“Sweet smoke just a poke”

In a world of last teardrop
In a world of last teardrop
You know it sounds so good
Sounds so good

Well, you know it sounds so good
You hope it never stops
Never, never, never stops
Never, never, never, never, stops

If you hear sounds of bitter weeping
To be sure the God of Light is sleeping

No time for mirth
Much death and birth

Pain shakes the earth
You hope it never stops
Never, never stops
Never, never, never, never stops…”

Shotgun art, Mexico city, April ’22

Baby night lyrics (c)ourtesy Sweet smoke… 1970. (I still have the LP.)

33 thoughts on ““Sweet smoke just a poke”

    • That was a catch as catch can. Stopped at a red light on our way to the 4th shot. No time to step down. Just fire away.
      Sweet smoke was way before your time. An ephimerous, typical band of the early 70’s. Lots of experimenting then.

      • Ha, ha, love the way you say “way before your time”…you have no idea or being too kind. 😉

        Regardless, you don’t have to be actually living in a decade to love/follow the music. 🙂

      • LOL. never ask a Lady her age, but I suspect you are a tad younger than I am.
        True. I am surprised how much my daughters generation knows “oldies but goldies”. Case of Sweet smoke, they were really a confidential group, not like others who have thrived and lasted. Think Crosby, Stills, Nash and young in their various guises. Or Clapton.

    • LOL. Sorry about that. In French we call that a “saw”, une scie. A tune you can’t get out of your head. In that case it should ear out after a few weeks. 😉
      Second piece? lemme see. I fired at least a dozen as my wife moved away. Then picked up and cropped a “progression”.

  1. Hi Brian, An enticing slow reveal of the final full shot of the artwork. Don’t know Baby Night but certainly Iron Butterfly. 🦋🎶 Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • Thank you Jane, that was a classical “don’t take pictures from a car, less so from a moving car”, but when there is no option… 😉 break the rules…
      Iron butterfly marked many of us, right?
      Take care. (Happy Mother’s Day)

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