Klimt’s lights. Cont’d


Previously on Equinoxio: L’Atelier des lumières (The Lights workshop) in Paris has put together a revolutionary presentation of Klimt’s (and Schiele’) art using light and technology. Above: “Kuntsschau Wien, 1908”. Kunst means Art. I suppose Schau means Show? (Help us out, our German or German-speaking friends). Fasten your seat belts. We are going back 110 years ago, in Vienna.


City lights. Who would have thought Vienna could be so colourful?



The public blends into the scenery.


Maybe the little girl sitting on the floor can tell us the name of the painting?


At the beginning there was only Light…


And colours…


Then came Klimt. Here in 1887, age 25.


And Vienna met Egypt:



Through the woods came the Goddess:


Pallas Athena was her name. The Goddess of Wisdom. (Again?)


And Schiele was the Master’s pupil.


Judith, who decapitated Holofernes.


And they bowed to the Master.


They danced in the streets of Vienna. They knew not War was coming.


They laid down to rest.


And slumber came upon child and mother.

All images (c)ourtesy of L’Atelier des lumières, Paris. Have you bought your plane ticket yet?

Thank you for joining us on Equinoxio’s quest. There may not be much Wisdom left, but Beauty is still there. Have a beautiful week-end.



38 thoughts on “Klimt’s lights. Cont’d

  1. Great post. Did you ever see the movie they made about the fate of the “Kiss” which was confiscated during WWII? It was an interesting movie related to the history of the iconic painting.

    I wonder was it included in the display?

    • Thank you. Didn’t see the movie, though I vaguely heard of it. I’m not sure that painting was included. Since the images were constantly merged and dissolved all over the (biiiig) room, I think I saw a very brief glimpse. 🙂

    • My pleasure Janet. It is really spectacular. Maybe because of Klimt’s particular style which goes well with light.
      I am waiting for a show on Impressionists!
      Have a lovely week-end.

  2. My breath was taken away by these images! Fantastic! Klimt was a very handsome guy, but he seems so unhappy in that very well preserved photograph. Amazing what good photo’s date back so long ago.If you send me a plane ticket, I shall be on my way soon, Brian. Maybe I can travel in your time machine.😄😉

  3. No plane ticket for moi for a couple years – but wow – I did fatsne my seatbelt and enjoyed the post of art – light – technology and this modern showcase of such great art! And the pic of Knst 25 – never saw that and I feel all chitter enriched as I unbuckle and leave this post – many thanks

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