Carnaval com graça

Olha que coisa mais linda, mais cheia de graça

Look, such a pretty thing, so full of grace.

É ela menina que vem que passa

She’s that girl you see passing by

Num doce balanço, caminho do mar

In a gentle sway, on her way to the sea

Moça do corpo dourado do sol de Ipanema…

The girl of the body “golden” from the sun of Ipanema

O seu balançado é mais que um poema

Her sway is more than a poem

É a coisa mais linda que eu já vi passar

It’s the prettiest ‘thang’ I ever saw passing by…

August ’77. I had 3 weeks in Paris between the Army and Grad school in the US. (Roll Tide!) I walked the streets with my loyal Asahi-Pentax and rolls of Ilford. (Da best film ever , Man). Found the Carnival of carnivals… Lost the negatives. Sigh. A copy of a print adds a bit of grain… “Don’t think twice, it’s all right…”

As I put together this second post on the Carnival of Carnivals in Paris, a few centuries back, I think of Joaõ Gilberto’s interpretation of the Girl from Ipanema. Not the Muzak version. A shame this lovely song is now forever tied to elevators, far away from the beaches of Ipanema, ‘longe do Rio’… Joaõ Gilberto left us last year. Another shame. The good ones are leaving us. Words and music by Vinicius de Moraes and Tom Jobim. Two great masters. Muito obrigado Joaõ, Vinicius e Tomzinho… (Translation is mine, not easy to render in English…)

Thank you all for flying yet another trip on Equinoxio Airways… I wrote this post on October 27th. I then wished Scotty would move his a.. and find a way to shift us all forward a week, to Election Day… Alas! The lad is stubborn, says we can only go back in time… or to the illusion of “back”. Well, Election went well. We are now rid of one of the worst morons in recent (un)Democratic history. Meanwhile, the virus is still there and the morons still in power just about anywhere else, don’t seem to know how to handle a supply chain for the vaccine.

Stay safe. In more ways than one…

85 thoughts on “Carnaval com graça

  1. I think there is something charming about these prints!! If you the negatives and created digital scans, they would be no better. These have a “feel” to them!! Can you imagine similar shots today? We would be saturated with self-congratulatory instagram posts – pretty but soulless! Great post – as ever! Stay safe!

    • It depends. I have probably 90-95% of the family’s negatives going back to 1949, as far as negatives are concerned. And you’d be surprised at what you can get with old negatives. Better, much better definition. Unexpected details. But it’s all right. I’m a big fan of Plan B, or C, of plan A is not possible.
      And yes I like the “feel” of those. Thanks for the visit and comments. Comme toujours, cher ami.

      • Plus or minus two standard deviations? (Hmmm. Few people can grasp that. Previous life of yours? Hmmm. Colin? Hmmm. Your last name wouldn’t be similar to a certain Royal palace?) (That would be hilarious)
        Fortunately, just about everything is scanned. And I shall keep sharing.
        A bientôt…

      • Ha, I did do market projections etc once upon a time but statistical analysis was not a passion 😉
        Haha, nothing exotic about me! Aye, everything is scanned nowadays and the tablet has replaced the photo album 😉
        Stay safe!

      • I’ve been in Market research most of my professional life, so the stuff grows on you. Worked for a Brit market research company. Where there was a Colin Buckingham…
        You too. I see they keep sending patients to public hospitals in “Bretagne” when they probably have empty beds in private clinics nearby…

      • Ah, that explains it haha. Some of the statistical modelling is very sophisticated indeed.
        Yes, the three western Departments have escaped the worst of the pandemic and thus have free beds. In the first lockdown, they ran covid trains from Paris but not heard of those recently. Slowly, they are establishing vaccination centres here though! Stay safe!

    • Glad you liked the post. Old street photography.
      Even the Russian vaccine is currently tested massive scale in Argentina. 🤣 (They’re going to buy it here.)
      Any idea when you can get your shots? A former executive of mine now lives in San Francisco and got her first injection.

      • I didn’t think you were. But then I guess each state has different rules. My former exec is barely 45. But she lives in Califor-na-yeah. Different country. 😉
        France is only vaccinating above 75. here is above 60 I think. I’m from ’53.
        Does it work? Daughter #2 is on the selection committee of the local HEW. She says the recent information they were given looks good. Plus by the time we our shots here, 100’s of 1000’s of Argentinian will have served as Guinea pigs…
        Just thought of Monthy Python’s Life of Brian…😉

  2. There’s so much energy bursting from your photos, Brian! Sad to hear that Rio de Janeiro’s carnival parade, due to be held next February, has been postponed indefinitely. Thanks for sharing and have a good day. Aiva 🙂

    • Hi Aiva. My apologies, your comment was hidden by WP. (“Pending” my foot) The energy comes from the people. I just click. And yes Carnaval is suspended. Brazil is paying a high price to the virus. Keep staying safe. 🤗

    • Haha! I thought as much as I reviewed those old photos. Must be some gender bias there. OK for the wimin to go around half nakkid, but the men have to dress up? 😉
      Having said that, some of the women also wore very ample and heavy costumes. Magic happens all the time.

  3. Such rich street scenes and apart from the Pride Festival, nothing like it here, so terribly British and Victorian. Love those gams. Your last comment could refer to anywhere right now, our bloke is lazy and has not dealt with corruption, consumed with himself. Looking forward to the next flight.

  4. The photos are very alive, one feels to be there with them. I love the energy. About the overdressed men: my husband always says that women are way prettier than men, so why would anybody like to see half naked men. 😀 😀 I don’t completely agree … 😉

    • Ciao ciao Luisa. Come stai? Tutto bene? My most sincere apologies for not visiting more often. How have you been? I hear Conte has resigned. Pulling in Draghi? (I don’t think he did such a good job at the European central Bank, but…)
      Thanks for the visit. Glad you liked the post. Buona notte. 🙏🏻💕

      • I loved the post
        You know that I like all your posts: I always find them interesting even if I don’t always write a comment
        The situation in Italy? A big mess
        A hug 🤗🌝🤗

      • We are just increasingly ruled by computers with badly written programmes. I just spent half an hour dealing with my pension site in France trying to download a from I need to have stamped at the Consulate here. No way. I’ll have to find another way. Lately? I spend close to 40% of my time dealing with bureaucratic computer red tape. Most times it doesn’t work so I have to spend hours finding a way around. “Épuisant”.
        Come stai Luisa? Dans toute cette folie généralisée? Plus ou moins bien?

      • The madness of information technology and bureaucracy are enormous in Italy too. And then we arrive at the absurdity that for certain matters you have to go yourself to sign : the electronic signature is not enough.😊 I’m doing pretty well at the moment. but I’m tired: tired of being depressed, tired of not being able to see friends or to travel. And you?

      • Absolutely. I once took a class in the US called “Bureaucracy or bureaupathology?”
        We’re about the same. We haven’t seen any of our friends in a year. Fortunately we can see our daughters regularly and grandkids. Daughter #1 is vaccinated and #2 got COVID in january. And at the slightest risk, we all take a fortnight break. Daughte #1 is an infectologist, she does the “tracing”.
        Are you on line for vaccine soon?

      • I will be able to make the reservation for the vaccine in a fortnight, but in Italy it seems to me that things are proceeding very slowly, despite the boasts of our politicians

      • They’re all so very pleased with themselves, aren’t they? Congrats on being able to make the reservation. Here they started vaccinating 60+ more than a month ago. Third world country? They made better deals than the EU. Our daughter and son-in-law (Doctors) have had both shots almost 2 months ago. We had our first already and should get our second in a week or so…
        better be careful. I just talked to an old high school friend of mine. He got COVID, was rather ill for 3 weeks, and now has trouble walking. What a mess.
        Fais bien attention Luisa. 🙏🏻💕

    • Spot on. The Brazilian delegation was dancing like they would in Rio de Janeiro, oblivious to the chilly Paris temperatures. 10-15C in the summer? It’d been 25-30 the day before. And scantily clad, they shone in the streets…
      How have you been my dear? In line for the vaccine? Ask NHS if they can spare a few shots for us? 😉

    • SImpler times indeed. The cops gave a hand to adjust a hat of a Gilles. They were not dressed up in battle gear and robocop armour. There were no barriers on the street where the “Carnivalers” passed and danced. Easy to take pictures…
      Oh, well. those times will come back. I hope… Be good.

  5. Fabulous photos! I love that song and Bossa Nova. It’s been a while since I’ve heard it so now I have an idea of what to listen to while I work in my cabin this weekend.😁 Merci, cher Mzungu! Bises.

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