72 thoughts on “Close call

  1. I feel somewhat relieved but I have the feeling this won’t be over for a while. Fingers still crossed …
    How can anybody call to stop counting votes? This has nothing to do with a democratic election and to be honest, this outdated election procedure is harder to understand than the Eurovision Song Context system. Everything about this is scarry and it won’t be over any time soon. Happy almost winning; fingers crossed!!!

      • Yes, you are absolutely right on both fronts 🙂

        The response in Hindi as well as your comments on the reassurance.

        We are waiting for a state level election result (Bihar) in India tomorrow, where the ruling right wing party is part of the coalition which is sure to face a debacle.

        America is not just a symbol, but indeed a reassurance for the whole world.

      • Dhanyavaad… (Brushing up my Hindi – or Urdu – is always heart warming.
        Bihar, eh? From I know (very little) it is a very interesting place. You are absolutely right: a reassurance. When all would-be dictators (check who did NOT call Biden) see the bad example in, say the US, we are doomed. The hope for democracy has been retored.
        Stay well. 🙏🏻
        Phir milenge.

  2. Thank you for this mini celebration! A change will do us good. So happy after a looong week. My favorite joke from late night was how is it that NV has all night gambling and buffets, but when it comes to counting votes they can’t miss their sleep. 😉

  3. He who laughs last… We’ll see a bit later on how this is good news. Or not.

    Incidentally I finished watching “Colony” and a couple days ago, completely randomly, I picked “Revolution (2012-2014)”. Funnily enough, in S01 E05 someone had to say the passphrase: “I’m looking for the biography of Joe Biden”. Hmmm… I’m curious how and why that particular phrase has been chosen for the script eight (or more) years ago…

    Anyway, it looks like the planet is going back to being a huge prison, promptly at Cabal’s orders. Very little difference from how things go in “Colony” – reason why I found it so interesting. Maybe we actually are a colony, after all… But where the frack is the Resistance…?

    • Both Harris’ and Biden’s speeches were excellent. Things are looking up again. I think they will be build a great team. Which is what America – and don’t forget the world – need. America is back.

      • The speeches were excellent, and just what we needed to hear … words like unity, working together, and his promise that he will be the president for all the people, whether they voted for him or not. Now, if the people will just give him a chance. We have dropped the ball and left our friends/allies holding the bag on so many things — we have some making up to do, especially in the area of climate change … and the pandemic.

      • No, I don’t either … he can make a mess, and break numerous things on his way out, just as a frustrated toddler might, but at the end of the day, I firmly believe that Joe Biden will be inaugurated on January 20th. I just dread the 69 days between now and then!

      • One should not underestimate the crook-in-chief. But I still think too many institutions are -gradually – turning their back on him. What I have heard from Mitch McConell goes in the right direction. As all politicos he cares only about his own interests.

      • It’s interesting that only about 4 members of Congress have publicly congratulated Biden. Others have privately done so, but fear the wrath of Trump if they do so publicly. Isn’t that a shame? Sigh.

      • It’s what happens in a Dictatorship. Fear. Cowardice. Submission. Accessory before, during and after the fact. I’ve lived it.
        All the more reason to celebrate the day he is kicked out.

    • Ouiiiii. On avait bien besoin d’une bonne nouvelle. Ici ça va. Aussi bien que possible, mais comme ma fille et son mari ont eu le COVID. (Sans synptome). Du coup on a les petits-enfants à la maison 2 fois par semaine… 💕
      Et toi? Comment ça va? Le reconfinement. La fermeture des commerces (!). J’espère que l’entreprise de ton mari tourne toujours… Et que la santé se maintient. Donne-mois des nouvelles, ça me fera plaisir. Biz.

  4. Hello Brian. It was scary for sure. It was not as close as was feared once all votes were counted, but tRump pull the stunt he had planned for months. He got the early count, tried to stop the counting of votes against all laws and norms, and declared himself the winner. His maga thugs forgot or ignored the way our system has always worked to create conspiracies. Sadly tRump has no dignity and will not concede gracefully, instead will wage a useless war in the courts to overturn the will of the majority of the people. All this does is tear the country apart but gives tRump a platform to shout his aggrievement and suck donations from his cult followers. All that said I am so excite we turned away from fascism, broke the glass ceiling with Vice President elect Harris, and have a chance to take the country forward and not backward as the Republicans wanted. A chance, and I will take gladly. Hugs

    • It is a major chance. The other imbecile must be raving mad now., And he will try to keep on being a nuisance… 2 more months and he’s out by the seat of his pants.

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