Street art of the magic mountain

The angel of the Magic mountain. On December ’20, we rented a house for Xmas in Tepoztlan. A small town an hour away from Mexico city. I may have posted this one from another angle. We only went out of the house one Sunday, early, to catch some street art. A year and change already… I keep wondering when this madness will end. Will it?

Siesta time… (Where’s the art? Ask the dog.)

The tequila God. (Methink)

“That is my word”. (The volutes coming from the mouth are a pre-Columbian symbol of speech). Follow the wall to the right:

“Let the deer talk to the tree…”

A difficult mural to catch…(I should learn to do panoramics on the I-phone.) I hope you got the idea.

Two birds…

…and no stone. (Well. On the sidewalk yes.)

A Chinelo dancer painted this wall. (Guy with black hat and beard)

Another Chinelo watches over the bank. The Chinelos, also known as “huehuetzin”, “he who wears old clothes”, are typical of the state of Morelos, South of Mexico city. The bearded face represents the Spanish conqueror. Chinelo representations are ever present across the state. (Even in parts of Mexico city one can see them dancing on the street.)

One of thousands of Colonial churches across the country. 16th-17th century…

“Scented candles. Delicious Pulque”. Pulque is a fermented drink based on agave. Same plant as tequila. And that is probably the God of Agave. (Ain’t had time to do no research…)

“When the rooster crows at the break o’ dawn.

“Look out your window, and I’ll be gone…”

(Dylan. I’ve used those lyrics before, haven’t I?)

No idea. Drew a blank. Suggestions for a caption anyone? Well, it is now the “Floral Mandala” by Derrick’s suggestion, seconded by Yvette… 👏🏻

The dragonfly told the bird to hide the key of the beetle. (Flyingbeetle is a collective of street art led by an artist called Judy Wray)

“Breast feeding.” Two visions (representations)…

…of women… “Achis achis retro food”. What on earth can “retro food” be? Two eggs over easy?

Retired Chinelo dancer.

La llorona. The weeper. An old myth that can be found in many places of Latin America. (French Anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss did a study of myths across America from British Colombia to Tierra del fuego. His conclusion was that, structurally, the same myths could be found all over the Americas. Similar characters, similar stories. Sometimes the good guy became the bad guy and vice-versa, but basically the same story. Which means that the migrants who came from Asia around 20-12,000 BC carried their stories with them. All the way form Asia. Told them around the fire at night. Then moved on.

Thank you for flying Equinoxio Airways. Your company is always a pleasure. Be good.

71 thoughts on “Street art of the magic mountain

  1. Mexico must be Mural State number one. High quality, and your explanations are very useful. What are the coloured fabric things on the breast feeding mural? (And is the mural meant to encourage women to breast feed?) The strict looking rooster is wonderfuly done and the ‘retro food’ one is cool! A burger and a coke served by a waitress on rollerskates. That IS retro and I hope it will revive someday. 🙂

    • There is very good street art here. Just got fantastic pieces this week-end as we got our 4th jab a bit far away form home…
      The coloured things seem to be turtle felp toys. And yes the mural is to encourage breast feeding. particularly in rural areas where the water is not too good, powder milk is expensive AND breast feeding IS much better.
      Retro should revive. 🤞
      Tot ziens Peter.

  2. Very nice.
    It’s easy to see where the influence for album covers such as Santana’s, Abraxas may have come from.

    Hope all’s well in your neck of the woods, Brian?

    • Yes, you might be on to something. I had to look up the cover. I’d forgotten it. What a marvel it was.
      All well here, as much as can be. Le Pen has been pushed back again. I hope little Macron will understand he needs to make a few changes… 😉
      Got our 4th jab…
      Take care Mate.

  3. Intriguing wall art Brian. The streets are apparently vacant but for the sleeping dog. I esp like the symbolism of breast feeding while tending to errands, those ladies were tough.

    • This was December 25th, 2020, early in the morning. No vaccines yet to speak of. We went into town early to avoid crowds… And the dog was very cosy.
      Breast feeding on errands, yes. When you’re a farmer woman, you can’t stop working can you? And that is still the way. Tough…
      All well Coeur de Feu? (I have your posts in my mail. I’ll get to them soon…) 🙏🏻💕

  4. Once again you have come up with an amazing collection of mural and street art,Brian. I was fascinated by the mandala, the photo without a caption and even more so by the breastfeeding representations. May I ask what the brightly coloured items in the foreground were?

    • It’s a good example of some street here: long walls which allow for elaborate composition. As an aside, those are subsidized by Comex, the #1 paint manufacturer here. A great intiative.
      Hope all is well with you?

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    • Thank you Cindy. bear in mind the timing, we’d just been locked up for almost a year, so it was wonderful to sneak out in the street and see all this art.
      Hope all is well?

  6. These are so beautiful. The breatstfeeding one really stands out for me though. I’ve seen a few shows from the US that were terribly against breastfeeding (like The View). It is wonderful to celebrate this. In a way, it is as magical as babies itself.

    • Shows against breastfeedind? Must have been republican shows… And yes it is magical… 🧙‍♂️ (This little guy popped up when I wrote magical 🧙‍♀️ )

      • I guess it depends on your computer. I have a Mac, and this is recent feature. (It also tells me my Mac “reads” and understands everything I write and probably sends it all to Palo Alto. 😳

      • LOL. That is the. main reason I absolutely refuse to “have” Alexa. Even if various friends work with Amazon. I don’t want more data sent away…

      • 😉 I know the thread has to end at some point … I just had to think of that kid (parents in IT, Alexa at home) who was screaming at our record player cause he didn’t like the music 🎶🎵

      • That is a great story. And perfectly understandable… Our grandson can’t read yet, but he explained to my wife how the screen of our new car worked and how to connect our phones into the system…

  7. What a wonderful series of Street Art, as always. They’re always so colourful. I love the captions too and I tried to think of one for the blank – maybe flowering art, one-eyed mandala,??

  8. Awesome art (as usual)
    And regarding the one you mentioned about getting a panoramic with the cell – well
    I actually like the way you did it –
    The first one let is see it from a farther view and then you have us closer and straight on view of the right side
    I find that some panoramic images are too long (wide) with less detail – they have their place –
    But I don’t really like pano photos that much

    And the house rental sounds like a great way to spend the holiday

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