Wordless Tuesday

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I never accepted arbitrary. At school. In the Army. (Don’t argue with the Captain). In student government. (I once was a Student Senator in another life.) At work. Even with abusive clients. Client is first but there are limits. Arbitrary is a common human behaviour. It must be fought at all cost.

Thanks to Scottie for this selection of TrAmp cartoons. As long as cartoons like these can still be published, there is still hope. I just thought this could remind some what kind of man is running for office again.

Today is the most important day for the Free World in a very long while. I wish it goes without violence. Today and “tomorrow”. “And tomorrow and tomorrow…” Too much is at stake.

‘Been watching “Mr Smith goes to Washington”. Frank Capra directing little Jimmy Stewart. 1939. Just before WWII. Well worth watching. (“Wordless Tuesday”? You didn’t think I could shut up, did you? 😉)

My best wishes to the American people. God bless America. And the World…

43 thoughts on “Wordless Tuesday

  1. These are great. I’m having trouble watching the election. I’m horrified that it’s not a landslide and that things are so close. It’s so stressful. I can’t understand how he can even have a chance, not the slightest chance, to win again. I think I’ll just forget about it and see what happens tomorrow. Great cartoons.

  2. Mr Smith goes to Washington was a fantastic movie! (Required watching in a different life.) These cartoons are fabolous. Amazing how much one can say by more or less just showing without many words. I’ve been checking the updates carefully; just 2 or 3 times a day. There is still hope!

    • Do we? I’ve tuned down the US news in the past few days. I wouldn’t be surprised of such a crook. Now what bugs me is all the “accessories after the fact” who swore he had it. Can’t understand that. Blows my mind.

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