Street Art en la calle

War is coming”, said the Poker man. Mexico city. 2021

Blue, blue my wall is blue…” 🎶. Mexico city.

My name is Pink. My surname? Flamingo.” Bogotá, Colombia. 2021. (c)ourtesy Oscar.

Chinelo dancer. Cuernavaca.

Da real thang”. Ahuatepec.

The Lady by the highway. By Duek Gonzalez. On the way back to Mexico city.

The Peyotl Warrior. (Don’t breathe the fumes.) Tezoquipa, Mexico city.

A wonderful, wonderful piece, Cuernavaca. Covering half a block. Narrow street. Impossible to back off for width. I’ll post details later.

I‘m the watchdog. “Cuerna.”

The Sphynx asked Oedipus: “What goes on four feet in the morning, two feet at noon, and three feet in the evening?”. Mexico city. 2021.

Ophelia was my name.” Cuernavaca.

“You can keep your mask on.” (Joe Cocker. Almost) On the highway again.

The deer dances by my door. Cuernavaca. The deer dance (la danza del venado) is a traditional dance of the North)

In honour of nurses and doctors worldwide.

The nurse’s tattoo.

Black panther. By Duek Gonzalez.

This particular shot took several attempts/trips. Under a bridge on the highway home, (the missus driving). I’d shoot several of the works above in “machine gun” fashion. No way to stop or slow down. Check and work on the best shots later at home and a little “lab” work. I’d actually caught only a breeze of this spectacular work on a previous trip. This one is not perfect but worth it.

I finally identified the artist: Duek Gonzalez. Seems he’s only 24. Some may recall another work of his on a house nearby: portraits, a rabbit, and a young woman with snakes. Looks like he’d done a lot of work in Mexico city. I’ll try to do a “Duek safari” some day. He is a very talented young man.

Thank you ever so much for traveling Equinoxio airways, the only airline with street art in the cabin. Stay safe.

110 thoughts on “Street Art en la calle

  1. Such a fabulous tour , surely a favorite. Wonderful street art, thank you! I love the nurse painting ( naturally) and the Sphinx is awesome! You must go into more detail soon as promised ,this artist is incredibly talented. it’s been a pleasure traveling with you!

  2. Ohh, yes, a marvellous flight. Thank you so much. The title reminded me of an old song I haven’t heard in a while: “Caminando por la calle yo te vi” ♫♪ I love the first two fiercely. I love Duek’s ladies. I find it funny that Peršak is a surname of a Slovenian writer and former mayor. But my favourite – you guessed it – is the deer dance gate. ❤

  3. I love them all!!! So much talent here. I’m particularly intrigued by the one that (a dragon?) takes up half the city block, and I love the last one! Thanks for sharing so much beauty!!!

  4. Another outstanding collection of street art images, made all the more amazing for most being shot from a moving vehicle on an iphone. Very impressive. If I were to pick favourites I would say that I’m especially drawn to the blue wall, the watchdog, and the deer dance.

  5. Such detailed art work! Love the piece with the fish.
    The things we do to get our photos 😉 Thank you for the wonderful trip. I’ll remain seated until Duek Gonzalez connection flight.

  6. I love the nurses tattoo and as a street art enthusiasts – I loved every single mural. One of my recently discoveries is a Venezuelan graffiti artist Koz Dos whose real identity is, of course, unknown. His street art is unreal

    • Just looked him up. Wow wow! Does he work in Europe? The buildings look European. (In Venezuela I don’t think he’d find paint)
      The tattoo was great. (Not a nurse actually, she was working at Home Depot, and I asked her If I could take a picture. Went well with the nurse mural.

  7. love all the colors today and the idea of machine gun photo grabbing was a good expression – I did that recently with some folks fishing off a pier – and you are right – we get what we get! and then some photos you can go back for and spend some time with – the narrow street with the art that was hard to grab also came out so well
    cheers to our healthcare workers worldwide – I agree

    • Iphones are incredible inventions. A decent camera with a computer. (One Iphone has more calculating power than all NASA computers when they put Armstrong et al. on the moon.) And to me who got tired of carrying pounds of photo equipment, the phone fits in my back pocket.

      • Yes – so true about the advanced technology – and cameras and all the perks
        But on the other hand we are freely carrying around a tracking device and one that can be tapped into for audio and visuals


      • yes – even with cellular functions turned off I heard the phones can be tracked by the makers..

        I have come to peace with it all (kind of like it is what it is) and do feel like there are more and more features being built into many smartphones as the regulations in this area begin to get tighter
        For example, some iPhones now off the option of showing a “private ip address” and of course there is the vpn otin – but I think much of this should be standard and not optional
        — have you seen the Netflix show called “The social dilemma”?
        is is really good

      • Agreed. All I do is block certain apps tracking. And block all ad mails. As for the rest, one day legislators will force companies to ask permission.
        Haven’t seen it. I think our youngest daughter has and recommended it highly. Thanks for the refresh. Will look it up. There is so little worth watching right now.

      • Cheers back and enjoyed our comment chatting this month! Feels nice to have been able to do that a bit more than our regular kind of checking in!
        Hope you have a nice weekend

      • Yes, it has. I need to find a better solution to keep track with friends. Amongst all things I need to “prune” my reader. On the to-do list…

      • Oh my goodness I hear you on this aim! I am also trying to find the best way to stay in touch more regularly with some – especially hard if I take a month off so maybe we all have to find what works at different times

      • Yes! Let’s do that for sure
        And wishing you a nice ending to the month of June
        A good start to the second half of 2021

    • It was a nice challenge. We’ve been going to a different place a lot lately, so you get to see different artists and expressions… Very talented indeed. (I just got a new difficult mural last saturday. Yeah!) All well with you?

      • Yes thank you Brian, busy devising a musical project that I got arts council funding towards and preparing for a Scottish Opera tour that I’m about to start. It sounds like you’re keeping well and things are opening back up for you which is good to hear.

      • That’s great news. As for “opening up”, one has to move things for that, as you well know. There are other plans too. One very dear to my heart. I will let you know.
        Again, compliments. very glad your prospects are opening. 👍🏻

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