Parallel universes. Continued

Previously on Parallel Universes: Starship Equinoxio is suspended in mid-hyperspace. Last frozen image on screen (see above) represent two tigers by an obscure 20th century Catalan painter. Chief Engineer Scott has been working non-stop for the past 24h to fix the engines.

Scotty? Captain here. Status report?

Any minute now Sir.

Mr Scott, it is the 5th time you’ve said that. Please. Fix. The. Engines. Like yesterday. Mr Spock? What’s your report?

51.27% of the passengers are pissed, Sir. The remaining 48.73% are pissed too.

(Captain passes his hand over his eyes. Night has been long.) Mr Spock, I think I already told you I do not want 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 digits after the comma. Just an illusion of precision. Round it up please. 51 and 49%. What do you mean by “pissed” and “pissed”?

I understand Sir. The first larger half is “pissed” in a British sense. Blasted. Inebriated if you will. Those concepts are hard to grasp for a Vulcan, Sir. Your open bar suggestion was taken very seriously by that half of the passengers. Sir.

And the other half?

The other half is “pissed” in an American sense. That is angry at the delay. Another human trait that…

Yes, yes, Spock. Thank you. Lieutenant Uhura? Another piece of good news?

I’m afraid not sir. One third of the crew understood the open bar policy applied to them as well. They are very slightly smashed. That’s Australian slang for…

(Captain closes his eyes, waves a hand…) I have multilingual officers. Measures taken Lieutenant?

20% of that third, that is, never mind, are in sick bay with Dr McCoy. The others have been confined to their quarters.


Yes, Sir. Jumping. Now.

Horse torn apart in hyperspace. Same obscure Catalan painter as before. Salvador Dylan or Dalí I think. Atelier des lumières, Paris.

Engines running Sir. First jump successful.

Scotty. That is the same bloody horse. With minor variations which I’m sure you can see on your screen. What. Is. Wrong?

Sorry Sir. Just a teeny switch that’s not keeping in place, Sir. Switches off when it shouldn’t. The nearest spare part is in Newark, NJ. A four hours ride Sir. (Authentic)

4 hours? In a car? Weren’t those banned in 2047?

Yes, Sir, but not in this continuum. I might have a solution though. Lad, pass me the masking tape willya?

Chief engineer Salvador Dalí working on a prototype of the Equinoxio Time-Space shuttle. Mid 30’s. Atelier des lumières.

Salvador Dalí, Mexico city.

“Mexico, Mr Scott? Is your masking tape still holding the switch?

A nice bike for Mélie at Soho, New York. (We should be back to normal.)

Girl with a ball. Lichtenstein, 1961. MOMA. As much as I love Lichtenstein, I only saw this one. I should have gone to the Guggenheim. Maybe I could ask Scotty to make a small detour? No? Ok. Moving on. (Jump?)

Girl ‘sans’ ball. Canal de l’ourcq, Paris. Just follow the Seine straight ahead to La Vilette. Seen this artist in several places in Paris for a while. His/her work is often torn out. Just found him: C-Plus-s_street art. See here:

Principe d’incertitude by Magritte, 1944. The uncertainty principle. Heisenberg and electrons now? Magritte is one of the greatest Belgian painters. That expo in Paris was good, but the best pieces are in Brussels. (Look at your shadow from time to time. You never know.)

Place de l’Europe (Near Saint-Lazare) by Cartier-Bresson. 1932. Just the perfect shot. With a Leica.

(Jump Scotty? Try to avoid the puddles, if you may?)

The juggler, by Remedios Varo, 1956. The MOMA tags her as “Spanish”, as far as I know she spent most of her artist time in Mexico, and is considered here as Mexican. Lemme see. She was indeed born in Spain in 1908. Moved back and forth between Paris and Barcelona in the 30’s. Settled in Paris in ’37. at the height of the Spanish Civil war. Friends with Breton, Carrington et al. Made it to Mexico in 1941. Stayed there until her death in 1963. A major, not so well-known figure of Surrealism.

Mosco Street, New York, on the edges of China town, walking back to Broadway and Leonard. Didn’t have a chance to go back in daytime and ask, but I suspect the text has do with a lot of aggressions to the Asian community held “responsible” for COVID. May you all feel safe soon. Everywhere.

Héraklès, Hercules, by Bourdelle, 1909, at the MET, NY. Bourdelle (1861-1929) has often been overshadowed by Rodin (1840-1917), whom he worked with for a while. Bourdelle had his own strong style. See his series of sculptures right behind the Musée d’Orsay.

Echo nbr 25, by Jackson Pollock, 1951. MOMA. Though in my opinion Pollock finished Picasso’s and others’ complete destruction of Art in the 20th century, I just love Pollock.

Appalled traveller # 895 after being presented with a Pollock painting without prior training. Traveller’s words: “Dude. That is the end of Art”. (Somewhere in Little Italy. Or was it Chinatown. South of Houston definitely… Nu Yawk, undoubtedly.) (Too many adverbs? Yeah. You’re right.) (Jump)

Arlequin et Pierrot, 1924, by André Derain (1880-1954). Orangerie, Paris. My parents missed a Derain at an auction once. Arrived ten minutes late because of traffic. They were extremely pissed for a while. American sense.

Police officer: You know there is a red light there, Madame?

Lady with the scarf and the fancy sports car: … (Drop dead.)

Could that be an MG? The wheel is on the left though. The delivery van is a modified Peugeot 203 (Cartier-Bresson. Paris. Very early 60’s I would say.) Well, thanks to Gilles Labruyère, it is a Dyna X Panhard cabriolet. Thank you Gilles. Do visit his site: he does a cartoon a day. Bilingual.

The sleep-walker, Magritte, 1946. (This is not an owl; this is not a pipe)

Ramener sa fraise. Literally: ‘to bring back one’s strawberry’. Slang for always opening one’s mouth to draw attention. Right behind the Senate and Gardens of Luxembourg. A quite appropriate phrase, thinking about the Senate. a very French model in a nice 30’s attire. One can imagine her dancing the Charleston at a party.

Mr Scott? Would you please jump? Ever so smoothly?”

Big city of dreams, Little Italy. New York. November 2021. Never stop dreaming.

Captain and crew thank you for accompanying us on this somewhat chaotic flight across time and space. Stay safe 😷. End of year is likely to have dire consequences on the pandemic. Don’t drop your guard, but still: Merry Noël and a very Happy Nueva Année. 🎄

86 thoughts on “Parallel universes. Continued

    • Well, well… The plot thickens. (Only two?) Hmmm. There was Dalí, Lichtenstein, Magritte, Remedios Varos (Not her, right?), Pollock, and Derain. (Not him either I think)
      I obviously like them all… Two? Dalí and Lichtenstein? (Do I get a prize?) (Somehow I think I’m missing something)
      Muy Feliz Christmas et un very bueno New Year.

      • I was almost sure about Dalí. I had Pollock in mind… And the 3rd is a winner. Mr Vincent himself. You are indeed a man of taste…
        Joyeux Noël.
        (Didn’t see much Pollock this time, but I do have more Dalí in stock form the expo in Paris this summer. Will keep that in mind)

  1. I wondered where you were going with this post, Brian. It was a wild ride! Dali would be proud!
    Btw, I loved the original Star Trek series and find it hard to take to the Piquard character. It would be nice to jet away from the pandemic into star space for a while. Things are looking grim here after Christmas. Omicron has arrived. State borders are open.

    • Hi “Astrid.” You’re right, maybe Dalí inspired me. It’s a funny thing how words come naturally, once I thought ” Parallel universes”. The rest is mere fun.
      I too did not take to Piquard. As a matter of fact I plan to watch an old Star Trek episode tonight. Getting deliciously Kitsch. Last night I watch Steed and Emma Peel with delight. Another universe indeed.
      Sorry about the virus creeping in. I hope you can still celebrate Christmas with your loved ones. Joyeux Noël then. And a happier New Year than the last two we just had… Hugs.

    • J’étais presque sûr que tu saurais répondre, Gilles. merci infiniment. J’avais des doutes sur l’Anglicité possible à cause du motif sur le tableau de bord…
      Joyeuses fêtes à toi aussi.

  2. I love your artsy posts as I never know where they will take me. May all that is beautiful, meaningful and brings you joy be yours this holiday season and throughout the coming year

  3. Poor girl sans ball… She can have mine. Both. 😛 😆
    That jump photo is perfect; that’s real art – please no more Pollock, makes me wanna barf.

    Happy Birthday for one of these days (lost the file, using the very bad memory).
    And Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that. There, all done. 🙂

  4. Hello. I was in MOMA’s Pollock room a few years ago. A young kid started touching one of the oils, his mother looking on. I gently told the kid he shouldn’t do that. The mother, an idiot of one sort or another, said to me that she thought it was allowable to touch paintings at museums.

      • Dankeschön! You’d certwinly understand it. I guess one would say “Dir auch” but mind you, you are a lot more conversed than I am 🙂 Stay safe & healthy

      • Dir auch… Sounds better. Even I can understand it… I have a long (in vain) love affair with German. I had Spanish as a second language in school. But in College, I’d go to the language lab and self teach myself German with tapes. Hallo. Ich heise Brian. Ich bin Kaufman und Ich bin zu Messe hier… 😉 (Not easy to place in a conversation. Then much much later I took one year at the Goethe Institüt here…
        You too stay safe. “Scheize” virus is picking up again…😷

  5. Wonderful writing, and wonderful images from New York, Mexico and beyond across this post and the last. Sometimes you just don’t know where you end up when you go on a trip and let yourself wander. I like how every person in these artsy images are part of a bigger story (as we all are…) and you showcased that. Best wishes for the season and the year ahead 😊

  6. HO-kay, let’s just have another go at all this, shall we? You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get reconnected a second time.



    Consider all correspondence to old addresses lost ~ and, really, it is to be hoped that it is, in any case, a time for fresh beginnings,

    Best regards, et cetera ☺️

  7. Ceci n’est pas un…
    voyage hyper spacial. mais c’est agréable quand même.👩🏻‍🚀 Wishing you many vibrant adventures in 2022, cher Mzungu!

    • Thank you. I enjoyed arranging the “jumps”.
      No plans yet, Covid is too uncertain. Paris and or italy maybe. Colombia? Don’t know. I think we need to let Omicron take its course and see where it takes us.

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