Another Paris stroll

Somos guerreros”. We are warriors. Rue de l’Ourcq. Paris. I was puzzled by the jaguar theme, very much “A Mexican in Paris”, sans Gene Kelly, until I edited the picture and saw the signature. Sadly I couldn’t find the artist on Boogle.

Daphnis and Chloé by Carpeaux (1827-1873). Carpeaux is the author of “The Dance” on the façade of the Opera. A major sculptor of the 19th century. This work is at the petit Palais. (If I haven’t mixed my notes up)

L‘avare. The miser. A classic by Molière, eventually played by Louis de Funés (1914-1983) a popular French actor of the 50’s to 80’s.

Liberté. Rue de l’Ourcq. Paris, summer ’21.

Geographic society, Boulevard Saint-Germain. The oldest Geographic Society ever founded in the world. 1821. Two hundred years old. Wow. The society is still active.

This is a real hotel. “Nesle” remits to old French History and Alexandre Dumas. I even entered the hotel and asked to take more pictures… (Can’t find the bloody pix. Must be wrongly filed somewhere…) Near Saint-Germain, Paris.

Great yellow nude, a tribute to Gauguin”, by Maillol. The model is likely to be Dina Vierny. Musée Maillol, Paris.

Banksy was here. The only Banksy I actually saw “in the flesh”, a commemoration of the protests of May ’68 in Paris. When I saw it, in 2019, it had already been damaged. City Hall had placed a plastic protection… Alas! Banksys don’t last long.

Here’s a copy of the original at a Banksy expo. (Staff at the expo told me they had the stencils…) (Can I have one?) ☝️

“No! No! Why would anyone steal a Banksy?”. Maillol, Tuileries gardens. Just saw the same Maillol statue at the Met… Very different setting.

Pied de nez”. Literally, a foot of a nose. A thumb up the nose would be an approximate translation. Part of an interesting street art series around Saint-Germain. A Botticelli thumb/foot up the nose.

Assemblée Nationale (Congress), the south entrance. The Blue, White and Red flag of the Republic, with Louis XIVth monograms and a Napoleon fresco of Victory in the centre… Quite a synthesis of France. I’m not sure Macron understands. What? History for starters. Not much of anything actually.

Montmartre. The artists call themselves “Ensemble réel”. It can mean “truly together”, or a “true whole”. They’re two brothers, one left-handed, the other right-handed. A mirror image. Fascinating.

“Mont Saint-Michel fog and sun”, by Signac. 1897. Let’s recall Signac and Seurat were the founders of “pointillisme”.

“Mont Saint-Michel, ‘sans’ fog.” By yours truly, mid 80’s. Haven’t gone back since… Darn!

Daphné transformed into a laurel tree to escape Apollo’s “harassment”. By Adam the young, 1753. Just a “simple” decoration of a private home… (Musée Carnavalet) Laurel is a very important cooking ingredient. Do remember that, the next time you use laurel. (Which I will in a little while)

Can you read the numbers left and right?

If you read any number other than 83 and 63, we suggest you come back to the store during opening hours and get spectacles.

Thank you again for flying Equinoxio Airways. Working on a series of New York posts. No guarantee it will be this year though. A bientôt. Y’all be good naw ye hear.

64 thoughts on “Another Paris stroll

    • Was he now? Amazing. I never thought he’d be an “export” product. I wonder how De Funés sounds speaking German. Must be very funny. Glad I brought back nice memories. Tschüß Jeanine…

      • Fantômas? LOL. It was forbidden for kids on TV. White rectangle and all that… On the only B&W French State channel.
        And reruns? You guys too? I must have seen les MIsérables 5 or 1o times…
        I love this kind of “surprise”. I was telling another friend I almost did not put De Funés. I thought he was known only to us… Surprise…

      • He was also part of my childhood, the “flic” movies and the others, but I liked the “flics” best.

        I found the Hotel de Nesle on, it looks so very cosy!

        And, of course, the artwork is amazing again.

        I was once at the Mont Saint Michel, when I was 24 years old, so long ago, 42 years. At that time there was neither a parking place nor a real road over to the island.

        Thanks for bringing good memories back .. 😉

      • Looks like de Funés brought us all together in our chidlhood. He was very funny. His best movie is probably Rabbi Jacob. I’m nbot sure one could shoot such a movie now.
        You looked the hotel up? LOL.
        40+ years ago? Yeah, it was still a bit isolated. I think they built the road and parking in the 80’s Not sure.
        (So you’re from ’55? We are contemporaries indeed…)
        A bientôt.

      • Right. One never knows.
        Rabbi Jacob is a fantastic movie. Typical Louis de Funés. (Not sure they would shoot it again now, but that’s another story.) Tschüß

  1. I sure fell in love with Mont Saint-Michel. It’s no wonder it is the subject of so many artists. It was also a special treat to spend the night there on the island and see it lit up at night.

    Happy early Xmas and New Year. Looking forward to your New York photos whenever you may get to them. They throw quite the New years party there every year.

  2. Mont Saint-Michel, ‘sans’ fog. » By yours truly, mid 80’s….very cool also Brian 🤓👌😎wonderful trip ~ fun to see…and I sigh thinking of travel ~ hugs hedy ☺️🤓🕊

  3. You haven’t tried the Duck. Here’s Flip Quelcan’s FB page (although I stay away from FB as much as I can). Apparently he’s colombian, from Bogotá.

    Louis de Funés used to be well known here in Romania too at the time. The “Le gendarme” series of films was funny and very appreciated.

    I like the flavor of the laurel leaves in certain dishes; some people don’t though. It’s just a matter of personal taste.

    Oh and I still dislike Maillol’s style but that’s also a matter of personal taste. 🙂

    The japanese version of the (statue of) liberty is… strange, but then again the notion of liberty itself has become very strange lately, as in almost nonexistant. We do live in interesting times indeed, and there’s more to go through until Agenda 2030 is finished.

    Best wishes cher Brieuc!

    • So that’s the author. Flip Quelcan. You are good at research…
      I am so surprised about de Funés. Almost didn’t put him, because I thought nobody outside France kew him. One learns everyday…
      You may have mentioned your view of Maillol before. It’s fine. Like laurel. Some people like some don’t . 😉
      And yes, this (japanese?) version is strange. So is everything going on right now. Will Putin invade Ukrain? What will old Joe do? Interesting times indeed.
      Best wishes to you too my dear Dragos.

      • You know me – always trying to help. 🙂

        The good ol’ years – ’60s – ’70s – were filled with old movies as well as contemporary ones, from European countries as well as America. Le “gendarme” immediately brought to mind Fernandel, another french comedy actor we used to watch on TV. I could name many more if only the memory served me as it used to. Too bad I was too young at the time to keep track of all of them.

        Laurel and Maillol – they don’t quite fit together as Laurel and Hardy did. 😀

        Only the creators of the Plan know exactly what is to come, and the apparently all-powerful puppets such as Putin, Biden and the likes of them all around the globe will only bow down, say “yes, masters” and obey the orders. It doesn’t really matter who does what since there will not be borders anymore – at least not (as) the current ones. If anything will happen it will only be to kill any possible mass disobedience that could start a global uprise; otherwise it’s only a decoy, another one of the scare tactics of keeping the masses under constant terror.

        Some may find this funny although personally I didn’t:
        [video src="" /]

      • Yep, another Paris stroll / with laurel(s) and Maillol. 🙂

        BTW, I was curious about the Rabbi Jacob movie mentioned high above so searched for it and gonna watch it sometime soon just for kicks. Obviously they won’t make such movies again ever since the “superior race” has finally taken control of the world.

      • Watched it last night already. Pretty good at times, kinda slow other times. To me it felt lower than the average De Funés movies but it may just be me.
        For a good, warm piece of teen memories the evening ended with La boum (1980) and La boum 2 (1982), Sophie Marceau’s film debut and its sequel. I was exactly the same age as Vic – Sophie’s character – when the film was released. Wish I had met such a beautiful girl back then… And time went by so quickly.

  4. Louis de Funès, good thing you brought him up, as a child, and very young, saw not a few films from him, unfortunately with the bad habit they had in Mexico of changing the names of the movies, it’s impossible for me to mention a particular film, remember him very well, as a gendarme, and an hysterical fumy comedian actor.
    Great pictures by the way.

  5. Trop mignons, Daphnis et Chloé de Carpeaux ! Et l’avare n’est pas mal non plus… Qui volerait un Banksy ? Moi ! (non, je n’oserai pas.) Mais j’aimerais bien en avoir un sur les murs de mon salon 😀

  6. Another walking into the unknown parts of Paris for me, Brian, thank you, as this one again has art that captures the spirit of the world. The photo of the Nesle Hotel brought back memories, not of this specific hotel but the feeling of seeing old, historical hotels with stories that a culture not found elsewhere. Very cool.
    After seeing the sights and experiences you’ve had, I could think of nothing better than sitting down with a drink while looking at the Maillol statue in the Tuileries gardens. A mellow, reflective place to pause and enjoy this Paris tour 🙂 Wishing you and your family well ~ enjoy the finish to an eventful year!

    • Hi Dalo. That comment was lost in limbo. WP! Old Europe has scores of such buildings. You walk one block and you can find half a dozen plaques of “so-and-so lived here…
      A drink with Maillol’s statues is a good idea for contemplation. Hope you had a heartwarming Christmas. My best wishes for 2022. Cheers my friend.

    • Have you tried following with the white “follow” button below right? There is a menu with a “get e-mails” button. That might work.
      Surviving indeed. Too many cases too close. Daughter #2 is a contact case. She won’t know know until Monday. So end of year celebrations are a bit complicated.
      Stay safe… 😷 and a happy new year amica.

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