The interview

Hi everyone. I hope your summer has been bright and happy. I did take a break from blogging. Though I collected a good bit of material for future posts.

I was honoured to be interviewed by Yvette at Priorhouse. She has a wonderful blog and did a great job at interviewing yours truly. Allow me to share her interview. Yvette, you now have the floor:

Hello Readers,

Today’s Priorhouse Interview is with Brian from Equinoxio blog. As always, I invite readers to skim the post or come back later to read (if you have a chance). There are some fun things covered here today so let’s get going. 

Let me start by sharing a link to one of my favorite 2022 posts – HERE because it had me whispering, “I had a house in Africa” for days….

PRIORHOUSE: Okay, now let’s start with a little background.

BRIAN: I was born in Pakistan of French parents, a few years after the Partition, which is what the Independence of India and Pakistan is called.
My family is French but lived in India for two centuries, since the mid 17th century.
I was raised in Asia, Vietnam and Cambodia, briefly, then spent most of my childhood in Africa, West, former French Guinea, and East, Kenya and Ethiopia.
I went to College in France, Graduate school in the US of A. University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide!) where I got an MBA and learnt ‘ter speak Sudern’…
Got married (my wife is Colombian) we lived ten years in France until my “Gipsy” roots started raising their voice and we moved to Mexico, to an Ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather. I later started my own market research agency, and here we still are 30+ years later.

PRIORHOUSE: Can you tell us about your blog name, Equinoxio?

Read the original interview on Yvette’s blog:

125 thoughts on “The interview

  1. Wonderful interview ! Congratulations Brian and Priorhouse. I love reading what you’ve been doing, where you’ve been traveling dear Brian. A look back into the past is always welcome. I hope you’re retreat was most enjoyable and renewing. It’s great to read you again. Thank you going out to Priorhouse…well done! 🌷

    • Mysteries of WP. LOL.
      Thank you.
      Frost. Hmmm. I wish I knew more of him. American poets are not exactly a part of the French school programme.
      But I was lucky to stumble on that one. A powerful poem…

      • I’m good Brian. No covid yet, as far as I’m aware of and after my holiday to Brittany I even re-learned some French albeit with a strong Breton accent. 🙂 Speaking of that: how does one pronounce Brieuc? Like the French do – Bri-eu – or does it sound different? Anyway – I’m about ready to continue the writing on a story about Yann Gwaz, the Breton who was famous in 16th century Spain for his architecture under the name of Juan Guas. He was, or rather his parents were, originaly from St-Paul-De-Leon, or Kastell-Paol, adjacent to Roscoff where I stayed. It was with more then casual joy that I walked the streets there. So let the writing begin!

      • Brittany is a wonderful place. So much Beauty everywhere. And this summer must have been quite sunny and pleasant. ‘Eu’ is pronounced like the Dutch ‘de’. Or the German ‘genau’. I believe it’s the legacy of the Germanic tribe, the Franks who took over Roman Gaul. And the ‘c’ at the end of Brieuc is not pronounced…
        I’ll have to look up Yann Gwaz. Don’t know him.
        Kenavo arbechar. (See you soon)

  2. Congratulations on being interviewed by Yvette. She is a dear and even though I already follow you, there were things that were news to me in reading the interview. Great questions from Yvette as well.

    • New stuff always comes out. And Yvette is a great interviewer. (Having done some many questionnaires in my life, I know it’s not the answer that matters, it’s the question…)
      All well with you I hope?

      • You are right, Brian/Brieuc – and now I am interviewing members of the public, in person, I find coming up with different questions, challenging. They seem to work better ad-libbing during the interview.
        What makes a good question?

      • That is a very good question… As you know, I was in Market research, did, and approved hundreds of questionnaires… Not sure.
        In lawyer movies they say: “Never ask a question you don’t know the answer to…”
        In research, some questions are fairly standard, depending on the type of research. If you do advertising research, many questions are obligatory.
        What’s a good question? Hmmm. Short and simple. Only one question in a question. Sometimes we put two or more questions/issues in one question.
        Then, I would say it depends on the interviewee. What research have you done on the respondent? What more would you (or others) like to know about the person? What’s s/he done? Background? Always useful. Tastes: music., books, authors, movies. People they associate with.
        A question I used a lot in interview was: who are your 2-3 best friends. Describe them to me.
        Then I guess a good question is an answer you’re looking for. Think of the possible answers you will find the right questions…

      • Fantastic answers, Brian! I will use some of your suggestions!! I particularly like your suggestion of thinking of what answers I may like and the questions will evolve!

      • YOur comment was hidden somewhere. I’m glad I found it. Honestly I made it up a bit. Now more than “answers one would like”, it’s more “what answers would I like to know?” Stress on know. Let’s say I would interview Trump. (God forbid) the answers I would be looking for are towfold: 1) What made him the way he is? 2) What is he hiding? A good series of questions are projective techniques. (Look it up) Where one projects oneself. “How do you imagine Australia in five years? Where do you see your self in five years?”

  3. Eric Clapton is a racist conspiracist. He told promoters that if vax cards, test results or masks were required at a venue he wouldn’t play, not understanding it was the regional call. And, he’s a fox hunter.

  4. Welcome back from vacation. 🙂
    Read the interview, nothing new for me but at least the comments there reminded me of long forgotten – and some unknown – guitarists. 😀

    Don’t worry, it’s still me, just older – and not at all wiser 😛 – with a different e-mail address since the old one got caught in the evergrowing fake security requirements of this mad world. And yeah, still alive. Barely.

    Enjoy the Fall, cher ami. 🙂

    • Hi Dragos. Good to hear from you. I don’t why I’d seen that comment then it disappeared… Yes fake requirements…
      Barely alive? Well, alive is already a positive thing… Maybe something good will come your way… (We’ve already had this conversation if you recall… If you’re alive, your talents are too…)
      Bon Automne caro amico…

      • Don’t worry, I’m perfectly aware WP has been screwed up for quite a while, most likely because human judgement has been completely replaced by the soulless AI.

        We did have quite a few conversation in time, yes. This one included. I feel like my words and ideas have dried out and fallen like autumn leaves. An empty shell sometimes returning mixed echoes of the surrounding world – is what’s left of me… Oh well, let the Great Fall begin!

        Be good, be well. Be, dear B! 🙂

    • Salut ma grande… Merci du fonds du coeur. C’est toujours agréable à entendre, même si j’insiste que je n’ai pas fait grand-chose. Juste eu de la chance…
      Ton été s’est bien passé? 🤗💕

      • C’est ce qu’on fait avec les choses qui les rendent plus, plus!
        Pas si pire. Là je vie chez ma chum jusqu’à demain. Elle était partie dans les Europes et ma maison se faisait une peau neuve. Toujours loin d’être finie mais elle revient alors… je vais aller vivre dans une petite chambre, pas d’électricité, pas de WiFi, pas de TV… Tu viendras me retrouver à l’asile… 💞

      • On a fait beaucoup de travaux dans notre maison de Normandie quand j’étais enfant. Et il y avait toujours quelque chose qui pétait. L’année dernière on a acheté une maison de campagne à une heure de Mexico. J’ai passé près de 6 mlis là-bas à superviser les travaux, mais “morceau par morceau” si je puis dire. Donc je peux imaginer. Mais pas au point de de n’avoir qu’une pièce qui “marche”. Ça doit être épuisant. Les ouvriers finissent quand?

      • Mon mari faisait énormément de travaux à la maison (originale, pas la deuxième) mais pièce par pièce. Faire comme je fais, il faut manquer une couple de vis dans la tête!! Très épuisant mais j’ai maintenant de la lumière dans mon sous-sol – partout SAUF la salle de bains… Bozwell!! Prendre sa douche à la lumière de lampe de poche c’est pas mal poche! Je ne sais pas et je n’ose pas demander pour l’instant… Mais le plancher de céramique est fait dans le salon et dans 90% de la cuisine…

      • Ben oui quoi. Pièce par pièce! 😉 La douche à la lampe de poche c’est pas mal. LOL. Faut peut-être quand demander pour les délais. Tu pas passer des semaines comme ça. “Winter is coming” comme disait l’autre…

      • Mieux de même… moins stressant pour le porte-feuille, aussi! Mon contracteur part en vacances demain! Il revient mercredi prochain. Mais pas grave, la maison va être pleine d’ouvriers… Winter is coming, the fire will be in the slow burning stove…

      • Oui, le et la job va bien 😉 C’est vrai que c’est biz que ce soit soit au masculin soit au féminin… dépedant d’où on l’utilise!

  5. Loved the questions and the answers. It’s really nice to know more about you, Brian. You definitely are a citizen of the world in a literal sense. And consider visiting India and the small city I live in – Chandigarh – planned by Le Corbusier. A French connection… Take care. 🙂

  6. Really enjoyed your interview and learning more about your unique life, Brieuc!
    Interesting approach to your blog writing – short and sweet, which is not what Mr Google advises. Maybe this is what I’m doing wrong…;-)

  7. Brian, I enjoyed meeting you in Yvette’s recent interview. What a great meeting of the minds. 🙂

    Yvette and I have followed each other for awhile and I enjoy all of her interviews, which are thorough and her questions elicit interesting responses. Yvette once interviewed me, but as she is using a new interviewing format now, she recently asked if I would be interested in another interview down the pipeline. My takeaway on your suggestions is I will stop using captions, which I often used, but not all the time – yes, who wants to squint to read a caption? I always boldfaced my captions to make it easier. Captions make my posts a wee bit shorter as my picture-laden posts are admittedly long – yes, that might cause a reader’s interest to wane as they slog through some of my posts. I am always open to suggestions as I approach the 10-year anniversary of blogging.

    • Hi Linda. Nice to meet you too.
      I don’t pretend to be an expert in blogging. I still remember my puzzlement at everything when I started. But I have worked in Advertising and Market research, and I did learn to keep it short. One day a client, after a 20 page executive summary summing up a 100 page very dense research, told me: “Brian. Excellent. Great presentation. When can you send me the one-pager?”.
      “What?” I said. “One-page”? You do realize how hard it was to concentrate all in 20 pages?”
      “Yes”, he said. But the board in the US will only look at one-page. You can do it.”
      I did. Quite a learning.

  8. Hi – thanks again for joining me with the interview, B!
    I have so many takeaways – and the guitarist chat was truly a top takeaway- but also the way you interacted with commenters showed even more of your smooth style.
    Really appreciate our time with this interview and the comments continue to come in – almost four weeks later. Right on – and write on amigo

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