The jewel in the lotus





The jewel…

In the lotus







My name is Rangzen. It means Freedom in Tibetan. One day we will be free.”

“Om mani padme om” (Or Om mani padme Hum) is one of the most famous mantras of Buddhism. It means “The jewel in the Lotus”. (As far as I could understand). One can use it endlessly for meditation. It is also called the mantra of the Great Compassion.

The author would like to thank Cosey, a Swiss graphic novel artist, whose work and one particular photograph have inspired this sketch. Look Cosey up, he is a magnificent artist. Below is an example of his work. Merci Monsieur Cosey. 🙏🏻

“Elle ou les 100,000 lucioles.” (C) Cosey.

Om Mani Padme Om… 🙏🏻

91 thoughts on “The jewel in the lotus

    • Gracias Rebe. I’m still not 100% satisfied with my drawing. Making progress as I work, but I need to get closer to the model. Details of proportions. Hopefully I will get there… All well?

      • Thank you. I think to be one’s own worst critics helps us progress… I’m just in the middle of another series of three sketches. Learning new ways…
        Good that you should be boosted. We got ours in November, in New York. (Thank you to the City of New York!)
        Nos “vemos”.

    • Coming from you I am very much honoured. (Bowing to the master.)
      The model came from a series of graphic novels by Cosey this artist I like very much. Most set in Asia. He takes a lot of photos when he travels. One photo of a young Tibetan woman caught my eye. Since I’m trying to improve my “portraits”, it was a good “model.”

  1. I love watching your process, Brieuc! Inspiration to try my hand…. yeah. No. My father forgot to pass his drawing and painting genes down to me!

    • Merci Dale. Nature ou culture? Je ne sais pas. Ce qui est sûr c’est que ma mère peignait très bien. Et c’était mon “professeur de dessin” en homeschooling. Ton père peignait? As-tu des exemples?

      • Je n’ai qu’un tableau de lui (pas son plus wow, mais il l’a fait pour moi) et la plupart de ses tableaux ont été vendus! Je vais essayer de trouver et partager.
        Chanceux que ta mère a été ton professeur.

      • Un c’est toujours ça surtout quand il la’ fait pour toi. Ton père était donc artiste peintre et vendait son art. Super.
        Oui, j’ai eu de la chance… (elle m’a aussi appris l’orthographe, les tables de multiplication…) 🤣

      • Tu sais, je suis très à l’aise avec ceci. Ma curiosité m’empêche d’arrêter et de me spécialiser dans quoique ce soit. Suis une vraie Jaqueline of all Trades, Mistress of none à cause de ça. Mais je l’assume. Je crois toujours qu’éventuellement ça va me mener à quelque chose…

      • “Jacqueline of all trades”? Ha. A very nice expression. I can relate. I was diagnosed a “dilettante” first year of college by the school psychologist. (Ran a whole battery of tests on all of us.)
        Et j’assume aussi le dilettantisme. Tant de choses à voir et à faire…

      • Dilettante!! Love it!
        A battery of tests? Why the hell for?
        J’assume perdre l’intérêt après un bout de temps… parfois plus long que d’autres…

      • Je ne sais pas pourquoi, à l’entrée en Ecole de commerce (tu connais le systême un peu particulier en France?) en début d’année, on a tous passé des batteries de test, plus un entretien avec le psychologue de l’École. M. de Saint-Jean, excusez du peu! Après il a donné notre “diagnostic” à chacun de nous. Une sorte de feedback, je suppose, pour nous faire voir nos forces et nos faiblesses. “Dilettante” est pour moi une force, pour lui, je ne crois pas.
        Et pour toi, je pense que c’est bien. Il y a des choses qui lassent… Bonne semaine Dale.

      • J’ignorais complètement le système en France. Weird.
        Et, honnêtement, dilettante, je suis aussi d’accord, est une force.
        Pour moi… je ne sais plus. Rendue à 57 et 3/4 😉 et je ne sais toujours pas ce que (qui) je veux être lorsque je serai grande…
        Bonne semaine, Brieuc!

      • Très weird. Mais je suis passé par le systême et j’ai survécu. Imagine 2 ans de “cramming” every day including week-ends for 2 years. After that? You can take jus about anything.
        Quand tu seras grande? Si ça peut te consoler, je sais toujours pas…

    • I thought you might like that post. Not sure I had fun, the sketch/painting was difficult. I changed the shape of the face N times… But it always is a soothing process. Om mani indeed… Hugs back. 🌹💕

    • Thank you. I’m honoured.
      Watercolour. I haven’t “graduated” to markers yet. Must buy a set. I sometimes use very small brushes for watercolours. Oh. Amend. I do the hair with a fine tip black marker.

    • Viel dank. More than discipline it’s the process. I draw for 15-20 mins. Then let it sit. Maybe a day. Meanwhile I take a picture when I take a break. Easy. Put the pencil down and grab your phone… Tschüß

  2. I enjoy seeing your step by step process. The drawing came out wonderfully.
    I’m taking more step by step shots of the new Art Gown I’m making. I’ll see how that goes.
    Great drawing, with fab text. Thank you, Brian!!!

    • Merci. (Bien que je n’arrive pas à la cheville de Cosey!) 😉
      Moi aussi, je suis fan. J’ai lu “Souviens-toi Jonathan” dans le journal de Tintin… Années 70. ça fait un bail.
      Tout va bien chez toi?🤗

  3. Oh my, this is a brilliant glimpse into the evolution of an artist ~ beautiful work, Brian. Seeing how you started off with the initial idea “om” … indeed, a perfect description, as this first piece captures the spirit one could meditate upon. And the lesson you also give with “Om mani padme om” is a treasure as well… Thank you for this treat, this insight, and also for the introduction to Cosey, I’ll have to check out his work. Kudos, my friend, for another insight into an art that I love and a talent that is so very foreign to me (I’ve a hand full of thumbs!).

    • Plenty of thumbs are good for smartphones… 😉
      You may or may not know, my text comes after the sketch. Often I don’t know what I will write until the drawing painting is finished. Once the paint was dry I thought “Om mani…” Then I researched the exact meaning and connotations. Selected the right number of intermediate steps…
      Cosey is great. A top artist. You might like his “graphic novels”.
      About the insight? All my sketches lead me to learning. Remember my series based on your photos. I learnt the name of the niece or daughter of one of your classmates. And learnt about the people. 🙏🏻

    • Thank you. How long? Hard to say. About a week. But I draw 10 minutes, do something else. Change a pencil line, do something else. Come back the next day… At one point I let the sketch sit on a ledge by the staircase, perfect height to work standing, lots of light. I generally do the watercolours in one standing. The structure of the sketch is already “stable.” One hour maybe for painting maybe?
      I’m just having fun.

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