The last Travellers

There is abundant literature on a long-gone race of Travellers who aledgedly roamed the universe. Complex ceremonies have been well documented: Day of the Dead, Sacred city of Tlalpan. Travellers 106 et al.

Some sat idly in the street. Traveller 107. Paris.

Possible representation of Quasimodo and Esmeralda. Travellers 108 &109. Sacred city of Tlalpan, Mexico.

Many talked alone. Traveller 110, Art expo (early 2020), Mexico city.

Mothers kept a close eye on their cubs. Traveller 111. Paris.

It is rumoured they had X-ray vision. That Art expo in Mexico is said to be one of their last documented moments of social gathering. Traveller 112.

Robocop was one of their major Gods… The Vestals wore black skimpy shorts. Travellers 112 to 115. Sacred city of Tlalpan.

Scholars never agree. It is one of their universal traits. Some claim the Travellers had X-ray vision (see above), others say they were colour-blind. There is some consensus that they used square or rectangular talismans to communicate with the Gods. Many slept with them. The talismans. Not the Gods. Though again others claim they did. Travellers 116 and 117. Saint-Andrew-of-the-arts street, London. (Only a few authors argue that it is Paris)

Many wore elaborate ceremonial garb. Mexico city. Traveller 118.

Females were reportedly more versatile than men in their attire. (Though some historians claim it is a gender-biased view). Travellers 119 & 120. Paris.

Sacrificial make-up was common. Sacred city of Tlalpan. Travellers 121 & 122.

A handful claim they ate animals. A disgusting thought. This particular scene was taken in the mythical city of Paris (Many doubt the very existence of the city) on the Rue de la Huchette, towards the Temple of Saint-Séverin. Traveller 123.

Travellers often took votive images of themselves in sacred places. In this case, turning her back – out of respect – to the sacred river (Seine). Traveller 124.

One can recognize, to the right, two minor Gods of their Pantheon, Esmeralda and Quasimodo. (Already featured above). Unidentified Travellers to the left.

Dr X-Ma et al. have published a series of articles in which they postulate that Travellers disappeared in underground systems leading to the centre of their planet. The systems were called “Tubes”. Frank Herbert argues that the “Tubes” were dug up by gigantic worms. (See the Dune Encyclopedia). Traveller 125.

Traveller 115 (already shown above) displays a curious shade of hair called “Blonde”. Spelling differs according to authors. Some hypothesize “Blonde” (or “Blond”), was an artificial colour painted on the skull hair (Weird, I know) for unknown purposes.

We still don’t know the meaning of many of their rituals. This is possibly the Dance of the Dead in the Sacred city of Tlalpan. Travellers 126 to 130 plus change. We lack a definite, final count of voters. I mean Travellers.

Travellers disappeared for unknown reasons. Some mention wars. They were an extremely violent people. Some say they were substituted by a race of giants as shown in the above picture… More research funding and grants are needed.

Captain and crew of Equinoxio Time-Space shuttle thank you for travelling with us. We are sorry to report that this the last series of Travellers. Our image stock has dried out. Travellers have simply disappeared.

78 thoughts on “The last Travellers

    • Viel dank, Coeur de Feu. It was nice to do a “normal” post after all the growing concern we all lived kin these past few weeks. I liked Harris’ and Biden’s speeches very much. Short to the point with vision. It’s all we need.
      You must be relieved I imagine. Stay safe. The virus is raging everywhere again. 🙏🏻😷

  1. C’était il y a très très très longtemps ! (traduit en français obsolete par Googlish Universal) Une hypothèse quant à leur disparition est un autodafé planétaire.
    Un tout bel après-midi à toi, Brieuc, de K2-141b.

      • Une charmante planète dont la température de surface varie entre 1700° et 2700°, avec une grande incertitude, il me faut dire. Son atmosphère est de la vapeur de roche. Elle tourne autour et très près d’une naine rouge, K2-141, dans la constellation du Verseau. Son année dure 6,7 heures et sa journée est infiniment longue …
        Un tout bel après-midi à toi, Brieuc.

  2. Thanks for the ride! It is a pity that we also lost that species …

    (By the way, I also thought that the foto with travellers 116 and 117 was in Paris and not London, as the sign to the left looks as if it is in French … unless only the title is in French, I cannot make out the dates.) 😉

  3. I’m afraid your prophecy will prove true: that’s the last we’ve seen of those Travelers.
    You now, they started posting large mask shaming posters in various places, calling the one with full mask on as “the normal one” while the one without any mask is “the one who doesn’t care about the others”. Maybe we should simply remove the word ‘normal’ from dictionaries because we just can’t define it anymore – it shifts from day to day.

    Here’s some quote from “Revolution (2012-2014)”, S02E16 at about 35min:
    A high official of the US Govt that fleed to Cuba holds a speech saying something like “While we sit here waiting for the purge we’re gonna lose 70% of our population. You may think that’s a tragedy – I see it as natural selection. The tide will ebb. The weak will die but the strong will survive, and we’ll build a new…” blah-blah-blah. And then “Like it says on the dollar right under the pyramid: Novus Ordo Seclorum. A new order, for the ages”.

    In S02E20 the sentient nanotech contemplates the idea of altering people (the limbic system) in order to make them “happy”. Funny how this falls into place with the newly invented UN Happytalism and UNIDOH.

    In S02E22 – latest episode of the series – it’s said that there will be millions of mindless people (manipulated by the nanotech), and it all starts with the Grinning Man.

    Funny how we, the masses, tag such movies and series as “sci-fi”, “unbelievable”, “impossible” etc when freshly released only to later on realize they were more or less foretelling the future. Or would you believe the Sløborn (2020-) series filmed by Germans, Danish and Polish in 2019 just before the “thing”, where they call it “pigeon flu”, was an extraordinary coincidence?

    I find it amazing that in all these movies and series it’s always, but always, about some kind of flu – not any other kind of virus/disease – and they always, invariably, blame it on some animal or bird: swine flu, bird flu, pigeon flu, bat flu and so on. Maybe that’s the easiest to modify genetically and contain after its purpose was fulfilled…?

    Anyway, if they prepared the really deadly version for second/third wave and are going to release it, I’m afraid the most likely place most of us (70% as in the quote above, maybe?) will ever travel again will be to the graveyard.

    • Sci Fi? I re-read all of Dune a few years ago. It is treaty of political science. 🧬 🧫 🧪 (Those meojis just appeared on my keyboard, because the machine reads what I write (and sends a copy to Apple 🍎 ) and suggests emojis…

      • Since forever smart, knowledgeable people have put their knowledge – fears, warnings, hopes etc – in fables, stories, novels, movies; often using animals to portrey characters, or placing the action in strange, fictional worlds – all in an effort to elude censorship, in an effort to get their message to as many people as possible. Too bad few people actually get the message, and sometimes it may be too late. As it is now.

        Yes, there are keyloggers and trojans about everywhere; they don’t even have to be located on our machines – as long as we all use the same online “platforms” to communicate with each-other it’s enough to place such tools in those platforms’ software, which is their property and stored on their servers. So we either consent to being spied and censored, or we stop communicating. Even the postal services were screening hard mail back in the day – and do that better nowadays thanks to technology – so that’s not an option either. Best way is to gather and talk in person. But wait, that’s forbidden because of the… You get it: they took each and every possible step, by the book, in order to prevent us from possibly building a mass resistance movement that could impede their Agenda. We really are screwed.

      • Possibly. Though I’m of the “it ain’t over till it’s over” school… 🏫
        (Yet another example, I wrote ‘school’ and the Goddamn building appears…

      • When something’s over something else immediately begins, so it’s more like a continuous process. The entire universe vibrates, it’s all waves in different shapes and frequencies. Is what’s happening now a natural continuation, or is someone trying to break the waveform and/or the frequency of the human society evolution? Which type of waveform does our society follow – a sine wave or a sawtooth wave? Regardless, it will always be an up/down cycle. Which point are we now exactly at? And, more importantly: how many of us will make it to the next phase?

        In regard to emojis, maybe you should use a different browser, or at least go into its (advanced) settings if available and try to disable whatever resembles to ‘typing aid’, ‘typing assistance’, ‘suggestions’ and so on.
        I’m on Linux using an old-school browser and there’s no such thing as emojis, at all. Don’t like ’em anyway, they’re so small I can’t make what they’re trying to convey so I just ignore them.

        Good luck and enjoy a fine week-end! 😉

      • I thjought you’d mentioned Linux before. it is a good platform. I may have dabbled a bit in it, a long time ago. Ah. Now I remember: a supplier of mine had developed an application on Linux that I needed for work.
        Alas, I am now stuck with IOS…

      • Well, Linux has come a long way since the terminal (command prompt)-only times. Most user-friendly distros (such as Linux Mint, which I use) would look and work almost like Windows, only through different applications. Mac shouldn’t be much different either.

        Dunno what kind of hardware you’re using currently (phone/tablet/notebook/desktop) but I presume you could afford to buy at least a second-hand notebook or desktop to perform some Linux tests on. It may prove a valid alternative or even a life-saving backup in case something bad happens to your current hardware and/or software. Not to mention the vast majority of Linux applications are freeware/open-source, so you don’t have to pay for anything (unless you want to donate to various projects) and you have vast possibilities of customization, including getting rid of the dreaded keylogging/suggestions/emojis. 😉

      • After 25 years of DOS/ Windows, my motherboard fried. (I managed to recuperate the hard drive with all the data). I didn’t want to go to yet another Windows version, so I switched to Mac. I now have everything in Mac. Which is useful. But the latest version is a bit invasive. I’ll keep the Linux suggestion in mind… Multumesc.

      • I had a lot of hardware failures in both motherboards and drives over the years. If only you’d imagine the garbage the chinese sell to our country – it doesn’t even come close to the US or other EU rich countries. I was lucky to use an old Soyo motherboard with a pair of US HDD/DVD-RW that I got through a friend, a combo that has been running non-stop for ten years. But it was Windows 98SE, and when they started changing web standards and all it was over. I then ran another machine with WinXP until it became obvious that one would become broken too, at which time I bought this second-hand notebook, installed Linux Mint and said good-bye to Windows forever.

        As someone just stated in the Mint forums minutes ago , MacOS is just the walled garden Micro$oft is striving to become. And I ain’t buying either one. As Mylène Farmer used to say years ago: Fuck them all. 🙂

      • Lots of good things went south in the world, being forcibly replaced with cheap, worthless “upgraded” copies. People too.

        Mylène actually sang it, and had a video too. Of course, the subject was entirely different but I like the message in the title and use it from time to time. 🙂
        Here’s its Wikipedia page:

      • They say what goes around comes around. But nobody guarantees it’s gonna happen within one’s lifetime. It’s frustrating to both be born and die all during the descending slope of the wave, when you know it could’ve been much better.

        It’s been years since I last watched that video. It’s said to have been filmed in my country. Dunno what happened but at some point, few years ago, I just stopped listening to music, whereas until then couldn’t live without it.

      • Likewise. I don’t listen to much music anymore. Most certainly when I’m at the keyboard. I do when I’m editing my mother’s films. To make sure I get the right audio…
        🎶 🎵

  4. I remember reading a book from a long time ago. Don’t remember the name or author or anything. But it posited that the entire human race had been wiped out and alien archaeologists were trying to understand our race and culture by the things left behind. I seem to remember them coming up with crazy ideals looking at our infrastructure and technology which they had no way to understand. Something about putting toilet seats around our neck as a talisman and worshipping computers. It cracked me up and your post made me think of it. Cheers.

    • Ma très chère Julie! I have your post tucked away for slow reading. Always a treat.
      yes, we all need to get out of our boxes. Aussi vite que possible… How’s winter coming? Must be beautiful in your neck of the woods.
      Ça va merci. We get the grandkids two days a week, which is nice. Planning to rent a house in Cuernavaca early December and end-of-year. Il faut s’aérer un peu. 😉
      How’s your own house coming? Still under construction?
      Bises à toi aussi.
      Prends bien soin de toi…

  5. Pingback: The last Travellers – Caleb's Blog

      • My dear friend, please accept my most sincere apologies. I didn’t know whic is very embarrassing. As you know, my German is, at best rudimentary, at worst, wrong! I guess my year and a half at the Goëthe Institüt was not enough. 😉 A shame, as I do love the language, it has a unique “music”, rhythm and structure…
        I will be more cautious in the future. (Research never hurts…) Feel free to delete that previous comment.
        Tschüss. (That is correct, nicht war?)

      • Thank you, no problem … English regularly drives me crazy also, it is not my favourite foreign language however. This Oxfordian ambition can’t really compete with Italian or French. But now even in Berlin a lot of shops with only English descriptions on the facade, incredible! All the best for you in good old Mexico D.F 🙂

      • Nunca lo había escuchado. (Soy Francés peo vivo en México) Lo que es muy común son las “Marías”: Carmen, Pilar, Socorro. Hasta conozco unas “Angustias” o “remedios”. Saludos…
        (Y suerte con el bendito virus… España está sufriendo mucho. Cuídate)

  6. Whenever this word ‘last’ adjoins with travellers, it takes me back to feeling of reading Gabriel Garcia’s hindered years of solitude which gave Travellers more than a god like stature. Making them magicians and mystics, the first reporters or the first trans-porters. Kind of nostalgic this post was, and that too was it Taiwan Gugluji. Hope you have been well. You being you have some way with the choosing and editing of images, well over all making them. Memorable post i would say.

    Narayan x

    • Thank you my friend. Spot on: the selection and order of the images is part of the structure of the story.
      García Marquez now? Must be interesting to read it from an Indian perspective. I felt Arundhati Roy’s The gol of little somethings was a shorter Indian version of 100 hundred years of solitude. (Not to mention the Ministry of happiness.)
      I have gone to Colombia for more than 40 years now, which allows me to say there is no such thing as “magical realism”. It is a concept coined by Westerners who cannot imagine that that is just everyday reality in the “South”.
      Have a blessed end of year. 🙏🏻

      • Garcia here because as i said in my previous comments of how he saw travellers and gypsies as. I am sure, Magical realism came like that and only flared by the Salman Rushdie’s amazing writing in Midnight’s Children on the subject so called, magic 🙂

        Have a good christmas Brian
        Narayan x

      • Dhanyavaad Narayan. You’re right about the gypsies in García Marquez. I’d forgotten about them. And of course Midnight’s children… A most excellent book.
        Keep travelling and stay safe.

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