Maya street art

Before all the current mess, we spent Xmas and New year in Akumal (The place of the turtles) in Yucatán, near Tulum. A particular bridge caught my eye. Most certainly commissioned by City Hall (Some politicos may have more sense than others) it was quite a display. Above, Don Cactus and Doña Watermelon.

“Copy paste”. I’m using the new bl..dy editor for the first time. “If it works don’t fix it”. Don’t you guys ever learn? Of course I can’t align the text as I want… Grrrr. (Just found the way!)

Swimming through the waters of the programmer’s mind. Murky.

Akumal by bus. Rastafarai!

I’m feeling a bit cramped. Don’t you? Hey Mr Robot, talkin’ to ya!

Let the sunshine in. I only had one shot at this bridge. One particular time/light of the day… (Now I could “justify” this paragraph, which I still couldn’t earlier. Waste of my time!)

We will come from the shadows… (Leonard Cohen et al.)

Big Sister is watching you…

Let the image speak, man. Why do you have to talk all the time? Tsss.

Turtle love…

Dr Death and his buddy Don Coati. Tulum. Not Akumal. May have posted this one already…

My Lords Eagle, Jaguar and Turtle? Today’s combo: three Gods for the price of one. And a coupla Dragons to go.

There was a young Lady from Niger

Who smiled as she rode upon a Tiger

They returned from the ride

With the Lady inside

And the smile on the face on the face of the Tiger. (A classic limerick)

Tulum. Art by Emma Rubens, a very gifted Brit now living in Tulum. Look her up, she does great stuff.

Make sure to focus on your third eye during these trying times. I have it on good authority that the motor bike was placed on purpose to mar the art by the programmer of the new WP editor. (Finally found the way to justify the 1st paragraph. 🤣🤣🤣)

Thank you for riding the Equinoxio Tiger… Y’all be safe naw ye hear? 😷🙏🏻

104 thoughts on “Maya street art

  1. More wonderful street art!! We do not have much at all here although we also have little graffiti too 😉 That said, there is a street art festival in Saint-Brieuc every year and the walls stay decorated all year 🙂

    • It was a very nice end-of-year, nice beach and sea. Not crowded where we were. Plus top notch street art and fantastic light for photography.
      St art Festival Saint-Brieuc? Sounds good. My “home-town” does good. I wonder whether there is something on the Web. Will look it. Stay safe my friend. 🙏🏻😷

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  3. I love this colourful post!! The first one is my favourite but I wonder if it has some deeper meaning (since a lot of street art seems to have serious messages). All I see is tropical and yummy, but that might mean I’m a bit daft. 😀 As for the bloody block editor, I just started using it too (not voluntarily) and *beep* it’s annoying. (Add swear words there, in Spanish if you like! That sounds cool). To add an image, you have to click a million times!!!! Or is it just the way I’m presented with the options? And then on the other hand, if I wanted to add a contact form or business hours to each post, that would just be one click. I mean, who does that?! Even if I were a business, I would only have them on one page, not on every **beep** post!!! Grrrr. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it – agree wholeheartedly!!! Aaaanyway. Lovely colours here 🙂 Bonne nuit!

    • The first one is quite funny. But it’s first for a reason. I probably prefer the last one. The tiger. Again it is last for a reason…
      And yes, the new editor sucks. To post one image, you need to click N times… I seriously don’t think they took any user’s advice…
      Bonne nuit back.

      • Possibly. I heard you have to pay to use the classic editor. Fact of the matter is I have upgraded. Too many pictures, though I deleted many posts, I was still to close to 6GB… Not expensive really.

      • I upgraded a few years ago. It really isn’t that expensive. All those platforms, Dropbox, Google Drive, WP, etc. charge you a few bucks, but WP has 455 million users… So a few bucks times 455 millions is “beaucoup d’argent…” 💰

      • To Lumi and everybody else, the old/classic editor is still available through a very easy trick that anyone could perform.
        One way of doing it:
        1. First you get the full link to New post. For that you go to your WP dashboard and click Posts > Add New; when fully loaded, shift your attention to the link in the address bar.
        2. At the end of that link type ?classic-editor. Now press Enter or click the Go button.
        3. After page is refreshed bookmark the current link for future usage.

        Alternatively, this can be achieved as following:
        1. Go to WP Dashboard, open Posts > All Posts and let the new page load.
        2. At the top where it says Posts there’s a selection box called Add New; click the arrow next to it and select Classic Editor.
        3. When the page has finished refreshing you’ll be in the old classic editor and the link in the address bar will have been modified to contain ?classic-editor at the end as in the procedure described above; now bookmark that link for future usage.

  4. Wow, I wish we could break free of our Britishness and embrace more street art. I remember the fuss when the Beatles had their Apple Office done in a mural. I’m persisting with Blocks, it is starting to make sense, but it’s very similar to website editing with Weebly and others.

    • A Lyon j’en ai pas vu beaucoup. Une fois aux arènes. Mais c’était une ville un peu conservatrice… Ça viendra peut-être. Paris? C’est souvent limité à certains quartiers. Montmartre, la butte-aux-cailles, le 13e (Métro Nationale)
      J’ai entendu dire que Macron a “remis” le confinement… Pas encore lu les détails…
      Take good care of yourself my dear… 🙏🏻

      • A Lyon , il y en a dans les pentes de la Croix-Rousse, près de la Cité Internationale ou au coeur du 7e arrondissement.

        Oui, nous sommes re-confinés dès ce soir minuit, jusqu’au 1 décembre minimum. Mais les écoles restent ouvertes, et nous utiliserons des attestations pour aller travailler quand le télétravail ne sera pas possible. Les commerces non essentiels recevant du public vont fermer. Etc etc
        Rien que des réjouissances

      • Coome tu dis. Rien que des réjouissances…
        Ça fait rtès, très longtemps que je n’ai pas mis les pieds à la Croix-rousse. Ça a dû beaucoup changer. Cité Interntionale, connais pas. Prochain voyage… Il y a qqs années nos amis Lyonnais nous avaient emmenés voir une “cité ouvrière”? Le musée urbain Tony Garnier, je crois?
        Fais bien attention… (J’ai vu que la Fête de la Lumière a été “sucrée”. Dommage)

    • It is. Glad you liked it. (Now if you ever wanna to go Yucatan, I recommend Akumal which is close to Tulum, but not as packed as Tulum. Now who knows when Tulum will be packed again… Cheers.

  5. Now why don’t you try and use this link, see if old editor shows up. If it works just bookmark the link and use it everytime you wanna post a new article. 😉

    One of the drawings says El arte no muere. Well, that requires two critical elements: people who create art, and people who recognize and appreciate art. When there’s no humans left – as the grand plan might be – then art will die. The aliens that are now taking over the Earth can only do crop circles — and as elaborate as those may be I do not consider them as art.

    I find the ‘cramped girl’ to be the deepest of them all in terms of message:
    innocence trying to protect the Earth while constantly being oppressed.

  6. All this art is fabulous!
    Love it!

    You know you can still use the Classic Editor!
    I’ll tell you how, if you want.
    It’s a 5 part deal to get there, but only takes a minute.
    I had to figure it out for myself, but I’m using the Classic Editor!

      • Okay!

        1 – Go into WP Admin – It’s at the bottom of the My Sites Column, which on the left.

        2 – Select Add Post – That will take you to the new cursed Blockhead Editor …. don’t touch anything right there, but

        3 – At the very top left, by the WP logo, there is a blue square with a plus sign in it. CLICK ON THAT BLUE SQUARE

        4 – You will have a choice of Icons. In the 3rd row you will see a rectangle with dots in it and the word Classic under it. Click on that.

        5 – In the editing page – You will see 2 rows, like skinny rectangles.One is a bit grey and says Classic. Click on that. This will open up the tool bar.

        6 – Click on the icon in the toolbar that has a camera & a music notes symbol. This will take you to your media files. Pick ANY pic and put it into the post.

        7 – WP will take you back to the BH Editor. On the upper right….SAVE DRAFT when it is saved, CLOSE THE PAGE

        8 – Go back to WP Admin. Select All Posts. Your untitled post will be at the top. DO NOT CLICK on your untitled (Draft) heading. Look underneath. You will see Edit… Classic Editor … Quick Edit Etc.
        Click on Classic Editor. Voila! Enter a title and save.

        Remember!!! When editing ONLY click on Classic Editor… Anything else will take you to the BH Editor!

      • Ah, so you don’t trust me… 😦 Already gave you a direct link to your classic editor in my first comment above. And just now, in a reply to Lumi, I described the procedure for anyone to get to it by themselves, and in two slightly different versions.

        One can use either version as they see fit, but somewhere at the WP HQ they probably count the number of Classic usages vs Block usages, and if people don’t find out about this Classic option and cave in to the new, complete inept – in my opinion – block editor then they at the WP HQ will think they did a good job and remove the Classic editor completely, taking away people’s ability/right to choose. And that right, mon ami, is precisely what I am fighting for – since we were talking about our battles just earlier on. 😉

        To Resa: my apologies for stealing your thunder. I’m like a dog with a bone, ya know… 😳

  7. When I started reading this, I thought this might be about 2 or 3 works of street art but these are so many and so impressive!

    Please do watch my first YouTube video here:

  8. When I started reading this, I thought it might be about 2-3 works of street art but these are so many and all so impressive!

    Please do watch my first YouTube video here:

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  10. Ces fresques sont superbes et les artistes qui les ont créées ont beaucoup de talents. C’est autre chose que les moches graffitis déposés en 2 secondes par les tagueurs…

    • Absolument. Ceci est clairement un effort de la municipalité, ce qui est bien pour les artistes. Un peu de sous j’espère. Le problème après ce sont justement les tagueurs qui vandalisent les fresques… Enfin!
      Ravi que ça t’ai plu.

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