Or windows? What’s your preference? Tlalpan, Mexico city.


Door. Tlalpan. Most of those are from Colonial times. 16th, 17th century.


Number 250, previously number 42. Couldn’t find the door. I wonder how the “mailperson” does it?


Beyond the shadow of a door… (Might have done that one already?) I am working on my shadows…


Anybody home? Tlalpan.


The utility company has put new meters recently. Poor taste. My grandmother might have said: “vulgarity is taking over the world”? 😉


Wall. Not a window. The door is to the right.


In the jungle, the mighty jungle…


The house of bells, Tlalpan. This is the second Mercedes I see parked there. The other is a yellow vintage model. ‘Will try to get you a better shot. Oh! That house if for sale. Anybody interested?


Special combo: a door AND a window. (Plus a tax refund of 72Million bucks)


Wordless Tuesday.


Doors to the vet clinic. To the right. Tlalpan. Again. Time to move?


Bottles. Not doors. Just to make sure you’re still paying attention.


The importance of light. See later on. Morning shot.


San Angel, Mexico city. Der Mond und die Sonne. The moon and sun. Le soleil (a rendez-vous avec) la lune. Only the Germans could make the sun female and the moon male… 😉


Siesta time. House of bells. See above. Doors and windows? On the other pics, Mate.


San Angel. Alfred Hitchcock slept here, it is rumoured.


“I want a simple door”, said the owner to the architect. San Angel. Close to the “birds”.


House of bells. Tlalpan. Sans Mercedes.


The importance of light, part 2. Remember the one above? Afternoon shot.

May the light be with you. 🙏🏻

114 thoughts on “Doors…

  1. J’aime beaucoup : la croix entre les deux fenètres, la porte en bois où la Lune défie la physique en tournant sa face sombre vers le soleil, la statue du siesteur, enchaîné des fois qu’il aurait envie de se sauver, les oiseaux à (grammaticalement incorrect) Alfred, le AR au dessus de la porte. J’aime moins les barbelés et les clôtures électriques qui frisent deci delà.
    Merci pour l’humour, Brieuc !

    • Merci à toi Gilles. Les barbelés et les clôtures électriques sont malheureusement la rançon de la violence et de l’insécurité généralisée. Des amis à nous et leurs enfants ont été attachés pendant des heures par des cambrioleurs qui sont rentrés de nuit. Le père a été frappé. Et les malfrats commençaient à reluquer la fille. Plus de peur que de mal, heureusement…
      Bonne soirée.

    • Wow… Viel dank… (Spassiba? I don’t know Russian. Sounds like Chinese to me! 🤣)
      That is why I find languages so fascinating. They’re a window on the mind. How have you been? All well?🙏🏻

      • Good to hear that. We’re fine here. As a very old friend in Denmark just wrote me: “I’m retired, so I spend my time between my flat in Copenhaguen and my little house in Jutland. Lockdown doesn’t aggravate me.” I’m a bit the same. Plenty of thing to do at home. Just miss the travels. But that will come back. Tschüss.
        PS. How do you speak Russian? Are you from East Germany?

      • Lockdown will aggravate all of us in the end, when they cut the dole money and further increase pension age to pay for it. It will not come out of the politicians pockets.

        I am from Hamburg originally, but at secondary school they offered us a volontary Russian course, which I took. I always liked languages, and when I went to school there was English, French and Latin, that was it, no Spanish or Italian. So I thought ‘carpe lingua’. 🙂

      • Carpe lingua is a good motto. I would have loved to learn Russian (and Japanese, and, and…)
        I’m learning bits and pieces of Malay and Hokkien (a Chinese dialect in Malaysia and INdonesia).
        And yes, all the money they’re spending like crazy “ain’t theirs”. It’s ours, and they will come back with more taxes…
        Be good.

    • Haha. I’m sure you are. I’m a “mean” speaker. When I would do a presentation to clients, and two of of the clients engaged in a private conversation while I talked. I would stop speaking. So the two would suddenly hear themselves… Ann turn around. I would say: “Go on. I have time. Or is there something you’d like to share?”
      I felt the topic was refreshing after the previous one. All well, Liz?

      • I love your mean speaker technique. (Reminiscent of sixth grade teachers.) Now, if you tried that technique while giving a presentation in a higher education setting, not only would the two speakers just keep on with with their private conversation, the other people around the table would start their own private conversations, and pretty soon you would be left just standing there.

        All is well here except for dealing with serial plagiarists. Ugh.

      • Higher education? I can imagine. There are other techniques. I spoke at the Market research congress for 15 years in a row. With an audience of hundreds, clients and competitors, you need to keep your audience on their toes. Loved it.
        Now plagiarism? What happened?

      • A growing plague. Daughter #1, the Doctor catches residents doing it all the time. Doctor #2 a development consultant caught a junior exec copy-pasting an entire presentation… 😡

  2. Glorious photos, a definite invite to the world you inhabit. Windows are a great substitute, in my youth they came in very handy for coming in late, or escaping 🙂

    • Most if not all ground floor windows and those on the sreet have bars. Too dangerous. Sad.
      The birds’ house has been there for a long time, in a very “colonial” neighbourhood. Colours are great. Play well with the light at different times of the day.

  3. Claro!
    Extraño las casonas viejas de techos altos, espaciosas, con pisos de azulejos y patios grandes llenos de arboles y flores, donde la paz y la quietud se ven y se sienten.
    Cuando he viajado en Mexico busco ex-haciendas o casas grandes que funcionan como hoteles, solo para recordar mi niñez y juventud. 🙂

    • Todavía hay muchas de estas. Desde que nos muadmos a Tlalpan he gozado mucho de estas viejas fachadas. 3, 4 siglos de ver gente pasar. Veo los arboles en las calles angostas, donde amarrabas el caballo cuando estabas de visita… 👍🏻

      • Si conoci Tlalpan alla a mediados de los 70’s y despues iba regularmente a la ciudad de Mexico a principio de el 80 hasta el 85.
        Yo naci y creci en lo que ahora llaman el: Centro Historico, del puerto de Mazatlan y vivi en tres casonas viejas durante veinte años aproximadamente, ademas de las casas de mis amigos, vecinos y conocidos de la ciudad, y abuelos paternos , maternos y parientes en diferentes poblaciones de Mexico.
        Las casas viejas fueron siempre mis favoritas, se respira un aire de tranquilidad y estetica de vida, heredado del viejo Al-Andalus Morisco en España, cielos altos para el calor, patios dentro de la casa, con abundantes jardines y agua rodeados de pasillos con arcos donde podias disfrutar del jardin en la sombra y fuera de la mirada de los vecinos.
        Tan diferente de la vida contemporeana, tan utilitaria y reducida por necesidades economicas y minimalistas.
        Aqui tienes un video contemporaneo del centro Historico de Mazatlan, realizado por uno de tantos Youtuber’s, que suben videos porque pueden y los dejan, pero el video te puede dar una idea de mis tiempos de juventud en mi tierra.

        Actualmente infortunadamente vivo lejos de ahi.

      • Tengo 16 años que no voy a mi Mazatlan, pensaba ir para fin de año, pero con lo de la pandemia, pues no va ser posible.

        Gracias, saludos!

      • Cualquier viaje ahora está practicamente imposible. Hay q tener paciencia. Yo pienso que tendremos tratamiento/vacuna a mediados o finales del 21.

  4. I enjoyed visiting all the different doors, Brian. I was paying attention until the bottles appeared, then I lost it…all your fault!
    Hope you are well. I haven’t been on the blogs lately.

    • Haha! You fell into the trap. 😉
      Haven’t visited as much as I would like. I may have mentioned I’m digitalizing my mother’s old 8mm movies. That is taking an incredible amount of time. About half way through.
      Take care. 🙏🏻
      Tot ziens, Sis.

    • Au passage ça montre bien les -subtiles-différences culturelles. les barreaux, je les vois plus. Pas plus que je ne vois les policiers ou militaires armés jusqu’aux dents dans la rue. On s’habitue… 😉

      • J’ai souvent entendu ça des Européens, mais j’y suis habitué depuis tout petit en Afrique. On ne ressent pas ça comme une perte de liberté. On peut sortir par la porte, mais comme une sécurité. Ceci dit, là où nous habitons, qui est un ensemble fermé de huit maisons, bcp ont des barreaux aux fenêtres du premier. Pas nous. ‘pas pousser.
        Du coup, de la fenêtre de mon bureau-bilbiothèque, d’où je t’écris, je vois les arbres et les écureuils… 🐿

      • C’est tout-à-fait ça. Tu as parfaitement raison. je me rappelle en Normandie, pendants les vacances, mes parents fermaient toujours les volets en bas tous les soirs. Et quand on fermait la maison pour l’hiver, on les fermait aussi. Très juste.

  5. AAAAAh de la couleur!!!!! Quel bonheur. Petit coup de coeur particulier pour les lignes d’oiseaux fixées sur la façade rouge orangé.

    • Ces lignes d’oiseaux sont là depuis longtemps. La maison est à côté du Bazar du Samedi, un lieu à la fois “huppé” et touristique. Comment ça va en France? Les chiffres sont pas bons… 😷

      • Chez nous dans le Finistère on est tranquille, par contre pour ce qui est de la famille à Paris ou Marseille c’est zone “rouge écarlate”! Je vais à Marseille dans une peu plus de 2 semaines, en espérant que d’ici là, on soit toujours libre d’aller et venir…
        Et chez vous?

      • J’ai cru comprendre qu’en Bretagne ça va à peu près. Mais Paris ou Marseille? Pas terrible.
        Ici? Aucun signe d’accalmie… L’université où ma femme travaille dans la recherche est toujours fermée. Tout en ligne. Ce qui ne peut pas l’être, TP par exemple est reporté…

      • D’après un rapport de McKinsey que je viens de lire, ils ne prévoient ce “retour” que vers le 2e ou 3e trimestre 2021. Dans le meilleur des cas. Alors… patience.

  6. These are beautiful pictures of doors and windows. I think in the grand scheme of things I like doors better because you can go in and out of doors, but it’s kind of awkward to climb in and out of a window!

    • LOL. Unless you are in a desperate situation, climbing out of a window is not a good thing.
      As I have said many times, I like doors because they are the contact point between the private and the public…
      Have a great week Priscilla.
      – Brian

  7. Thank you for taking me back to D.F. The Moon and Sun doors for sure.
    I made a discovery today….where all my friends had gone…..and it was as simple as hitting the Reader button in new improved WordPress. Fancy that.

    • Glad to oblige Janet.
      The new and improved WP sucks a bit. Have to get used to it.
      How have you been? Here, we are going into our 7th month of lockdown… Looks like we still have months of that ahead…
      Stay safe.

    • Not quite. There is a small historic area, which is very pretty. It’s like a small village really. Other ‘hoods like San Angel, or Coyoacán are much larger with the same colonial architecture. Polanco, Anzures are other nice areas too.
      Bon week-end.

  8. For some reason there seems to be a lot more color in your world! Is it really just the Germans doing it? I recall being confused in Spain a few times when they just painted the moon and the sun on the doors of the toilets (Never made the rigth decision by the way) 😉

    • Spaniards and Portuguese always paint bright colours. Same goes for old colonies…
      About gender, I was told that Russian and Japanese do too.
      And of course, in Spain you would open the wrong door. 🤣

  9. That’s a lot of doors and windows, Peng yu! I don’t like the doors and windows with bars. I know it is for safety and keep the crime out but it makes me feel like I am living in a prison. My current house I am staying have no bars.

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