Pot-Pourri # one. (catch) twenty-two

Stairway to heaven. Bogotá, Colombia. (c) Oscar.

Goldfish Airways, Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Vol de nuit”. Night flight by Saint-Exupéry. Wot? Not night? Ok. Day flight. Have posted it before anyway. The art is still there after a few years. Mexico city 2021

Downtown. Mexico city. Wasn’t there a “Downtown” Petula Clark song? Around the 19th century?

Salvador Dalí. Bogotá. (c)ourtesy Oscar.

Water well, Mexico city. I have already mentioned that the Water Authority hires street artists to paint the walls of the water stations. Great initiative. (And a better use of our Tax Pesos)

If anything in the street is street art, is she street art? Must have paid the Ad agency a bundle to find the gimmick of hitting her open palm with her fist. “It will show how decided you are…” the creative director said. (I don’t know whether she got elected…)

“Blue moon

“You saw me standing alone

“Without a dream in my heart…


The Monarch butterfly population went down (journalists would say crashed?) from 4 millions in 1980 to 29,000 this year. (La Vanguardia 2020). 29,000 does sound a bit low; what I have read is that the breeding grounds in Mexico have been reduced dramatically. Basically by illegal tree cutting.

Saint Francis of Assisi. Cuernavaca. Mexico.

Calm down. Calm down. And use a mask. Mexico city.

Baby masks and their parent… Cuernavaca. 2021.

Winter flower. Mexico.

Shotgun shot. This fantastic house is just by the highway. Not too far from the house, but not safe enough to walk up there. A shame. The artist is very talented. Thought it might be Duek Gonzalez, but I’m not too sure…

One of the great advantages of globalization: have a Thai beer in Cuernavaca, Mexico. (Beers of the world series)

Chinelo dancers at the corner of a 16th century Spanish church. Ocotepec, Cuernavaca. Those guys have to make a living but the simple slowing down of cars to throw a few coins in the white “bucket” creates a 20 minute traffic jam…

Butterflies. (Again.) Shotgun shot. (Again.) Mexico.

À la Lichtestein. Berlin. (c) Paul Bell. Great blog:

And, last, but not least: Frida Kahlo on a very difficult shot, below a bridge in a sharp curve… Impossible to reach by foot either. Artist: Duek Gonzalez. Can’t begin to imagine how he painted this. There’s a barely 5 ft wide sidewalk. But he did it.

Thank you for joining us on this pot-pourri. Been a long time since I did one. Lost the numbers. (And my marbles too prob’ly). Since “downtown” occurred to me above, there you are: Petula Clark, one of so many English Artists who crossed the Channel to the continent. Way before Brexit.

Happy New Year. Bonne Année.

80 thoughts on “Pot-Pourri # one. (catch) twenty-two

    • Hi Ellen. Happy New Year. 🥳
      I’m just lucky. And keep my eyes open to whatever might come my way. How have you been? Safely tucked home during end-of-year I hope? Bloody virus is exploding again…

      • Safe, yes. We were around someone who tested positive just afterwards, so we’ve been hiding out for the past week and just this evening tested negative, so all’s well–as is our friend, I’m happy to say. You stay well, you hear me?

  1. Encore de belles photos qui nous en mettent plein les yeux… J’aime beaucoup le vol de nuit par Saint-Exupéry. Merci pour ce pot-pourri !
    Belle et heureuse année Brieuc

  2. A beautiful tour. Hope you had a good holiday with as many loved ones piled up as you could. And I hope you found my Calendar 2022 in your inbox. I sent it on December 26th. Also, just now amore told me while listening to Petula that she recorded this song in Italian too, with the title Ciao ciao. All well to you.

      • “working on it.” basically going back into self lockdown. There’s about one test a week in the family due to contact with people who turn out positive the next day. Watch yourself Coeur de Feu

      • Daughter #1 already told us to go back to on-line shopping. haha! For a few weeks.
        The unvax? Bunch of irresponsible idiots.
        I remember a restaurant owner in Paris this summer watching an antivax protest on the street. She said: ” Fine. Just sign a paper that you will pay for the hospital when you get sick.” Popular wisdom.

  3. Hi there for the new year! Unfortunately I’m still alive. 🙂

    That Alicia woman may use sign language – or I’m still in the deaf mindset after watching both La famille Bélier (2014) (strange coincidence: deaf guy running for mayor) and the american remake CODA (2021) (which, unfortunately for France, was way better – except for the main girl’s voice).

    Many other butterflies dissapeared around the world, not just the Monarch. I remember it used to be full of buttefflies in my garden as a child and even until a few years ago. Maybe they caught the virus too… 🙄

    Was that beer original or only a writing on a label? They sell lots of “fancy” brands here but they are all produced locally with “adapted” recipes. Which means they’re fake. I don’t drink beer anyway, makes my forearms itch. Well, don’t drink anything lately ‘coz of empty pockets.

    Guess that girl’s Valentine wish may come true sooner than we think. Let’s see what this Valentine brings us: another Greek letter, perhaps? Or an asteroid, a comet, a living dinosaur – some other terror to shift our minds from the already old story of the evermutating flu?

    That Frida looks more like Salma Hayek in the omonimous 2002 movie. Or maybe not. But last year’s Salma definitely doesn’t look like the 2002 Frida. Watched both “Hitman’s bodyguard” movies and couldn’t recognize her at all.

    Thankfully I did recognize “Downtown” as the musical theme of an old TV show here. The good ol’ sixties…

    Thanks for the pot(pourri). 🙂 Have a great year ahead! 😉

    • Fortunately you are still alive… It makes happy. Sign language? you might right. I don’t know.
      And you might be right about Salma Hayek-Frida… there is an air.
      Beer was orginal. Hopefully. There is quite a boom here on craft beers. Sorry it makes your arms itch.
      You’re welcome my friend. May 2022 be a turnaround for you…

    • Thank you Arlene. We’re struggling as all on the planet, trying to stay out of harm’s way. I have been out of the blogosphere a bit. I will visit as soon as possible. Just to check that you are fine… hugs.

  4. Nice! Odd that there is barbed wire around the water well, but living in Johannesburg I understand.
    I once heard that if you stood still long enough in Eloff Street (Jo’burg centre) someone would nick your trousers!

  5. Thank you for the tour. wonderful art with the last one, Frida Kahlo, as the climax! It is beautiful! I am concerned though about the shots you mention. You mean people shoot in the streets in broad daylight?

    • Viel dank. Frida was my favourite indeed. 😀
      Yes and no. The “shots” I talked about are photo shots I took from the passenger seat, my wife driving. What Americans call “riding shotgun”. I think it comes from the old West, where the stage coach held the horses reins, and another guy rode next to him with a rifle/shotgun on his knees in case they were attacked.
      Now, yes. Some people are shot in the street in broad daylight. There are about 30 to 40,000 homicides a year in Mexico… For a population only a bit larger than Germany. 120 millions or so.

  6. Wonderful street art and wonderfully captured of course!
    Would love to visit Colombia one day (not only the dodgy Letitia in the Tri-border).
    The stairway to heaven is amazing and I love the Frida Kahlo one! Thanks for another great share. 🙂

    • Don’t know why this comment just went into my mail… Didn’t see it on WP. Tsss.
      I’m sure you would love Colombia. It is quite beautiful. Terrain is a bit of an issue: three “fingers” of the Andes makes for ups and downs and difficult roads. One place you would love is San Agustin. A unique precolombian culture. I think I posted something some day…
      (And we did talk about Leticia right?)

  7. Have always loved Clark’s Downtown–timeless. Another great series of murals. I do hope the monarch population revives and we’re not left with only man-made images to remember them. I love your dew-speckled flower. Beautiful shot.

    • Yeah, you did see one. (I did quote you right?) I found this mural very funny.
      And the Bogotá highrise was well liked. My borther-in-law there now knows my interest and sends me what he sees in the street.
      All well?

      • Ha ha, it seems I mostly meet the “others” … (“I want more luxury, MORE luxury! It needs to be really bright but with beige and modest but with a statement …”)

      • Haha! There are some lousy art directors too. Met a few. I also did a lot of advertising research. And having been on the Agency side, when a campaign sucked, I knew I had to be political. “This campaign needs a few adjustments…” 🤣

  8. Fun post, Brian.
    My fave is the Frida Kahlo. It is a mystery how some art gets painted in spaces people can’t seem to get into.
    Yet, the do. I consider a mark of true and dedicated street artist. I know many who pride themselves in painting in the craziest of places. Thank you for these pics. You know how much I adore street art. Cool song!

  9. Great post. Love all the street art. It is very sad about the monarch. The numbers that migrate to Mexico were cut in half this year as well. Petulia Clark also did a song “These boots are made for walking.” 🤗❤️

    • Thank you.
      I might have seen a monarch the other day. I need to blow the photo up to make sure.
      How interesting about Clark. I always thought Nancy Sinatra was the one and only, but I did find an entry for Petula Clark and the “boots”. Probably recorded for the French/European market… Thanks. I didn’t know

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