Susanna, Peter and Wilhelmina

“Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and taste…”. I am Peter Pumpkin.

Wilhelmina is my name. Witching is my trade…”

Oh Susanna, don’t you cry for me,

I come from Alabama, with my banjo on my knee…”

“Thank you for the colours”, said Peter. “The turret’s a bit askew, isn’t it?”

Wilhelmina had put on her “little black dress”. She thought she looked like Audrey Hepburn. Ms Hepburn issued a statement to the contrary.

“The web’s better”, Susanna said. “But them bricks are wrong.”

“Now, that’s a tower,” Peter said. “Or is it a dungeon?”

Okay. Got my little black dress,” Wilhelmina said. “Where’s the make-up artist?”

“The make-up artist ain’t here yet,” Susanna said. “Bricks are good naw.”

“Make-up artist on the way to you guys.” Peter Pumpkin said…

“Mirror, mirror, who’s the fairest of all?” Whilelmina adjusted a lock of yellowish hair, ready for the party.

“Wait! Wait!” Susanna said, “I ain’t ready yet!” (I’m comin’ from Alabamer with a banjo on my knees…) (Takes time) “Ah need some rouge on mah cheeks.”

Peter: “Susanna is always late. Next thing we know, she’s gonna go to “Loo-see-anna.”

“Wilhelmina: “To N’Awrleens. Tsss.”

“Ah’m ready naw! Ahm ready” Susanna cried. “A One. A Two. A Three?”

“Happy Halloween, y’all.” 👻

My utmost apologies to my great-grandmother, Marie-Wilhelmine. I have it on good authority that she was not a witch. “Sympathy for the devil” by Jaeger/Richards. “Oh, Susanna” by Stephen Foster (1826-1824)… Y’all be good naw ye hear?

90 thoughts on “Susanna, Peter and Wilhelmina

    • Glad you liked it Hedy. The witch of course is inspired by Disney’s Snowwhite evil witch….
      Those 3 drawings were commissioned for my grandson’s Halloween, to put in his house.
      Smiles and hugs back.

      • My moderation setting? If it means that I approve comments, yes. Always has been. I do approve 99.9% of comments. There have only been a couple of instances where I trashed a comment. The WP crowd is not Twitter. Thank God.

    • Thank you Ark. That song is one the most powerful they ever wrote… It has inspired me many times, even a novella called, of course “Beggar’s banquet”.
      All well I hope?

      • All well, Brian thank you. Hot as Hades down here, and busy, busy. Today we are finishing a rather large order of 1000 hand decorated cupcakes. You can imagine it will be a tad chaotic.

        Ah. Beggars Banquet. Great album. Bought a copy in France in a record shop in Castres in ’73. One of my mates was jealous as my copy had fabrique en France printed on it!

      • Emily’s cakes, right? Hmmm. I can smell the perfume of the recently baked cakes… But 1,000? Must be a hell of a job.
        It is a fab album. I hope you still have it. Unfortunately I only have a CD of that one. Have the original Honkey Tonk LP though. “Made in England”… One of my treasured possessions…
        (What were you doing in Castres? Of all places!)
        Take care.

      • I spent two summers in the small town of Labrugiere on a student echange thing organised by the YMCA.
        We would go shopping in Castres – it being only a few kms up the road.
        I lost touch years ago, and have not found the family on FB or other media, and in the days of letters nine were answered.
        However, a return to France is a possibility at some point in the future / my sister now lives there / in the north.

      • Two summers? You must mumble some “Frog”? 🐸
        You have one brother in Australia and one sister in the North? Lille or equivalent? Hmmm.
        So you are entertaining the thought of moving to “the continent”? Interesting. I do too. But maybe in the South, Montpellier could be an option… Best wishes on that.

      • I speak a little schoolboy French – I wouldn’t starve, let’s put it like that.
        Unless the locals were so revolted by my efforts to ask for bageuette et rouleaux they merely cried, ”Let him eat cake!”
        Of course this would play right into my wheelhouse!
        My sister lives in Pays de Loire, but if we moved back to Europe on a permanant basis it would be to Portugal. We have lots of family there too!
        For now, one place seems as good as the next and the weather here is not to be sniffed at.
        Let’s see how the rest of the year pans out and what 2021 has in store for all us somewhat pathetic humans?

      • Vc tem que falar Portugués entaõ? 😉 I don’t discard Portugal as a fallback option. Violence, narcs and corruption here has me going crazy… (We have discussed your world wide ties before… I forgot to take my memory pills)
        A good test for this pathetic species will be North of my border on Tuesday…

      • Have to? No. But, my wife is Portuguese and after all these years I know enough to ask her how long dinner will be or if she would like me to make it. 😉

        And as is so often the case, for some reason the ”world” wants to speak English so I don’t have to worry too much.

        Ah .. yes. Tuesday. I’d almost forgotten it’s Jesus’ second coming , or something, right?

        Trump for the win?

      • Muito bom… Dinner is always critical…
        Second coming? Rather the two riders of the Apocalypse…
        Just published an update on my previous analysis of polls and Google Trends. I am afraid the Crook may win… 😩

      • You seriously have doubts?
        That’s like watching England in a penalty shootout with Germany and thinking … well, maybe we’ll win this time. You never know, right?

      • Tomorrow? I haven’t checked yet. We are Central time here, New York is one hour ahead, and California 2 hours behind. I think they can’t give preliminary results until California closes booths. Now, another poblem, with 100 millions advance votes, is that tradional exit polls are just meaningless. (Technically) So I don’t know what they’ll do.

      • Election night starts at 7PM Eastern. Which is GMT minus 5. You’re should be plus 2. So it’s a 7 hour difference for you guys. In other words, it’ll be midnight. Go to bed. If you can wake up the next morning it will mean the planet hasn’t been nuked…
        When? I don’t know. There are some types of surveys I always refused… This would be one.
        Your link disappeared… I’ll see if I can find it.

  1. Très belle mygale … qui ne va pas trop avec la toile. La mygale est plutôt terrestre et arboricole et vit dans un nid.
    Une des premières maisons que j’ai visitées ici était la maison des sorcières, construite en 1724 et arrivée au 21 siècle dans son jus, un musée en soi. C’était en fait une auberge, semble-t-il. Les sorcières en question se réfèrent en fait à des guérisseuses. Nous dirions sûrement naturopathes aujourd’hui. La maison ayant servi à des psychopathes moins bien intentionnés pendant la deuxième guerre mondiale j’ai préféré continuer à chercher.
    Merci et un bel après-midi à toi, Brieuc.
    PS. Confinement pratiquement total ici, au moins jusqu’au 1er décembre.

    • Haha. Je savais que quelqu’un allait me faire la remarque de “véracité”. 😉 Licence littéraire, ceci est une mygale-coucou d’Alabama, qui s’installe dans les toiles des autres. 🤣
      La maison des “rebouteuses”? Itéressant mais peut-être un peu “freaky”. Surtout si la Gestapo ou la MIlice y avaient élu domicile…
      Ps. J’ai vu. Tout ceci me paraît assez mal barré. Le leadership est un peu dépassé en France/Europe, non? Pourquoi le petit Vietnam semble s’en être sorti et les grands pays industrialisés n’y arrivent pas? Même l’Allemagne, c’est tout dire…
      Prends bien soin de toi… J’espère que tes ennuis de santé ne te mettent en plus de risque? 🙏🏻😷

  2. Joli coup de crayon
    Joyeux Halloween ! Cette année est un peu spéciale : nous avons sculpté jack-o’-lanterns, mais nous chercherons les bonbons dans le jardin 🙂

  3. Nice work, Grandpa! 😉

    Now, dunno how you or little G manage watching stereograms but I know of a very good one created many years ago. It’s called 8 legs, by 3Dimka. Get it at its full size from here and try to see it in its full 3D splendor – it’s magical. 😉

    • King Wilhelm II of Prussia was very popular among Brits in the 19th century. He was a cousin of Queen Victoria… Now Marie may speak of a catholic family…
      Thanks. It’s also fun for me to “document” my drawing process. How I add and take away details…

      • Yes I knew about the German connection with the British family. My ancestry is Danish and … Prussian and a little English thrown in for good measure.
        My Marie is actually Marie Dorothea – Danish. Presumably pronounced as Maria with a soft Jylland (Danish) accent. The Prussian side of the family came from a region now well inside Poland. The Poles kicked the Germans out, but I do detect a softening of this attitude when I visited Poland in 2016.

      • A nice combination. Jylland would Jutland? So many things happened in the 20th century. Europe – finally – went to war for Dantzig, now Gdansk. People who’d lived peacefully some place for years were kicked out… Not to mention worse…
        How’s Poland? The most I’ve gone East in Europe is Prague… (Had a hard tome with the language, but loved the place)

      • Poland is like a chocolate icecream. Enticing, covetable, and delicious when you try it. The cuisine is fabulous, ( I discovered I loved fermented food and Polish pastries), the people love to spend time outdoor in al fresco cafes ‘people watching’, in the Old town’s squares on a summer evenings with dancing and music; the architecture and old castles are very well preserved, or repaired after the war, and they have a vigorous arts and classical music scene. It is inexpensive too owing to the exchange rate, I guess. It is a country that offers so much and the young folk all speak english. They are amongst the most highly educated population in the world, and often go abroad because they cannot find work in Poland.

      • Fascinating… Poland has now gone up on the to-travel list.
        Education? Hmm. In France some BA’s can only find a cashier’s job at a supermarket… (Exaggerating a bit)

    • Thank you Jane. Likewise. Do you have little ones around who delight at Halloween?
      Careful with that “stone” thing. When I first saw your comment on my phone, I thought “stone”, the British weight measure… 😉
      Enjoy your Stones. That album in particular is grand… And I’ve used this song to put an audio on my mother’s re-mastered 8mm films… (a “long and winding” task)
      A bientôt.

    • Ah speak fluent Sudern. Yes ma’am, ah du…. 🤣
      First 3 weeks in Grad school in ‘Bama, I hadn’t understood a “thang”, and I thought I spoke English. Then I got the hang of it…

    • Actually none. Halloween is really very American, and now a worldwide occasion for kids. Día de muertos? Neither. I sometimes get a bit wary of Mexicans fascination for death. I understand it, and it has its good sides, but sometimes, too much is too much…
      In France it’s really All Saints Day. In Germany?

      • (We don’t really do the American holidays but) Halloween is really cute for the kids. In this area the big thing is really St. Martin’s Day in November, which according to Wiki is also called Old Hallowmas Eve 😉
        Here it’s all about the lanterns but people celebrate it differently in different regions of Europe I guess. It’s interesting that the traditions really don’t vary that much if you look closely

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