Back to the Sacred mountain

“My chest is a morning glory,

“My song a porous rock,

“My soul, a dandelion

“The wind tears and blows away.”

The Chinelos danced to the Sacred Mountain.

The Dragonfly called the Deer

She prayed to the Corn God.

The Owl opened the door.

The Corn was born.

The flute player called the budgerigar

My heart was a spider

The harvest of the Dead came

The warrior whispered to the feathered serpent

The feathered snake was asleep and paid no heed

Ixchel went back to the water.

The mason stopped weaving the houses

The red maiden was blind

The Dragon came out for the Black swan.

All photographs taken late December in Tepoztlán, at the foot of the Sacred Mountain.

What we are living through is a “Black Swan.” If you haven’t yet, read Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

69 thoughts on “Back to the Sacred mountain

    • Merci cher ami. it’s experimentation. I totally suck at poetry, and don’t really want to even dabble at it. yet, those short captions were blown into my ear. Also makes for a shorter production time. 😉
      All well with you? Little Micron keeps on taking (Unnecessary?) risks with the population? (Sorry for ranting, I am beginning to form a strong dislike for the man).
      Stay safe.

      • Ha, well, the way that you did worked well. Very effective. Is stealth poetry a thing? 😉
        Well, it is mixed news here. Covid has now reached our village but they are vaccinating far more quickly now than before and they might get to my age group in late June rather than July. Sadly, we are still at 25k new daily cases which is crazy considering we have been in lockdown since Oct!
        Macron is a typical politician looking at re-election and pushes out Castex whenever there’s bad news to brief on! Gahh
        Thank you, you too!!!

      • Stealth poetry? André Breton would probably agree. 😉
        Sorry the Beast has reached your neck of the woods. All the more reason to keep away, and stay safe. late June is still late… Damn.
        And yeah, I’ve noticed how Castex is instrumentalized for the bad stuff. Gahh indeed.
        kenavo arbechar and all that.

  1. Et donc Comex est une enseigne de marchands de peintures mexicaine. J’aime bien l’ardoise avec l’araignée et la citrouille. C’est de l’art dans l’art dans l’art.
    Merci pour cette visite déchainée, Brieuc, et une bien souriante journée à toi.

    • Oui. Comex est LA marque de peinture. “Caïman” un monopole. Et il y a tellement de construction y compris auto-construction que la peinture est très importante. Et Comex joue bien: ils sponsorisent bcp de street art.
      L’araignée? Ouais. Moi aussi.
      “Déchaînée”? J’avais pas pensé mais merci pour cet adjectif.
      Bon reste de semaine.

  2. This is another stunning collection. I started to list my favorites but there are too many. The use of all the bright colors is so uplifting and I love the juxtaposition of the brilliant murals up against worn and dusty surroundings.

    Haven’t read Black Swan but I’m familiar with the premise. Yes, we are indeed living through one. Only time will tell what all the ramifications will be.

    • Thank you “Carole”. Yes, yes, I love the contrasts too, colours, and themes both so different and yet converging to tell one story… Fun to put together.
      I might re-read the Black Swan now. He had very good points, some I disagreed, but it’s all right, I wonder where a new reading with today’s light might lead.
      All well with you dear friend?

      • Pas mal. C’est la fin de l’année scolaire de mes filles et leur dernière année avant l’université. Toujours stressant à ce point de l’année mais je ne me plains pas.

      • One is heading to George Washington U to study political science. The other is joining her brother at the University of Michigan (we live a few blocks from campus) where she wants to study linguistics and cognitive science.

        One of the few things I appreciate about the American educational system is that even university underclassmen are still free to change their minds. These are my daughters’ current plans but they have time to explore and change direction if their interests/experiences lead them elsewhere.

        I’m not sure I can prepare for the shock but it certainly helps that 2 of my 3 will be easily reachable on foot.

      • George Washington U now? in DC? Our youngest daughter did her MA there. She came out fascinated. And yes, the US system is flexible. I changed my Masters after one semester.
        Walking distance is good. You will be fine.

  3. I haven’t yet read it but I’m getting the book. Ugly event today in Mexico, I’m so sorry. 😦 Many wonderful art pieces in this post, and doors! I love the most the first one, the own, and both sets of hands. And the dragon door! ❤

  4. I really like all of these they are fabulous pieces and the artists to be congratulated, of course, your words introducing what they are also play their part. Such a refreshing start to my Wed morn.

    • It was only the second time we came out of lockdown. We’d rented a house on the other side of town, I’d seen some of the murals on the way. We decided to come back early on December 25th. Figured there wouldn’t be too much people out on the street. There was about a 100 murals I’d say. A nice harvest.
      Now the words are just inspired by the art. I let the paintings talk to me. Glad it contributed to you wed morning. All well Paul?

  5. I had to Google and read a bit on the “Black Swan” phenomenon. My poor brain is so taxed with trying to make sense of the nonsensical of late, I’ll have to stick with the artwork.

    • I didn’t know about it until a very old friend gave it to me on one of random lengthy lunches. (Good food and wine). It’s a good concept.
      Now sense and meaning? They seem to have died somewhere.
      let’s stick to Art then.
      (Bought your book. Waiting in line on my bedside table) 😉

      • I’m definitely sticking to Art. I had the misfortune of being brought up and educated to believe that Right Reason and Good Sense would prevail in the end.

        Thank you for buying Telling Sonny, Brian! I hope you enjoy it.

      • Yeah. Reason. Right vs Bad. The Good will prevail… me too. An old friend from Grad school always tells me: “They lied to us.” 😉

      • Absolutely. That – dear – friend of mine actually stayed at the U. Not academia, but close, she runs the international business centre in the business school. LOL

    • Dankje wel Hedy. Now about the narrative, remember you taught me a thing or two about visual narratives. Me? I just pick up and order the images. Then each whispers a few words in my ear. Joy back. 💕🌹
      (Tulips out yet?)

  6. I love street art…I like the hands for the detail of them. Hands are hard, you don’t see them much in street art and this image seemed a loving tribute. Nice shots. 🙂

  7. C’est magnifique ! Tes photos sont superbes et les oeuvres… wow ! C’est haut en couleurs, en sens et en émotions, c’est un beau voyage que tu nous proposes là… Merci.

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