The Cat who walks by herself

I am the Cat who walks by herself,

And all places are alike to me.

When I have done that, and between times,

When the moon gets up and night comes…

I go out to the Wet Wild Woods or up the Wet Wild Trees or the Wet Wild Streets, walking by my wild lone.

I am the cat who walks by herself and all places are alike to me…’

My heartfelt thanks to Rudyard Kipling whose “Just So Stories” told by our father in the African night, enchanted our childhood. (Loosely adapted from “The cat that walked by himself”.)

105 thoughts on “The Cat who walks by herself

    • Kipling was a good writer. Now when I started drawing this I had no idea about the text. The subject was a young female dancer who came with a her troop on the main square a few years ago. I did adapt her a bit from the photo. Then as I started posting the story came back to my mind.
      All well Ellen?

    • Thank you. Actually the drawing had nothing to do with Kipling. It’s only after I finished sketching and painting that I wondered what words I would put. And I saw my old battered copy of “les histoires comme รงa”. Had to look for the original english version.

    • yes, they all are my drawings. Took drawing and painting back up after a 40 years stop. Don’t know why. And Kipling is a must for children. Moomin family. Will look them up… ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป (Apology again, this was in the spam…)

  1. Beautiful drawing. Didn’t know you could draw. Very well done and great inspiration from Rudyard Kipling. Really enjoyed how you took us through the process from sketch to colouring, and articulate choice of words. I got the sense of a child-like subject, a girl who likes to have fun and that side of her comes out when night falls. The night always brings out mysterious things. Hope you are well ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Very true about the night. The subject was a young dancer who came for a performance nearby with her colleagues. I asked her for a picture and she said yes. Very smiling. Took poses. Good inspiration.
      To me it is also good to keep a record of my process. (To make less mistakes the following time!) ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Hope all is well with you?

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  3. Fabulous work, as usual, mon ami! Jโ€™espรจre que tu va bientรดt voir ta Paris bien-aimรฉe. ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท

    • Ma trรจs chรจre Julie. I was getting concerned about you until I saw your post in my mail. As you know I will take my time reading it. C’est รก dรฉguster tranquilement…
      Croisons les doigts our flight is booked and confirmed for early July. I will let you know once we’re safely there. Biz.

  4. Kipling was part of my childhood too, I loved the way he could take me into exotic places and stir my imagination, which is clearly what happens for you in some way, love the imaginative drawing.

    • It happened the other way round: when my father closed the book after telling us a story I was inside the exotic place. There were spitting cobras and pythons in the garden. Nasty monkeys. Dolphins in the sea by the lunch table. Not until I went to University in Paris did I realize I’d been living inside the book…

    • Hi Paul. Greetings from Paris. A strange feeling of going back to a parallel universe. Masks. Bikes running pedestrians over. Eerie and dangerous. Not to mention Macron’s heath pass which I can’t get, though “Pfizered”, coz the French can’t read non-UE codes. The brave new world has arrived… All set for your move to B.?

      • Welcome back, Brian. Things are very strange these days, I imagine you’ll have been experiencing some anti-covid lockdown protests, if news reports are accurate. This is the future, the vaccinated versus the non-vaccinated – and then the vaccinated from outside the 27. Almost ready for the off, should be in Brussels by Friday, maybe Saturday all being well.

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