz (My guess), with General Leclerc and possibly Jacques Soustelle, the civilian in the back was posted on a wall of the Préfecture de Police on the island of la Cité in 2014 for the 70th anniversary. I don’t recall the source if there was any. I suggest you post it with those provisions. Best of luck. Let me know when your “article” is ready. I’d be curious to see it.
        Take care.

  6. Love this post – street art always gets my attention. I was just thinking, you probably wouldn’t want to walk up to ‘The Scream of the Butterfly’ whilst tipsy 😆it probably wouldn’t end well! 🦋

    Beautiful artwork though!! 😊

  7. Wonderful street art. I don’t know when we will be able to admire freely again, everything we have taken for granted so far.
    Bleiben Sie gesund!

    • This will end, sooner or later. How and exactly when we don’t know. But it will. Hundreds of research teams in the world are testing cures…
      Bleib is “stay” right? In Yiddish the used to say seind gesund. 😉
      Prens soin de toi.

    • All well, thank you. We haven’t reached peak of the epidemic yet. Which is of some concern. Our daughter and son-in-law are working like crazy in their hospitals. The immediate outlook is not very good. Lockdown is supposed to end on June 1st, but I don’t know if it will, work. I’m following Italy’s figures closely. Unwittingly they are a laboratory to observe the evolution. Fingers crossed. Be good

      • It’s hard to be anything but good these days Brian. We are slowly opening back up and it looks like land travel will be restarting, if not in the air. The government response in Mexico seems confused, lots of infections but trying to reopen. I’m not sure many governments have covered themselves with glory during this crisis.

      • Yeah, being bad seems to be exclusive to governments and civil servants. There is indeed a worldwide competition between the blond clown in Downing St and the blond joker on Penn Avenue. Little “Micron” has not really been at his best either… What’s the saying on Berlin streets about “Mutti”?

      • Well, money is so often in the wrong hands… 😉 that would be a positive change.
        To your question, the answer is yes. I’m a nomad. Born and raised. No way I’m gonna be held “prisoner” in just one country… Would you?

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