Street art new and old


When we bought the new house in the South of Mexico city, in the Tlalpan neighbourhood, there was a house nearby, entirely painted with “street art”. Motifs inspired from pre-Colombian lore. Here’s how it looked from left to right.


The central figure was a red-hair tree-woman (goddess?) The scroll coming out of her mouth was the Aztec symbol of speech. It meant the Lady was speaking.


Speaking to whom? Or just blowing on her extended tree-hand?


Was she speaking to the phoenix on her hand or to the lady in blue?


Neither the lady in blue nor the goldfish responded.


The deer and the jaguar fell silent.

The house and paint were old. But they told a story. Until, a few weeks ago, on one our first walks out of lockdown, we found the house had been re-painted. Again, from left to right:


“I’m not late yet, am I ?” said the rabbit to the butterflies and the cat. What cat? The tiny one on the window. Alice was out on an errand.


The red-haired lady got a haircut.




“Blackbird singing in the dead of night…” (Don’t mind the snakes)


The young lass with the snakes? Ixchel is her name.



She is waiting for the waning moon. She is the mother of all gods.

Artist name: Duek Gonzalez, Bogotá. A Colombian in Mexico? My compliments to both artists and the house owner. (Though I liked the previous art better. Oh, well…) A technical note: light at this time of year is very tricky. The street is oriented North-South. Sun comes up behind the house in the morning. Backlit subject. Now in the afternoon, the sun projects too many shadows from the trees…

Thank you for flying Equinoxio Airways. I asked WP whether we could set up a frequent flyer scheme. They said no. And stuck us with the new bl..dy editor instead. 😉 Stay safe.

105 thoughts on “Street art new and old

  1. The first mural looked like magical realism. Was it also by the Colombian artist? The second seems like hyper-realism. Ixchel the fertility goddess looks like she is about to cry. Interesting neighborhood. Wish we had more murals near us in Madison.

    • Hi Rebe. So glad you dropped by. I checked my spam folder the other day, and there you were. I unspammed your comment but never found it again… You know Wp puts a limit to comments… so I never had a chance to answer it… Perdón!
      The first mural did look that way. I don’t think it was the same artist. Different style. I looked in all my pictures, couldn’t find a signature. Not sure “Ixchel” is about to cry. If you look at picture with direct sunlight and open it up, I think it’s the very bright paint, and the serious mouth… 😉
      And as for Madison, maybe citizens can put together a suggestion to City Hall?
      Hope all is well with you?
      Abrazos hasta la próxima…

  2. So lovely and I also appreciate your narrative Brian always learn a wee bit more…so cool and such amazing experiences…mural art is something I could check out more in etown …. enjoyed your flight ☺️🤓🧚🏻 magic ~ sending you joy stay safe Brian and loved ones 💫🤗🙋‍♀️

  3. Yeah, that editor wasn’t their best move. After a lot of screaming (on my part) and advice (from readers) I finally found a back door that takes me to the past and I’m now using the old editor again.

  4. Hahaha – no rewards program for Equinoxio Airways!
    Well I did enjoy the tour through the art – such a nice way to let us move through and feel the street art- I also much prefer the old version.

  5. I loved both paintings and am amazed they painted over the old art – why not just paint somewhere else? Does someone live in that house? The windows aren’t looking that cozy :/ maybe windows like that are normal over there??? hmm…. Anyway, the art is lovely and I also enjoyed your storytelling.

    • Agreed. But the neighbours apparently didn’t volounteer. 😉
      The house would an old, sort of low-income house. Maybe some “intellectual” bought it? Or the painter bought it? Don’t know.
      Glad you liked it…
      A bientôt Lumi.

  6. The flight was good! Illuminating, I could say. What absolutely awesome street art. A cut above the stuff I see here and I thought that was good. It is both a shame and a treat that the wall was repainted. Selfish me would want to hang on to both versions. For street art, I guess, it can’t happen and it has a limited life. Is that why they re-painted?

  7. Oh and stick with the new editor. In a few weeks you will grow to love it, and wonder how you managed before. It is hard for me to remember how to use the old one now having switched when the trial came in. It is much more flexible. But I hear loads of grumblings from bloggers.

    • It’s not that bad. Just a different logic, and above all visibility. Images are a good example. You could get to images in one level. Now, you have to move 4 levels… In the near 50 years I’ve worked with computers I’v learnt to use commands a lot. So in this case it’s just memorizing the new vocabulary and location of commands… Should be fine in a couple of posts I guess… Cheers.

  8. Looks like you lived in a fantastic neighborhood! I love the first mural with a red-hai red woman. I often wonder about the identity of the artist behind the murals without explanatory plaque! Thanks for sharing and have a good day. I hope all is well with you ☺️ Aiva

      • We had a great summer! Thank you. It was strange to spend it right here in Sligo, but with everything that’s going on in the world right now, there’s not much else we can do! Especially when you live on the island! Haven’t been able to see my sister yet! My sister is in the middle of renovations, have to wait until she’s done. Hopefully next month 🙂

    • Great aren’t they? That house is about 5 blocks away, and I confess we don’t walk that far recently. But there are opportunities for street art close-by.
      No, our house is not painted. It’s white with terracotta windows at the old colonial style. I’ts one of 8 houses in the same… what do you call it? Horizontal condo. I don’t think the neighbours would like street art on my façade… 🤣

  9. Well, I certainly love all of this. I am not sure I would want to live there but I would love looking at it because the art is great. That red haired woman (who looks a little like Cate Blanchet) and the lips on that young girl. They are great!

    • Hi. Thanks for visiting. I’ll tell you a secret: I don’t know the story of the house. It is just my interpretation of the paintings based on what I know of local culture.
      Take care.

  10. Such a delightful ride this morning, I really do enjoy the street art, so different to our polished aluminium and dull concrete. I see you snuck a Beatles line in there too. I see the new work is less busy. I wonder who did the work?

  11. Yes, good that you had taken photos of the first version. What a pity if it had been completely lost. I like them both, the old one a bit better, it is more like my understanding of street art, pictures interwoven and such. But Ixchel is a real beauty!

  12. Beautiful art work. The second one looks so much more modern, with that super in 3-D look on the snakes! The first one is magical though. While they are both stunning, I’ll put my hand up for the first one, too. Love flying Equinoxio Airways always

    • This an exception. It’s a vey mixed neighbourhood. High income, Colonial 16-17th century, middle income, low income. The latter sometime don’t even have the money to paint their façade. That particular house is unique. I’m sure the owner decided the first and new painting. Maybe they’re in touch with artists?
      All well?

  13. Beautiful! That´s why I loved Mexico City. Because of its colours and street art. It has some of the best I have seen so far. If I ever have a house I’ll for sure will make it colourfull! 😀

  14. loved this. and ya i too liked the previous painting better. had a note of history attached to it. the new one brings a breath of fresh air, a sense of modernity, so can’t really complain.
    I recently made an art page, it’ll be great if you could check it out!! 🙂

  15. Well, you did a nice job taking those pictures, next thing you know, they may decide to repaint the house again.
    The good thing you have capture the images, and now they will be here almost forever..?

    Greetings Brian, hoping these year with all its problems will be gone soon. 🙂

    • Greetings back. Yes the original painting will remain. (Barring a massive EMP of course, which would wipe out all electronic records of humanity. 😉
      Year’s almost gone. Not sure problems will go away yet. The election has me concerned…
      Stay safe… 🙏🏻😷

    • Just had a blank. Yes. That rabbit. I won a rabbit in a lottery once when I was 7 or 8. A real country rabbit. Loved it.
      Now I only think of Alice’s rabbit. I’d called him “Lapinos”. Hmm. Hadn’t thought of him in years… Merci de me l’avoir rappelé… Bises “ma grande”.

  16. interesting to see what a living artform that graffitti is. ah, wordpress classic — I’ve been still using it, yet now I’m getting notices that it’s ‘unsuported’ sigh

    • Very alive indeed. Might point us to the right direction if we look closely enough…
      The New editor isn’t so bad. Two steps: 1) Write? Just type directly where the cursor is. Don’t bother to look for the paragraph icon. 2) images? click on the right side + sign, look for the image icon. to put the 1st image of your post. About 3 levels of search. upload all your images. select one.
      Then just type below the caption… And so forth

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