Paris Time Patrol. Final Mission

“Ready for this last mission, Scotty?”

“Yes Sir. Though the word ‘final’ always brings a bit of melancholy. Sir.”

“I didn’t know you were such a romantic, Scotty. No worry. We’ll find something else. How’s the dinosaur safari going?”

“Er, working on it, Sir. May take a while…”

“Counting on you Scotty. Meantime, all ready to jump to Paris 1964.”

“Roger that. Jump!”

29 IMG_5863

Paris, 1964*. No trip to Paris can be complete without a visit to the iron maiden. The Eiffel tower is a chance happening. Meant to be a symbol of French engineering at the Universal Expo of 1889, it was considered ugly by many a Parisian and meant to be demolished. Well, it has now become the symbol of Paris, visited by 7 million people every year. Jump.

29 TE2014-07-14 21.57.57

Paris, 2013. The Eiffel tower from Ecole Militaire.

30 ND922

Notre-Dame. C. 2015. From the pont de l’archevêché. Darn padlocks should have been removed by now.

30 IMG_5835

Notre-Dame, 1964*. As you can see, cars and lorries could then drive right by the cathedral. That street has now been closed, only pedestrians can walk on the square. Another important detail: how sooty and dark Notre-Dame was then after a thousand years of grime. And most of Paris was as dark. Then André Malraux, De Gaulle’s Secretary of Culture issued a law obligating all buildings to clean their façade every ten or 15 years. Notre-Dame was one of the first monuments to be cleaned. I still remember the surprise at discovering all the hidden details:


Notre-Dame, Paris. c.2015.


The Kings of Israel and Juda. Mistaken by the French Revolution to be statues of the Kings of France, they were torn down. Those are 19th century replicas by Viollet-le-duc.


Detail. Centre door. 2016.

30 ND276

As it is today.

31 L215-AParis, 1944. This particular photo was taken on August 24, 1944. Paris has just been liberated. A Te Deum (“To God”, action of grace) is celebrated in the cathedral. The Cross of Lorraine (double-barred cross) flag, emblem of the Free French Forces hangs in the centre of the cathedral.


Notre-Dame today. Such light.

33 IMG_5864

Beauty and the Beast, 1964*, on top of Notre-Dame.  See the black gloves.

A 33 2013 Paris 1005-A

Back to present. “Personalized coaching on emotion and self-confidence” (No doubt about that) “Hip-hop, modern jazz, etc.” She could be the granddaughter of the Elegante above. For those interested, she is fully booked until 2022.

1963-64 images come from “The Paris I love”, printed  on the 15th of May 1964. (c) by Editions Sun Paris. World rights reserved. Printed in France by Draeger and Braun. Photographs (marked with a *) by Patrice Molinard. The recent ones are mine.

Thank you for hopping along on Equinoxio’s Time-Space shuttle. Unfortunately, the material from the book has been fully used. We’ll have to think of other destinations. Be safe.





28 thoughts on “Paris Time Patrol. Final Mission

  1. The contrast of the clean and dirty Notre Dame! My mom said she read the cathedral is teetering in shaky foundation and may be closed to the public. I haven’t been able to confirm her story…

    • Quite a difference, ain’t it? 🙂 I am not aware of that. What is known is the fact that the backside of the cathedral and the “flêche” (the arrow?) are in bad shape (no peril to the public though) and need restoration. A 100 million euro/dollar fund is being set up. Work may last years. Thanks for visiting. And a lovely week-end, Alison.

  2. Again a great tour. I think you may have mentioned the padlocks before, but I have forgotten. What do they symbolize or what is the intent. Hugs

    • They¡re put on the bridges by loving couples as a testimony of their eternal love. Then they throw the key in the river (Metal pollution) and later the bridges’ wire mesh collapses under the weight of the padlocks. A nuisance! 🙂

  3. I lke the guy drawing portraits (or whatever). And I like the dark cathedral. Don’t trust people trying to tell me what I should feel (about myself or others), but I’d do her (the coach above) a couple times. 😛
    Enjoy the weekend! 🙂

  4. I enjoyed the tour. Can you imagine how happy the citizens were to be liberated? Finally, give that minister credit for ordering the cleaning of building facades, how impressive they are.

    • My father lived in Paris though the war. So he told me about the Liberation. My mother told me about the liberation of Rennes, her hometown in Brittany, too. Undescribable feelings… And yes, Malraux (in addition to writing a few fabulous, universal books, was a great minister…

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