Pot-pourri 21-1

Mr. Simon Simba, Esq. Vincennes zoo, Paris, early 80’s.

Kenya-born Minette, Paris, c.1972. My parents brought the cat back from Africa. They did not bring her BFF the dog back. We had words.

“Silently a flower blooms.” Zenkei Shibayama. Tlalpan, Mexico city. 2020.

A small Gothic church. Taverny, north of Paris. This church was finished in 1240. Almost 800 years ago. There are still thousands of churches as this one across the countryside. Many in disrepair.

“A tan is health for the winter. I tan five times as fast and without burns using Ambre Solaire.” A 60’s ad I found on “Le Point”. My mother was a big fan of Ambre solaire… Not good. Sun is bad for you.

Vernon Goutière was a first cousin of my grandmother’s. All born in India. He and Kay married in 1944 in New Guinea, only recently taken from the Japanese. The war still raged in the Pacific and in Europe. Vernon’s brother, Peter Goutière, was then a pilot for Tchang Kai-Check, with Chennault’s Flying tigers. Last I heard, Peter was still alive and kicking at 109. Stay safe, Uncle Pete.

“Be brave, wear it.” A campaign led by City Hall. Tlalpan, Mexico city. 2021.

The three Musketeers, by Manuel Urrutia, an Argentinian painter, frequent supplier of ours. That one fell off the wall. Needs reframing.

Branding – and vaccinating – cattle, Colombia, mid 80’s. The faithful Lisandro running the show.

This one is for Harleyte, aka Mélie:


Tlalpan, Mexico. 16th century window. For Flavia:

Vico Equense – Roofs

A celebration of harvest. Probably in Oaxaca, Mexico. This is called an “Amate”. Ink on the bark of a tree called Amate. I’m not sure there are many trees left.

Church door nearby. 16th, 17th century. Tlalpan, Mexico city. That one is for Manja. A door fan: https://mexcessive.photo.blog/2021/01/17/january-2020/

Emiliano Zapata (1879-1919). Zapata was one the leaders of the Mexican Revolution of 1910. He defended the poor landless peasants. His motto was “Tierra y libertad”. Land and freedom. He was assassinated in 1919, as most – if not all – leaders of the Revolution. Note the very fine horse – or pony rather -, the delicate work of the saddle. And the rifle. (Photo from an expo at the local City Hall)

Malinalco, 2020, a century later. A fine horse and saddle. Sans rifle. Note the sandals on the owner’s feet.

Little red riding cap. Tlalpan. At an outdoor theatre performance. Yes. People sat on the pavement close together without masks… (once upon a time)

Beyond the shadow of a tree. Tlalpan. Been working on shadows a bit lately.

The “India room”, aka my library/study. (Better a Snob than a slob, right?) Mostly, but not exclusively, Indian art. My Lord Krishna is playing the flute top left (Hare hare). This and the tiger hunt to the right, is a common “Indian” graphic style imported by the Persians when they invaded India in the 18th century.

“View in perspective of the island of Bombay in Africa, on the coast of Malabar, kingdom of Vinapour…” A fascinating geographic mistake. Placing India in Africa! The handwritten sentence in Dutch (Gesigt van het eiland Bombay in Africa) below says the same thing. Late 18th, early 19th century.

New Year’s eve, with my little sister in Paris. Costume party obviously, old chap. Early 80’s. Been a while.

Thank you again for flying Equinoxio Airways’ Time-Space shuttle. Stay safe. 🙏🏻😷

136 thoughts on “Pot-pourri 21-1

      • I’m hanging in there. Glad to see new leadership over here in Whoville. The Grinch was scaring me. 😬

      • I agree 150%. I am relieved. Lots of work ahead, but the moron has been sacked. And since he’s lazy, he will disappear. Personally I would issue warrants and send the IRS to search all his properties tomorrow… 😉
        Take care

      • Not sure it burns down. I’ve always thought one should attention to what extremists say. There are usually deep-rooted reasons. Not all acceptable of course. Let’s say, not all french who vote for Le Pen are bad people. (Some are) Some have… how can I say? identifiable reasons that need to be attended. otherwise another lunatic will come by and blow on the embers again… anyway. Let’s enjoy yesterday and the following days…
        Be good.

  1. La flor coloreando la pared y esa ventana, como aguardando las miradas…especialmente preciosas. Quizás por lo que tienen de naturaleza aparentemente estática. Un abrazo

  2. So many cool images and themes. The tree shadow turned out well. Zapata lives on today, since land rights remain a problem. I like the parrot painting. The wear a mask ad is awesome. Nice ending with you and your sister!

  3. And side note – I took a photo in key west that I took with you in mind and will link you when i post it

    And not sure if you recall that I had some masks to share – the wooden ones I used to own – well sorry to not follow up with it – I just couldn’t find any photos and thought I had them digitally – but they are boxed somewhere in attic
    Just fyi and hope your week is off to a njce start

  4. Ooh, we get too see so much plus you in flesh! Thank you for thinking of and linking to windows and doors fans. I especially love how that growth on top of the door doesn’t care much but just keeps growing. And I love that tree shadow. But snob or slob? Hmm….. got me there…

    • Parrots? yes. We have many, many works of this artist. He’s from Argentina. Though he’s lived here 30-40 years, he still his a typical Argentinian accent. I like his drawing style very much, and his colours. All well with you? Fingers crossed for today.

      • Yes, all is well with me. Today went well, I am happy to say. Last night, President Biden led a memorial service on the National Mall for the victims of the pandemic and their families. It was a very moving tribute and such a relief to see an act of simple human decency for a change.

      • Today I’ve been feeling like I’ve awoken from a bad dream. The country is still in serious trouble, but at least we’re no longer being held hostage by a madman.

      • Would you know that 3-year-old? 😉
        We could have exchanged notes with your mother. One of my daughters, now a well-published MD, threw a tantrum once when she was two, in a store, on the floor, hollering. I told her: “stop right now. Or I will leave you here.” Since she didn’t, I turned around ever so slowly and started to walk away. Slooowly. She stopped yelling. Got up, reached out to me and took my hand. Hiccuping from the tantrum. never happened again. 🤣

  5. Great set of pictures Brian. And the explaining words that come with it. A series like this seems to sew the whole world and parts of the 19th, 20th and 21th century together in a kind of drapery, like the old Flemish tapestries. They somehow match. It is not at all strange to have an image of a cat in the vincinity of Emilo Zappata and a krishna flute player. It’s all our world, our times, our being.

    • Dankje wel. The pot-pourri series is fun to write. I will check back the old Flemish tapestries. Remember my ancestors were Flemish, Kortrijk and Lendelede, Around the 15th-16th century… And I’m glad you see the relationships. We are all of that. Tot ziens Peter.

    • I thought you might. Minette was beautiful inside and out. And the birds? They’re (were) on my wall, along with other works from the same artist. All well with you? My best wishes to America for today. 🙏🏻

    • I dunno. I must say I am bit sick of this entire situation. Take care Dragos. (I’ve treid to find your s/ç letter on the keyboard to no avail. There must be an ascii code?

      • The situation is so complex and so intricated that we can hardly understand what is really going on. I already had a few theories that I put together, and few minutes ago I got both confirmation and extra information through a video interview as part of a larger documentary that is yet to be compiled and released.
        Bottom line is we all want to get back to freedom and the normal life as we knew it, while the higher powers deemed most of us as unnecessary – starting with the elderly and the chronically ill or otherwise incapable of sustained work – and as such we will be disposed of. More information here.

        The character you’re looking for is ş (Unicode #015F old style), or ș (#0219 new style, incompatibile with older fonts used in Win9x/2000/XP).

      • Oh yes you can, just not directly through a single key or combo. See here for question and answer(s). Someday you might really need it. 😉

        In Linux one can create their own keyboard layout or modify a preexisting one and save it as a variant. Even M$ used to have a tool for creating/editing keyboard layouts. I wonder if Apple have such tool available for their Mac OS.

      • Thanks for the link. I have another route I want to explore. I’ll let you know. (Linux is not my thing. Mistake of mine, I guess, never had the time to go into it…)

      • As you know I always was and always will be in favor of choices – real choices, not illusions. So it’s good you have different paths to follow. Hopefully one of them will yield the best result. Fingers crossed! 🙂

      • Wonderful, cher Brieuc! Hopefully it will help you get closer to many others that may use uncommon characters in their native language. Now all you have left to do is learn how to read/write Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew… 🙄 Hee-hee. 😀

  6. The cat next to the lion is hilarious – I am anthropomorphising but domestic cats always seem as if they have ‘big cat’ pretensions. On the suntan oil ad, not old enough for the 60s, but into the 1980s getting a deep tan was the focus, recalling Piz Buin, Coppertone, etc.
    The photo with your sister is charming, lovely.

    • You’re absolutely right. I’ve always thought (though a cat person) that if cats weighed even just 100 pounds, we would be in a lot of trouble.
      I remember those as well. Coppertone in particular. Luckily, after Africa I’d become cuatious, then late 70’s on a beach in Yucatan, we fell asleep after a late boozy night. Woke with a mega sunburn. 🥵
      I don’t spend time in the sun since then. At least not lying down to burn.
      That last picture is nice. Fond memories. (Sadly, she’s been gone for years now…)
      Take care.

      • I am a cat person too. No idea what it means – probably not much except I accept her absolute rule over the local territory.
        So sorry to hear of your loss. I have a sibling that passed away, too. Present and past tense together. Never get over it, just living with it.

      • Very sorry about your loss. I know how you feel. And how your parents must feel or have felt. And yes, you just live with it.
        I think there are patterns about cat and dog people. I like freedom probably above almost anything else. Which what I like about cats. I also have green eyes. Must have been a cat in a previous life… 😉 🐱

  7. This post is so “life-y”. I find your wonderful posts to be filled with life. When I look at life today, the past, all of the places and times, it breaks my heart. I’m not sure why, but I think it is something about all I cannot embrace, and all want to. I don’t even know if I make sense.
    Well, thank you! xoxo

    • Thank you. It’s interesting how others “read” a post. I hadn’t thought of that. I do try to put a lot of variety in the pot-pourris. Plus I live in a place with lots of light and colour. It helps.
      Now, I can also understand why looking back and forward and left and right might break your heart. We are already the witnesses of many a lost world… It’s ok. We’ve seen and lived it… And those worlds we witnessed were unique. Other worlds will come.
      xoxo indeed.

    • Many fought bravely. Peter was with Chennault in China. My Uncle Gérard was with Leclerc and the 2nd Armoured division (2eDB) from Brazzaville in Congo to the liberation of Paris all the way to Germany in 1945. Cousin Henri Onraët was with the RAF I believe… Another cousin (FFI) was shot over Saint-Malo. Those were the days when did what one could.
      The fancy dress was fun. I lost that hat though. Very fancy authentic “Haut de forme”.

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