Street Art here and there

“Euphorie des sages”. Euphoria of the wise. Bogotá. (c)ourtesy Oscar.

“Happy birthday, Mr. President.” Mexico city.

“On the road again”. Artist: Duek Gonzalez. Shotgun shot.

The fall of the House of Usher. Edgar Allan Poe. (Mexico city)

Cold street. On foot this time. Must have been a great mural, but it has been tagged. Sigh.

Baby please don’t cry”. Same bridge. Not too far away from the house. Need to go more often. Those are relatively new murals but rapidly defaced. Depends on the place.

“Ride on”, said the mouse to the eagle. That one has been around for a few years… Go figure.

“You know how to whistle don’t you?” A very old street art piece by Pol’art. Mid 80’s in Paris. Found the photo in a French Lit text book. Don’t ask me what Bacall and Bogart were doing in an 80’s-90’s French Lit book.

“Mary’s house”, Cuernavaca.

“Pan demonio”, Devil’s bread. Mexico city. (Also means pandemonium in Spanish)

“New kids on the block”. Cuernavaca.

“In times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me.” Cuernavaca.

Highway patrol. (Don’t take pictures from a driving car…)

“Never more, said the owl”. (Wot? Not an owl? A crow?)

“The blue man group.” Cuerna.

The nurse and her guardian angel. (Got the nurse before) Highway back from Cuernavaca.

“Riders on the storm”. (Detail of a previously posted work. I think I’d called it goldfish memory). Cuernavaca.

Cuernavaca, literally ‘Cow horn’, is an hour away south of Mexico city by the highway. It is also 600 meters lower. Warm and pleasant all year round.

Thanks for traveling on Equinoxio Highway Patrol…

87 thoughts on “Street Art here and there

    • Hellooooo! I wish to apologize humbly. I haven’t visited in months. (I did take a few months break in blogging) How have you been?
      So glad you pooped in. Hopping to your blog right now.

    • Pleasure Gigi. Greetings from NY. I’m on your side of the border for a few days. Love this (crazy) place. Though it is freezing. LOL. Now I understand you guys “up North”. Happy Thanksgiving.

  1. Je préfère voir des graffitis sur les murs plutôt que des panneaux publicitaires.
    “Le street art est au 21ème siècle ce que l’art rupestre est à la préhistoire.”
    Bonne journée Brieuc

  2. Creativity of the world artist ~ a series of what moves us all. You uncover much on these adventures of yours, and the Duek Gonzalez piece has the perfect title and bliss of “On the road again” Cheers to the start of a great holiday season ~ take care, my friend.

  3. It’s a shame how often a good mural is defaced by tagging. I try to be philosophical about it, that it’s part of the deal and everyone knows the way it goes, but it doesn’t always seem fair. Thanks for the tour, Brian.

    • A.U.B Paul. Yes the overtagging os part of the game. This past summer I saw a guy tagging a beautiful mural on Boulevard saint-Michel. Took a picture. I almost went up to him to ask him to stop. Then didn’t. Why get beat up?

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