Lumières de Klimt. Klimt’s lights


I‘m walking in the woods? What is this? That’s not what I came here for.


A house? Where am I?


The woods again? Who are those people?


A city? What is this? I came to see Klimt. The paper said: Gustav Klimt, Viennese painter. I came to see paintings. Canvasses hanging on a wall. Klimt is not so easy to see outside Vienna. And those, those… are just effects of light.

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I look around. I am standing in an old warehouse. This is a revolutionary production by L’Atelier des lumières. They have digitalized thousands of art works and combined them in a multi-dimensional show. On the walls, on the columns, on the floor. This is better than MOMA. (With all due respect)


Egon Schiele? I think. Born in 1890 he died in Vienna in 1918.


Klimt. He was older than Schiele, born in 1862. Died the same year, 1918, in Vienna too. Because of the war? More research… (He died of the “Spanish influenza” which actually killed more people than WWI)


That, I think is Titien. Tiziano In English? No. Titian. What are these guys from the “Light Workshop” doing? A celebration of Western Art?



Must be Klimt again. The spectators are inside the show, part of it. Small upright screens walking around.


Neo-Classicism, predominant in Europe at the end of the 19th century. The very style the Impressionists fought in their own way. Klimt and Schiele found another route.


Neo-classic again? But the Page boy on the left has a Velazquez look on him.


Schiele or Klimt? Anyone know?


To be continued. If you are in Paris until November 11, 2018, the hundredth anniversary of the end of WWI, go. Just go. It is a unique production of L’Atelier des lumières (More on them in the next post). If you are not in Paris, buy a plane ticket and go.

Thank you for flying Equinoxio. It is lovely to have you back on board.


58 thoughts on “Lumières de Klimt. Klimt’s lights

    • My pleasure. This was totally unexpected. And a masterpiece. If ran the MOMA or Orsay, I would immediately hire those guys to prepare shows. That is THE new way to see art. Mind-blowing. 🙂
      Be good

  1. This is way awesome. Just when I think there is no original thought anymore something like this pops up. It is creative and fresh and exciting. I would love to see something like this in person. It seems to breath new life in to artwork which is older.

    • You are absolutely right. Brand new. Mind-blowing. I want Orsay and the met to hire them. Can you imagine a Van Gogh show? Or Gauguin or the Impressionists? (You still have until Nov. to get a ticket) 😉

      • Exactly! I was watching one of those tv shows where people compete with their talents. Dancing, singing, magic, etc. Lately there have been a lot of people dancing in the dark with light and visual art displays. They are very interesting and I can see that as the future of dance and shows in places like Las Vegas or even Broadway if Broadway could learn to be different.

  2. I think we know Klimt’s The Kiss and some of the Schiele reclining nudes, but to see this wider range of works and the vibrant colours and patterns in the lighting is extraordinary.

    • Absolutely. I have never seen anything like that. And I hope museums pick up the challenge and give new life to the works they have. Hire the Atelier des lumières! 🙂

  3. Great post! And an interesting question: Schiele or Klimt. The features are Schiele-like but the overall appearence seems more Klimt. Schiele was much influenced by the work of Klimt. Only later he developed his own very distinctive style. (I am a fan) In the wonderful old city of Český Krumlov in the Czech Republic they have a Schiele museum.

  4. It’s absolutely amazing, and as Paris is about 5 hours away from me, I’ll find time to visit L’Atelier des lumières until November! Thank you! I like Klimt and his world, painted in feminine form, his baroque virtuosity and the adaptation of classical antiquity! Very good article, your photos are fascinating, everything is at the superlative! Big like! 🙂

  5. I see what you referred to now. This is a creatively presented affair. While I once saw a strange art exhibition in Venice which stuck in the mind by dint of its 3D installations, this promises more. It is Klimt after all.

    • It is. Never seen anything like that. I’d heard about new experiments with light and video projection on monuments but this is way above. Like I said: anybody close enough to Paris should try and see that. Take care

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