A morning walk, Mexico

“A dog day afternoon.” On the 14th of March we decided to launch ourselves to another district where we might get our first vax shot. First centre was packed. We moved over to the other centre in the district. Found a few gems along the way.

The Jaguar looked at us and said nothing.

Blue river. (In memory of the King:)

The blue Jaguar showed us the way.

Tie a ribbon to the old yellow tree, said the Jaguar. You sure, Dude? Wasn’t it a yellow ribbon? Not here Dude.

Ixchel, the Mother of Gods, will guide you.

The 43 of Ayotzinapa are gone forever *. The deer will come out of the Peyotl. Wait! Don’t inhale the smoke…

Close your eyes, Catrina. Do you remember the paintings that were here before you?

(I told you guys not to inhale)

Ixchel was here before, I think. Isn’t she the Goddess of water?

Just go round the corner. To your left. That’s “right”.

Look up, young woman. don’t look back.

Don’t let the Catrinas frighten you.

They mean no harm.

See the baby tiger gnawing at the tree? He is not afraid.

I wasn’t sure you could put my hair back. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” (Neither did I. Not enough space to take the entire mural in one shot)

I shall wear Tlaloc’s mask.

My name is Azraela. “She who God helps”. Some call me the Malak al-Mawt, the Angela of Death. Angela? Yes. Some things were lost in translation. My friends call me Red. (Azraela is a major character in a few of my stories. Fancy seeing her there.)

Au revoir”, said the Frog.

We did eventually get our shots. Yeah! Impeccable organization on school-grounds, under close supervision by the Mexican Army. The Army has been put in charge of securing all incoming vaccines, and all logistics, and cold chain. There were maybe five or ten thousand people under canopies (sun was strong) moving in orderly fashion from one step to the other of the vaccination process. Hundreds of volunteers, public health system nurses and doctors. I wonder why Macron can’t do that?

*43 in one of the murals above, refers to the 43 students who were abducted by the police a few years back, handed over to the Narcs, who executed them all in one night and disposed of the bodies. Never found. Boys and girls aged 20 on average.

The next “murals”, starting with a “Catrina”, are in the Hospital zone, a few blocks away from the house. Brand new. I had taken the previous ones (need to search my files to make comparisons), which were badly overtagged. The new ones are spectacular. (It is a lot of Catrinas in a hospital zone. Mexican humour?) They are, as many of the other murals in this post, a joint – and wonderful – initiative of the City’s water system, Converse, and Comex, the leading paint producer in Mexico. A common theme: “Water”. And a chance for artists to make some money and show their art.

“Au revoir” said the Frog. 🐸

109 thoughts on “A morning walk, Mexico

  1. Some great captures here! I love the tiger gnawing the tree!! Sounds an organised affair there back in early March. Here in mid-May, I am happy to say that we got our first jabs today!! 🙂

    • You did? Great. So the “Govurnor” finally got his act together? Congrats. And yes, here they’ve done it well. Very.
      As for the art. The baby tiger gnawing a a real tree was a great idea from the artist. I need to go back and see if can get the name. I shot all these in half an hour.

      • Yes, things are really gathering momentum here, finally! Although, some of the things being said are curious – the nurse at the vaccination centre told me that they have been doing 2k people a day since February! I wonder where all these people are as the catchment area is quite small and this really is “the sticks”. Hmm.
        Within half an hour? Ha, one of the advantages of city living 😉 Stay safe!

      • Cities have some advantages. Also bear in mind that some street art tends to concentrate.
        So that would be 120,000 people? Doubtful, the French have only picked up pace recently. But, it’s all right. As long as you seem to be headed the right way.

      • Exactly! It just doesn’t stack up. At best, there can be 550k in the whole Département and the four surrounding vacc centres are all within 40km. As you say, it matters not; as long as the programme continues apace! 🙂

      • Absolutely. It is time that France picks up its… stuff. And the rest of Europe. I think people need to go back to some “normalcy”. best wishes my friend.

  2. Congrats with your vaccination. Good to read all went smoothly. The murals are wonderful and peyotl reminds me of the books by Carlos Castaneda, from the days hallucinatory drugs were supposed to lift you up to higher spirits and were well worth a try. 🙂

    • haha. Peyotl is of high spiritual value here. Particularly in some tribes of the North. The Tarahumaras in particular. Artaud, one of the surrealists wrote about his experiences if I’m not mistaken,
      And yes, castaneda was also popular on that subject. All is well I hope?

      • All is well Brian, apart from the weather. We got a ‘normal’ Dutch spring this year, meaning cold, wet and windy. Why is that remarkable? Well, because we were spoiled with far to hot and summery springs the last couple of years. Climate change! (Wich honestly I’m a big fan of!) Now we have to wait for real summer. 🙂

      • LOL. When we arrived in Holland from africa, my mother asked a new Dutch acquaintance: “How’s the weather in Holland?” Guy answered, typical Dutch humour: “Simple. We have two seasons, winter and the 15th of August.”. My mother was not amused.
        Fan? Me too. You must the first I meet. My view is that with global warming, we will have palm trees in Holland, Canada will have a decent weather and we can all emigrate there. (Of course if the seas rise, you guys might have to build highr dykes… You know how to do it…)

  3. Waouuu ! Superbissime ! L’art de la rue à ce niveau est vraiment de la culture de haut niveau, un musée hors les murs. Ma préférée est Ixchel, pour le dessin, pour les couleurs et pour l’expression.
    Merci tout plein, Brieuc, et une toute belle et toute douce et toute souriante journée à toi.

    • Bien d’accord. Musée hors les murs. L’art de maintenant se “joue” dans la rue. En style et en fonds. Ixchel ouaip. Tt a fait d’ac. Technique et “projection” impeccables.
      Bon week-end Gilles.

    • That tiger is a winner. And yes, I agree. I spent one year in the Army. Military service. hated every single minute of it. And it was a “combat” regiment. Not a desk job. we spent half the year in manoeuvers. Serious stuff. I’ve learnt to use more than a dozen weapons up to 81 mm mortars. So yes, a good use of the Army. all well with you I hope?

  4. Au revoir, dit la grenouille. Et bonjour ! C’est vraiment agréable de venir se promener chez toi. Le soleil d’ailleurs, la poussière d’ailleurs, les bruits, les sons et les couleurs d’autres mondes me manquent. Alors j’en retrouve ici, j’en goute à distance, et je me souviens que l’horizon est bien plus loin que celui que mon aujourd’hui me propose… Merci ! Ravie de savoir que tu as pu être vacciné. Biz de France où il fait froid, il vient de pleuvoir bien fort, et les températures sont dignes d’un automne…

    • Ouiii. D’aprés ce que je lis c’est un moi de Mai pourri… Sorry about that.
      Oui c’est vrai, bien que ce pays aie trop de problèmes, le soleil et la couleur aident.
      Biz du Mexique. Le printemps et l’été arriveront tôt ou tard. 🙏🏻🌹

    • Thank you. I am blushing. You’re right. Street art is showing us the signs. We have to read them. Like in Simon & Garfunkel’s “Sound of Silence”. “the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls…”

  5. I love how vibrant street art has the ability to decorate buildings all around the world. Although artists’ motivation ranges from simply brightening up their neighbourhoods to making political statements, the art that’s been produced is often inspirational. Thanks for sharing and brightening up my WordPress feed, Brian 🙂 Aiva xxx

    • With pleasure Aiva. You’re absolutely right. Both Aesthetics and conscience. Maybe it’s the same? I remember the ancient Greeks concept of Good, Beauty and truth. Art was very important to them.
      All well with you, I hope? My apologies for not stopping by, I’ve been running like crazy lately. I hope to mend my ways. 🙏🏻

  6. Glad you managed to get your shots. It is a process. We had the National Guard here, too, giving them out. Los Disaparacidos (if I have it spelled correctly). I remember that episode. There was also a group of mothers who banded together…Mothers of the Disaparacidos…I was still in New York when that happened. Another lifetime.

    • You (and I) have had many lifetimes… Logistics are or should be one the Army’s talents. Best to use them. Good to hear from you janet. Hope all is well? 🙏🏻🤗

      • It all depends where we were… “stationed” at the the time. I remember seeing the Godfather in godforsaken town in the centre of Brazil, with Portuguese sub-titles. 🤣

      • Half a dozen? I know it sounds a bit of a show-off. Trilingual in French, English, and Spanish. I do all right in Brazilian. Enough to sustain a conversation, understand all written communication. Spelling not good, Portuguese has a very complicated grammar. I understand about all Italian, and can speak. I get along. I speak a little Swahili from my African days, I dabble in German and Dutch. (And I know a dozen words in a few other languages) My goal was to be fluent in 12 languages. I guess it’s not gonna happen. 😉

      • I am so impressed! Such versatile skill. Not showing off at all. If you can do it and someone asks, then why not use the languages. I imagine using them helps to keep them fresh for you? Don’t stop now. Although for me, who struggles with four 0 three of which are more or less the same, I will give up my goal to learn a little Portuguese. I experimented with Polish but found that way too difficult. It was double Danish. I will never be fluent but it does keep the brain ticking over and it is fun. That is the important thing.

      • I was lucky to live in many countries as a child and then work internationally. Helps.
        Polish? I agree. Normally wherever I travel in Europe, I can “guess” a word here or there. We once went to Praga. Zip. Zilch. No way José. Not a single word resembled something I could relate to. Dobri den. Hello, good morning. A beer is called ‘pivo’ for God’s sake. (I later learned that it is ‘piva’ in Russian) 😉
        Keep exploring the languages you have access to…
        Au revoir.

      • The Slavic languages seem to be in a genre all of their own, and it is the sounds – all those consonants together that are hard to get your tongue around. Interesting though.

      • When I was practicing the word for for Man – the Moth said it sounded like,”smashedhernuts!” I think Prezsinky would somewhat pronouncable.

    • I was very impacted by the art. I thought It would make a good Post. Glad you think so.
      The culprits? Never really identified. They probably caught a coupla idiots walking down the street and sent them to the joint. See? We “done” something.” But those 43 kids? Gone before they could even start. Same old sh. indeed.
      Thank YOU. 🙏🏻

  7. Congratulations on obtaining that first dose of freedom. I assume you’re fully vaccinated by now. Again, I’m in awe of another stunning collection. The murals are so inspiring, oozing with both artistic talent and brilliant creativity. I have to believe that such works go a long way toward lifting people’s spirits. You are bringing Mexico alive to readers like me who know very little about the country. Bravo!

    My favs are the doggie, the blue jaguar, the baby tiger, and the frog. Hmmm, all animals this time. A+ (pun intended)

    • Pun well received “Carole”. I have found that murals are really a stroke of luck. Plus here some of the best art can sometimes be found in… popular neighbourhoods. Place where one doesn’t go often and where it is not recommended to walk. So sometimes we drive by. Stop, run to the mural looking left and right, shoot, and hurry to the car…
      A bientôt chère amie.

    • Possibly. Green would combine well.Yellow trees are strange. At least for Europeans. Latin America has many trees with bright colours. Lots of jacarandas here too. Do you remember them in Kenya?

  8. I’m out of reply buttons, but what the hell: I can definitely raise one eyebrow if allowed a finger to hold the other one in place. Other than that–sorry, I’d need a mirror if I’m going to be certain and it doesn’t seem like it’s worth the trip. I may have to get back to you on this.

    • LOL. That is a genetic trait. Some people can only raise both eyebrows. The insularity of the Brits seems to have cultivated the one-eyebrow thing. Especially among the Gentry. Goes with holding a cuppa with your little finger up.

      • That business with the cup I definitely can’t do. Left to my own devices, I forget what the handle’s for and wrap both hands around the cup, leaving the handle sticking out instead of the little finger.

    • It’s all right when it doesn’t fit. You can walk along and look at it. They’re made for people not for photos. It is more aggravating when car stations on the sidewalk right in front. 😉
      Thank you. It does change perespective. Are you in line for your shots?

      • They’re made for people … You’re right! I’ve got a nice collection of cars vs art 😉
        Actually, as of today we are proud owners of an appointment! By the end of August we should be through. Fingers crossed. It feels like a huge relief.
        I wonder how people in less privileged countries are dealing with all of this …

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  10. Hi again, I enjoyed the river blue song as I scrolled the post – made it fun and the art was great

    So sad about the 43 young lives taken like that

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