Berlin Street Art … Devil, Please be Incorruptible

A creative promenade in the Street(s) is (Art) of Berlin. (c)ourtesy my dear friend Paul. A great week-end to all.

Notes from Camelid Country

As this grim winter lockdown grinds inexorably onwards – towards what I’m not quite sure – life in one of Europe’s great cities seems to barely have a pulse. The streets are sparsely populated and, with the exception of a couple of buskers who from time to time make an appearance on our urban rambles, not a single one of Berlin’s great artistic institutions is open. Cultural life has ground to a halt and no amount of Netflix can replace it.

Only yesterday, I was bemoaning the fact that we didn’t live in the countryside, where at least we could go for invigorating walks in nature. Even in a city with as many parks as Berlin, city streets are no substitute for the wide open spaces beyond the city limits that we are no longer able to leave. It’s certainly true that it has become harder to be optimistic while…

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36 thoughts on “Berlin Street Art … Devil, Please be Incorruptible

  1. What a lovely post, I had no idea Berlin’s street art is as visually pleasing as this. Thanks for sharing and introducing me to yet another amazing blogger. Cheers 🙂 Aiva

  2. Vibrant and alive, I love the satirical nature of those intentionally so, thank you for sharing his work. We’ve just had a five day lockdown due to one quarantine worker contracting the deadly Uk variant, we have some restrictions for a few more days in the states capital city. I’ve never heard so much whining about “suffering” I.e. not allowed to go clubbing 🙂

    • Paul is a great blogger. Always good quality stuff… We might invite to Rue St-Honoré.
      I heard about your lockdown. Forgot the city.
      “Suffering”… Oh, yes, poor things. The Spanish influenza killed more people than WWI (Including several relations of mine, and probably yours too…). Can’t go to the Club? Poor mites, my mother would have said…
      You (and I) might be getting old, Mate.
      Stay safe

  3. I am smiling at the fotos…I’ve been working to get an external drive repaired … I’ve learned more about backing up … I may have lost my photos from Berlin…there is a street art app…I’m sure you know but indeed amazing works in Berlin…fun post thanks for sharing ~ smiles hedy ☺️💫❄️

    • Glad Paul’s Berlin photos made you smile. I hope you didn’t lose your Berlin photos. When were you there?
      Yeah, I’ve heard of the apps, but I’d rather let chance or Fate guide my steps…
      Smiles back.

      • I only went once. About 10 years ago. My mother went once in May 1945. The city is fascinating and Berliners are most certainly very creative. To me personally, the place gave me the creeps. (Apology to today’s Berliners) Too much history everywhere. Even the street names gave me the creeps. Ah. Here was the Gestapo. Ah! Here was the Stasi. I probably need to go back, and face the memories…

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