A Tangle of Sunflowers

Another post for Ukraine. So much talent.

Art Gowns

Dahlings I love you all more than ever! It is with a heavy heart that I have postponed tonight’s fashion show. Instead, Art Gowns offers a Protest Post against all war anywhere, anytime.

The Sunflowers and colours are for Ukraine, and all its people fleeing, dying and defending. AGM Holly has written a special poem.

Thank you, Rene! I’m honoured to be here, and join in this protest.

“Hello, Art Director R. Budd here. We had a mind blowing show ready to go, then this beyond horrid war materialized. So, instead of the catwalk, the AGMs are out on the sidewalk protesting. PBH is MIA. There are reports that she has been spotted in Poland.”

“AGMs Dale and Gigi are working the protests in N. America.”

“AGMs Marina and Shey are working the lines in Europe.”

Peace and love! I’m Boogapony Holly. Ms. Rosso has asked me here tonight to…

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34 thoughts on “A Tangle of Sunflowers

    • Yep. At least try to make small voices heard. What I read in the French news, Readers’ comments are scary… (Not all of them, but some) Let’s keep sense and humanity flowing.

    • LOL. As there is a shortage of wheat. Of pork. (France is now importing pork. Guess where from?)
      There is also a shortage of purified neon. Essential for semi-conductor manufacturing. Ukraine produces (produced) 50% of the world’s purified neon. Since Taïwan (next on the list) produces 50% of the world’s semi-conductors… The result would be 25% left? 🙄

      • See how easy it is to change the world? Just create a few fake/forced shortages and people will fall at your feet. Poor, obedient, begging.

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