Merry Noël and Bonne New Jahr

A chance mural, taken from the car in a rapid succession of snaps last Sunday in Tepoztlán. A pretty little town South of Mexico city. Sun and heat. Lots of great art. Need to go back. (With proper masks and distance, naturally).

Merry Christmas, Feliz Natal, Joyeux Noël, Frölische Weihnachten, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale, Hyvää Joulua, Krisamas kee badhaee, Shengdàn Jiè Kuàhilè, Craciun fericit, Geseënde Kersfees, and so forth… (An apology if your language doesn’t appear here. You can always respond in yours… We’ll learn something new. 😉 ) 🎄

And above all, a better 2021 to all. This dreary 2020 is almost over. If Democracy has won again in America, we can beat the virus. And a few other pending issues. Meanwhile… Stay safe, and until next year. 🙏🏻😷

105 thoughts on “Merry Noël and Bonne New Jahr

  1. Enfin une nouvelle année ! Nous espérons tous que l’année 2021 sera aussi vivante que l’année 2020 a été déprimante. 2021, je l’espère, nous permettra de tomber les masques.
    Joyeux Noel Brieuc, reste en sécurité

  2. What a beauty! Merry Christmas in advance and a very happy birthday [one day later but I am sure you have got the mail on time]! Hope you had a great day and will have a blessed Christmas and 2021!

    • Thank you Jill. You too. We had our last dinner with daughter #2 and family last night. She says the risks are going up. Quarantine from the family and grandkids for 2-3 months… Sigh… 😔

      • 2-3 months! That seems like forever, but then … it’s been nearly 10 months since I’ve been anywhere other than to pick up my weekly grocery order. I’ve forgotten how to get anywhere else. Let us hope for a better year in 2021 for everyone around the globe.

      • My point exactly. 2-3 months as compared to the past 10? I’ll take it. And indeed we haven’t gone (buy all groceries on-line) out except twice renting a house outside Mexico.
        Let’s see how 2021 goes. But I have higher hopes…
        Stay safe.

      • Exactly. Though it seems these days as if I may never visit a restaurant or bookstore again in this life, it’s really irrelevant. I, too, order all my groceries online, but pick them up at the store’s drive-thru once a week. I am hoping for brighter days in 2021, but realistically I can’t be sure. You too, dear Brian!

      • I sincerely believe we will go back to restaurants, bookstores, theatres and the like… Just a matter of time. It will be good to start a clean new year…

  3. Season’s greetings and best wishes to you and your family. And if I’m not mistaken, someday soon – today maybe? I forgot, my apologies! 😳 – it’s gonna be your birthday so Happy Birthday too. 🙂

  4. Veselé Vianoce…Veselé Vánoce…Wesołych Świąt…et…Boldog Karácsonyt, mon ami! Je te souhaite bcp de joie et bonheur. Bises. ✨🎄✨

    (Yes I remember these from the countries I lived in…missing Eastern Europe right now.)

    • Ma très chère Julie. Merci d’ajouter à cette collection de vouex. Les deux premiers sont très similaires. Vianoce et Vánoce sont clairement les mêmes mots. Noël? Et Wesolsych est une déformation de Veselé? Bon? joyeux?
      We all miss travel. But it will find us back. Sooner or later.
      Une très bonne année mon amie… Biz.

  5. 圣诞节快乐贺新年快乐朋友!Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friend!
    Great shot for this post as well, a bit of hope and beauty in the year ahead… I think we are all waiting for us. Stay safe and wish you and your family health and happiness.

    • Hi Jane. Thank you. You too. Let’s hope this new year will bring much needed solutions to many plaguing issues in many fields. I am confident it will. (How much lower can we get? 😉)
      We took a short break away from mexico city. I.e. changed lockdown location. 🤣
      What did you do?🥂

      • Glad you got away..nice to have a change of scenery. Dinner with my kids/grandkids is the biggest thrill we have these days. 😀Thank goodness for them or we would be losing it.

      • Take advantage of them. With all due precautions. We had access to our grandkinds since end of June because our daughter and son-in-law had tested positive. Saw them twice a week. Could take a week away here and there with the whole family, But in Decemeber daughter #1 (MD) decided it was too much of a risk as cases are exploding (as in the US) so we’re all “quarantined” again until the vaccines. Sigh.

      • Sorry you’ve had family infected. Glad they are ok. We are constantly assessing risk factors. It’s an exhausting situation. Take care, hang in there…we are almost over he finish line.

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