Two for the show…

The Opera. Paris, c.1960. Love the cars: a Peugeot 404, a 2 Chevaux, an Ami6, one of the ugliest cars ever mass-produced. (Nothing personal. Our friends Elluecque had one in West Africa.) The Palais-Garnier in the 60’s was not as sooty as Notre-Dame.

The Opera, 2021. With Carpeaux’s “Danse” on the façade. And the statues above painted gold.

A Starbucks mirror.

Sans “mirroir”. (There is a certain likeness with the Starbucks logo.)



Air France to Asia. My father might have had this poster in his Karachi office when he ran the Air France line to Pakistan, and from there to Asia.

The plane in the background of the poster is a Lockheed Constellation or Super Constellation. I flew in those. Nicknamed “Constel” in French. “Connie” in English. I remember them well. There were bunks in first class.

Some put their foot in their mouth. Some put it on the street. Rue Jacques Callot (I think), Left Bank.

“La marque jaune.” The yellow M, by Edgar P.Jacobs. The adventures of Captain Francis Blake and Professor Philip Mortimer against their nemesis, the infamous Colonel Olrik by Edgar P. Jacobs. A café window in Paris.

Le théâtre à Paris. Photos of an unknown play near the Pont des Arts.

A two century old Airnb… Original ceiling. Rue des Saint-Pères. Just imagine the sheer number of trees that were cut for a single two room flat then? Not to mention the entire building…

This artsy Marianne, the symbol of the French Republic conveys a message I obviously don’t share. Antivax use it to communicate that vaccines and masks are an attack on the Republic. Of course not. Why do I post it? Another great blogger posted a photo he took in the very South of France last summer. Hundreds of kms away form Paris. So this little poster has had wide distribution in France… Sigh.

Visit Paul’s blog at:

Remember this fab mural? I didn’t jump the fence. But, I can give you details:

Botticceli’s Venus and guests. (Part 1)

No back issues. (Green with envy.)

Saint-Germain l’Auxerrois is the oldest church in Paris, to the side of the Louvre. The first, previous church at that spot, was founded in 552AD by King Childebert. France was already largely Christian. The oldest remaining parts of the current church date back to the XIIth century. Many sculptures on the façade. This one caught my eye. A possible Eve? Naked save for the very long hair down to her knees. The three loaves of bread in her hand? Were there “boulangeries” already?

Earth/Heart day 2020. Another Eve?

“The scream of the butterfly.” (Doors. Literally) Paris. (As all images in this post.)

Airbnb with a view. From the 5th floor, Rue des Saints-Pères. (Holy Fathers’ street)

Mural part 2. Tales from the crypt.

Charles Azanavour (1933-2018), a major French singer and sometimes actor of the 50’s onwards. This was a photo expo near the Hôtel de Ville featuring Patrick Ullman. Never heard of him, but he seems to have been a major photographer of French artists. A good open air expo. Aznavour worked with Edith Piaf, writing a masterpiece for her: “Plus bleu que le bleu de tes yeux”.

Mural part 3. Let’s rock. (Two for the show?)

Travellers 501 and 502, Rue Jacob. In the summer of ’21. A summer of – relative – peace.

The Seine. My river… Watching the water flow and the play of light on the leaves is the best therapy ever. Peace to the soul.

I wrote this post on March 4th. Today, April 12, Ukraine is still under attack.

Peace for Ukraine. 🇺🇦 Now!

Russians go home.

98 thoughts on “Two for the show…

  1. I love this post, Brian. Great pictures. Makes me want to go to Paris again. Weren’t Blake and Mortimer in la bande dessinée Tintin? (In the Netherlands called ‘Kuifje’. ) The church Eve with the bread seems pregnant, a symbol of harvest, prosperity, something like the Venus of Willendorf, broad hipped and full bossomed – woman as bringer of life? Anyway – one can sit on the banks of the river Seine and ponder about these things forever. Tot ziens!

    • Ja hoor. Jacobs’ Balke and Mortimer from Kuifje indeed. I still have all the albums! 😉
      Pregnant? Could be. Maybe a symbol of feretility? (In a Catholic church?)
      Glad you liked the Seine shot…
      Au revoir…

  2. A right foot (statue – part) on the Left Bank!
    Great work … everyone, artists included.

    I was only thinking of The Doors the other day, how they warned of environmental disaster – in 1967.

  3. Moi aussi j’avais une Ami6 … qui avait la fort désagréable habitude de rouler sur un seul cylindre. Elle a fini en tas de rouille. La voiture blanche devant pourrait être une Daf 33. Il y a également une DS, une 4L, une Estafette, une autre 404, coupé et décapotable avec madame au volant, un bus Volkswagen, une Coccinelle. Cela me laisse le taxi, une Simca Ariane ?
    Merci pour les souvenirs, Brieuc, et une belle journée à toi.

    • Votre culture automobile, cher ami, me laisse sans voix. Super. La petite blanche une DAF? Bien possible. Fait longtemps que je n’en n’avais pas vu. Ni pensé…
      L’Ariane? Chais pas. Une chambord?

  4. So much to like in this post, you start with one of my favourite places in the World, I went to the opera house for my 21st birthday as a surprise from my parents, I missed an audition there because of lockdown :(. I love the murals and the big foot reminded me of a visit to the museum in London when I was little and my brother used to bite his toe nails, we wandered into a very quiet part of the museum and my mum told him to pretend to bite the toe nail for a photograph, just as she took the photo a man in uniform came in and hurried us out, we were in a closed off section of the British Museum.

    • Glad you liked the post Charlotte. A shame you lost an audition there because of lockdown…
      Biting toenails in a closed off section of the “British”? LOL. (I love the British museum too. A must on any of my visits to London…)

  5. Love that old poster that might have been in your dad’s office
    And I think all
    Airplane seats should have the option to become a bed or bunk!
    Let everyone nap!

  6. Swanky-looking plane, the Constellation. Interesting to know about the anti-vax Marianne. I’m glad you included her even though the message is disturbing. I like the Earth/Heart lady—contemplating the artist’s choices for the images that fill in her torso.

    • Very swanky plane indeed. I always felt the tail to be special. Why? Dob’t know.
      Disturbing message indeed. But France is very disturbing right now…
      And I too like that selection of photos… There was a lot of work in that piece…
      A bientôt.

    • The graphic style is very much late 50’s early 60’s. A definite touch.
      Yep. Stay home. Just read Finland is evaluating applying to NATO. (And of course the Russkis immediately start threatening… What is happening in their heads?)
      Stay safe, Lumi.

      • NATO would be fools not to… I haven’t heard of riots in Sweden. I’ll check.
        Le Point or L’Express can be very France centered, especially with the elections next week-end. ((That is an ordeal…)

  7. So much life and diversity in these photos ~ and I agree with you on the photo of the gymnast with zero back issues, a little envy and for me maybe some yoga tonight 🙂 A beautiful city, rich with so many different ideas and thoughts ~ and I like how you draw it all together with your Seine. It is always nice to have something of ‘yours’ in a city you love and I’d agree along with most of your readers I’m sure ~ “Watching the water flow and the play of light on the leaves is the best therapy ever. Peace to the soul.” And peace to Ukraine. Cheers to a wonderful Easter Sunday.

  8. Thank you for the lovely tour through Paris , I love the photos, the wall art, and of course the beautiful river Seine, brings back such beautiful memories.
    Peace to Ukraine. As long as Russia is allowed to bully the world I don’t see it happening.
    I hope you’ve had a lovely Easter. 🌷🤗

    • We did, thank you. Did you go to the island? Must be perfect there…
      And yes, Peace for 🇺🇦
      (How long are we going to let Russia slaughter the people? I don’t know… One day we’re gonna have to jump in.)

  9. Not at all related to this article … I am happy to report that I finally own some egg holders. You may not remember but because of you I went out and got some 🙂 Good German needs Eierbecher

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