The city of Gods

This is the city of Gods. I am Shiva.”

I am Vishnu. We stay in the City of Gods. The trees guard us.”

I am Brahma. We are the Four Gods facing east, north, west, and south in the City of Gods.”

I was born last. I am Gautama. We sit forever on top of Mount Meru.”

I was a prince among men. They called me Siddharta.”

I am Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, I am the Buddha.” (Temple of Ta-Som, in Angkor, Cambodia.)

Some say those are the four faces of Buddha. The old folks know better: they say we are Shiva, also known as MahaDeva, the Auspicious; Vishnu, or Hari, is the Protector; Brahma is the first member of Trimurti; he is the Creator. Buddha? He is our little brother. Came long after us. He is the Enlightened.”

“The essential function of the universe (…) is a machine to manufacture Gods.” Henri Bergson (1859-1941)

Close your eyes. Slow down your breathing. Just for a few minutes. Garuda the sacred bird will take you to the forest of banyans where the Gods forever lay asleep and awake in eternal illumination. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Asleep. Awake.

Thank you for flying Equinoxio Airways. This is the last post of the summer. Barring any last minute mishap, we are flying to Paris on Saturday. Vaccinated, PCR’d, masked and all that. We’ll see how Paris is after two years. Travel and posting at the same time is near impossible. So there won’t be any posts for a while. Have a great summer. 🙏🏻 And don’t forget: 😷

91 thoughts on “The city of Gods

    • I did and I did. There is a tiny crêperie Rue de la Harpe I’ve been going to for years. I already went. Paris was cold when we arrived, now hot. Extremes as usual. Masked people everywhere. And the threat of a Health pass to go to restaurants, museums etc. Problem is the French app doesn’t recognise vaccines applied in Mexico. Or in the US for the matter. Grrr.

      • Macron’s handling of the crisis has been pitiful for 18 months. I may have way to generate a QR code… We’ll see. Only gone once to the Marais 😉. Off to the bookboxes after lunch. Take care Christine,

  1. An illuminating narrative and images to illustrate. I studied the teachings of the Indian guru, Paramahansa Yogananda. I try to meditate every day. It calms and centres me. But I would love to fully awaken. Maybe one day. Have a great return trip to Paris. I’ve visited 4 times. It is a beautiful city, the ‘City of Light’ (La Ville Lumière), mainly because of its leading role during the Age of Enlightenment. Have a safe journey.

    • Ciompliments on your daily meditation. I used to do Yoga every day. Long time. Then I did an “astral trip” (found myself looking at my body from the ceiling. Scared the sh… out of me. Dropped yoga afterwards. I wsn’t prepared)
      Enjoying Paris right now. With extreme temperatures as usual. Weird but nice.
      Take care

      • Yes, I, too, have had some strange and sometimes unsettling experiences since I started out on the ‘spiritual path’ in 2002.
        Good to hear that you’re enjoying the Paris trip. It’s very hot here in North Wales too. Stay safe.

    • Thank you. Havem’t been to Shakespeare’s yet. Tends to be overcrowded. And though there are less tourists this year, I can get claustrophobic. But I will walk by. Cheers.

  2. Wonderful Brian I’ve been drawing with my grandson always so delightful and relaxing…arting is so enjoyable 🤓🕊hoping all is well with you and your loved ones ~ sending joy from the west coast 🌞🙋‍♀️

    • Drawing with the little one must always be a joy. Greetings from Paris. (A somewhat madhatter scene, but we will always have Paris won’t we? 😉
      Hope the heat wave in Canada is over. 🌹🍷

    • De rien chère amie. The sketching and painting experience were moments of meditation for me too. (Need to go back)
      How’s the situation in the UK? Shut off most news. Greetings from Paris.

  3. Nice progression of each drawing while complementing the story! Stay safe and enjoy your summer in Paris 👍🙏🏾💯✈️ (P.S. forgive me for the emojis lol…ever since I learned about them, it became of drug…I can’t stop using it)

  4. I manage to miss your farewell till later post dear Brian. How did that happen? I’m going to close my eyes now as well and let the gods you speak if whisk me away to Paris in spirit if not body. I hope you are having a splendid get away. 🥂

    • Helloooo! So nice to see you “ma’amji”. The inspiration came as I was finishing the painting. Most people think the statues in Angkor Vat are Buddha, when they originally were Brahma. Then a bit of research to wrap it up and lean something new. I see you have put more comments. So I will learn more about how you are… (So lovely to hear from you again.)🙏🏻

    • Pleasure Resa. I stopped sketching/painting more than 40 years. Then took it up again. It’s funny how the hand remembers drawing and painting better than the mind.
      (My pleasure)

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