Street. Art. Here. And. There.

Don’t make my brown eyes blue”. Sopó, Colombia. 2021. (c)ourtesy my wife.

Looking for the Little Prince. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2022. (c)ourtesy Gini.

The Brontë sisters. Bogotá, Colombia.

“Somewhere under the rainbow….”. San Francisco, 2016.

I feel a little pale today”. Paris. Artist: Poulain. Catherine Poulain is a French artist. I will look her work up more. She seems to have large murals somewhere… Look forward to finding more.

“Sponsored by Coca-Cola.” Mexico city. c.2021. That little Mom n’ pop store is typical of Mexico. Though many are slowly substituted by convenience stores… (Set up by Coke and Pepsi of course…)

Grace Kelly and Romy Schneider “grace” the walls of this small café in Bogotá, Colombia. The other two look familiar, but I can’t place them… Anyone can?

“Getting chilly.” Sopó, Colombia. (c)ourtesy my brother-in-law.

“You lookin’ at me?” Flea market at Saint-Ouen, Paris.

The jaguar and Coatlicue (right), Coatlicue means: “She who wears a snake skirt.” The Goddess is represented with a background of a “tzompantli”, a structure bearing the skulls of human sacrifices… Cuernavaca, Mexico, 2021. (Though come to think of it, it could be Quetzalcoatl, the Serpent God… 🤔 )

Lady Jessica of the House of Atreides. Dune”. (Totally made that up. As the rest). One of several huge murals in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. Inti is a Chilean artist, born in Valparaiso in 1982. His work can be seen in half a dozen countries. Real title of this work is “La madre secular”. Which could be… The mother of all centuries? Or the secular mother… (Take a close look at her necklace…)

Traveller 31416, totally oblivious to the poster behind her, advertising a Banksy expo in Paris. (I went. Just fab.)

“Home sweet home.” Paris. (I wish)

“Om mani padme om.” Paris.

Captain and crew thank you for flying Equinoxio Airways. 🙏🏻

Last post of the year. Wish y’all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

(May 2023 bring peace in Ukraine 🇺🇦)

128 thoughts on “Street. Art. Here. And. There.

    • Dankje wel Peter. I can even understand. Kerst. Xmas. and all the words. Maybe I will learn Dutch eventually. Likewise my friend: Joyeux Noël et bonne année to you and yours. The opportunity to take a short break. Enjoy… 🤗

  1. Tant qu’il y aura des cerveaux illuminés et lumineux pour mettre de la couleur aux murs, fut-elle blanche ou noire.
    Merci, Brieuc, et de belles fêtes à toi et aux tiens.
    PS. Une affiche murale d’une exposition de Banksy, cela ressemble à un serpent qui se mord la queue !

    • C’est un peu pour ça que le “sreet art” m’enchante. Des “fous” ou des “folles” de génie peignent sur des murs. Des sujets qui n’appartiennent qu’à eux. Puis à nous. J’adore.
      Ça donne un peu d’espoir.
      Banksy? Ouais un peu. Mais l’expo était vraiment top. Un des gars de l’expo m’a dit qu’ils avaient eu des pochoirs originaux…
      Bonne nuit.

    • Nice to know. I spent only one night and a day in Philly a few years back. Business meeting in the heart of Decembert. A tad cold… LOL. I am thinking of changing my usual Europe summer destination for the US and Canada. Chicago would be on my list… Might include Philly then. I only know the East, West and South (And DC) in the US. Nothing North or midwest… Thanks.
      Take care.

  2. This is such an amazing post. I very much enjoy how street art can tell a story of the city in vivid colour, from playful murals to cultural celebrations and powerful political pieces. Thanks for sharing and have a good day xx

  3. Wonderful street art post, thank you, Brian!
    Not sure how I missed this one as WP lost my notification…again.
    Hope you have a wonderful festive season and a fantastic 2023 – see you back here next year! 🙂

  4. I had just mentioned to you about wanting to visit Patagonia, and both Colombia/Ecuador are on my list as well… so your photos of the street art in Bogotá were even more inspirational than usual. My goal is to travel to these places within the next three years – and it seems now, wherever I go, I now seek out street art, so I have you to thank for this. Cheers to a great New Year’s Eve… 🥂

    • Colombia is worth a trip. Don’t know Ecuador but I understand Quito is fab too.
      Street art? LOL. The culprit is another – Brit – blogger who changed my views about it a while back.
      We’re in Acapulco now. Just seen a lot of great art on the way to the house we rented… Coming up soon…
      Cheers back to you. 🥂

  5. I love the mural from San Francisco–especially the side with the characters in a boat. Regarding the photos of movie stars, the woman dressed like a veiled gypsy looks like a young Liz Taylor. Nice skull pearls on Lady Jessica. Thanks for another fun line-up.

    • That mural was quite nice. It was a series of three. The third I published quite a while ago.
      The veiled gipsy is a Spanish actress called Maribel Verdu. The short haired lady below is an American model of the 50’s called Dovima…
      Glad you liked it Carol.
      All well I hope?

  6. Great post, Brian.
    I believe the woman in the veil is Inma Cuesta… in character for the film “Blancanieves”.
    The other is Dovima, an American super model.
    Thank you, and be well!

  7. I like the blond lady in front of the Banksy. It looks very punk. Also the hearts on the Paris wall look like Bansky too. I wonder is he still putting art out there? I haven’t heard much from him in a while.

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